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  1. Here's ways to gain influence for certain characters:




    Acts of mercy will please her the most. Do enough of them in her presence and she'll say that she finds you fair and generous.




    Killing people who deserve to be killed pleases her. I killed a duros for some quest, and she said she felt it inside her that he needed to be killed to restore order.


    More to come.

  2. I'll be the first to admit that the plot really does die off after the Jedi Masters are killed and Kreia reveals herself, but it is by no means a letdown.


    And Bastila only shows up if you said Revan was a male. She shows up after you leave the room with Carth and talks to him a bit. She says something like "I only wish I knew why he did it."


    And it's obvious from the get-go that Mandalore is Canderous. He says "Clan Ordo still survives," and Kreia asks him to "find out why he left you there on your own," obviously referring to Revan.

  3. As the loading screen in KOTOR 1 says, "True Sith disappeared years ago. The Sith now are just followers of their belief," or something like that. I believe the Sith is some sort of force-sensitive race, like Visas' race (can't remember the name of it).


    Anyway, I want to see more lightsaber forms in KOTOR 3, and have them all look different from one another. Also, a Jedi should excel in one of them, not constantly having to switch between them.

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