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  1. Well, as a devoted light-sider (I've aborted all my DS attempts), even I thought Disciple was just too nauseatingly sweet. Blech -- made my teeth ache. Atton was better, at least at the beginning, but wayyyy too insecure and little-boyish, in spite of his dark past.


    Carth was okay, he was just too wounded. I could have done without the "can't remember my wife's face" dialog. Eep. Some of the flirt lines were pretty good, though. A little more - er, action - would have improved that romance. A lot.


    Canderous, on the other hand, is all alpha male sexiness -- dangerous, brooding... definitely not a guy for the long term, but -- oh, yeah! Definitely swoon-worthy! I just know he would help me get in touch with my dark side -- heh.


    Of course, if you're into horns ... (hi, Plooby) I thought Valen from HotU was a half-way decent romance.


    On the other hand, Anomen from BG II was AWFUL. I'd rather join a nunnery. The only thing good about that romance was that Anomen and the female pc slept together.


    I definitely agree with the poster above about Aragorn. Hear that, devs? Give us Canderous and Aragorn-types as romance options! And, a little action under the sheets, even if it's only hinted at, would be MOST welcome. Maybe the devs should check out some of the best-selling "bodice rippers" in the Romance section (I know, I know, they'd probably rather eat quiche and fruit salad) for a few ideas.

  2. When I played K1, I had a comp with an ATI 9600 -- my game crashed to the desktop on almost EVERY load screen. The game also screwed up brightness levels for every program on my comp, and don't even talk to me about the color shifts! Not only that, I had a crummy rollerball mouse and I couldn't bring down all the Sith fighters before the Hawk blew up -- I actually had to go out and buy a new mouse so I could finally make it to Dantooine!


    Was I really peeved that I blew the Carth romance quest because I didn't realize that the Star Maps prompted new dialogue rather than when you gained levels? Or that no matter what I did, Juhani's slaver refused to show up the second time and I had to listen to her complain endlessly that her Cathar blood was seething with rage? Boy, was I ever!


    None of those things stopped me from playing the game. It's still in my top 10 of any game ever.


    I played K2 through several times (on XBox) and I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because I didn't encounter any game-stopping problems. Certainly nothing on the level of K1. I also think the K2 story is brilliant, far exceeding the scope of K1. Kreia is an amazingly complex villaness -- truly Machiavellian.


    I believe the designers at Obsidian put their hearts and souls into K2, and it's sad they have to take the heat for cost-cutting decisions made by the number crunchers.


    Anyway, just my 2 cents.

  3. However, I was wondeirng.  Atton suppossedly finds Disciple sending messages to the Republic in a cutscene, but I've never come across it in my play throughs. I was wondering if anyone here has ever come across it either.


    Yes. In one game, I had three cutscenes with Atton and Disciple. IIRC, the first one was Disciple asking Atton if he needed any help, and Atton is really pissed and says something to the effect that he "saw her [Exile] first." In the second one, Disciple approaches Atton and tells him that Atton has misunderstood his feelings for the Exile. The third one is when Atton confronts Disciple about the message he just sent, and Disciple responds that he is just trying to protect the Exile. These all happened at random times upon reentering the Ebon Hawk. In my first playthrough, I hardly ever went back to the Hawk until I needed to travel, so I missed a lot of cutscenes. Now, I try to get back to the Hawk three or four times per planet, if possible. Obviously, you can't do that when you're on Onderon.

  4. 3 Suggestions for Kotor 3


    3) A rapping mandalorian. Kids love rap. They also love mandalorians. This would be the ultimate party member and a marketing juggarnaut plus if he could have some sort of breakdancing fighting style that'd be totally 'Nam. I'm thinking Mos Def Fett. He could be from the streets of Alderaan, and for street cred. we'll say that he got shot with a blaster like 57 times and use to see spice just to get by. Suburbia will love him




    Shhhhh. Don't give them any ideas. But, I don't think it's dumbed down enough. o:)

  5. :p


    By the way, I keep getting conflicting info on the T3 video.  Some folks say that you need an int of +15 while others say you only need to make sure your rep and com skills are +15.


    I was just wondering, which is true?


    Both are, I think. With one character (sentinel/watchman) I had high skills, middle of the road intelligence and with another (consular/master) I had high intelligence but not a lot of skills in comp/repair. I got the T3 message both times.

  6. Not to mention The Longest Journey, Grim Fandango and (noone will remember this one) Guild of Thieves!


    Grim Fandago and TLJ were terrific! Can't say I remember Guild of Thieves, but what about Tex Murphy? (Martian Memorandum, Under a Killing Moon and one or two others -- starring none other than a certain game developer by the name of "Chris Jones.") Tex Murphy got me hooked on computer gaming.


    Or Gabriel Knight? The first two GK's were good, the third -- well, not so.


    Okay, so I'm old! :">

  7. do enemies also raise their level to match yours?  or do you become an even bigger uber jedi killing machine because of your level 45 jedi taking on some mid 20's level enemies?


    Yeah, your enemies do scale to match your level. I liked getting the extra levels just to test out some force powers I never got around to in my first playthrough. Also, since your NPC's level with you, you can give them some extra feats/powers as well. ;)

  8. Okay, on my second time through the game I decided to play with this to see if I could create an Uber Jedi.  Everything was going along swimmingly.  Went through the Shyrack cave and demolished all the beasts and the Sith assassins.  Went into the tomb (alone, of course) and examined every single room, didn't skip anything.  Saw all the visions, did the thingie with the visions of Kreia and my crew...no prob.  So when I finally get to the room with the crypt I'm pumped.  Can't wait to get all my level-ups. 


    Opened the crypt and plundered the body within.  Moved away from the crypt in anticipation of my battle with the Hssiss.  NOTHING HAPPENED!  :p


    Absolutely nothing.  So I reloaded from my save and tried it again.  Still nothing.  Reload...try again...run around the room.  NO HSSISS.  Finally, I slowly walk to the exit and the portal "heads-up" indicating my next steps would take me out of the tomb.  That's when I quit and came here.    :blink:


    Any idea what's going on?  Did I do something wrong?  I've been a very good Jedi this time through, with very high light side.  Could that be the problem?



    Wrong room. There is another room with a dead Jedi that spawns the Hssiss. If I recall correctly, you should find the body of the dead Jedi before you meet up with Kreia, Atton, Bao-Dur and T3. Alignment doesn't matter.

  9. Now, I have a question of my own.  At one point, Exile has the option to ask Kreia "What happened to T3?"  She responds angrily, and talks as if T3 had betrayed them in some way.  I thought "eeep!" and ran to check on T3, but he was perfectly fine.  That one left me going "huh?" Did anyone else get that dialog?  I'm thinking that it was dialog that should have been deleted, but wasn't.


    i cant recall that dialogue, but it might be that kreia is upset that t3 wont divulge the whereabouts of revan to her. he knows where revan went, but he aint talking.


    The wierd part is that I'm pretty sure this dialog followed the cut scene of T3 zapping HK when HK was trying to find out where the Hawk had been. It seems the correct question should have been "what happened to HK?" :blink:

  10. I have some questions about the things that happened at the end that even after two playthroughs I still don't understand...



    3) If Go To was controling Remote at the end and he didn't want to blow up Mal V, why and how did it blow up?  Does little Remote over power Go To and get the job done or does Go To change it's mind?  And how do either one of them know what has happened or been said between Kreia and I?  From the Cut scene, I kill Kreia; the world starts to break apart; I run out; I jump on the Hawk and we high tail it out of the there right as the planet is destroyed.  Any ideas?


    Just wondered what you all thought.  :D



    On my last playthrough, I got a cut scene that I hadn't gotten in my first two playthroughs -- it was Bao-Dur outfitting his Remote with lasers that would give him an edge over GOTO. (In my first two playthroughs, I got a cut scene of GOTO zapping the Remote instead.) So, it seems that the Remote really did have the capability to zap GOTO at the end.


    Now, I have a question of my own. At one point, Exile has the option to ask Kreia "What happened to T3?" She responds angrily, and talks as if T3 had betrayed them in some way. I thought "eeep!" and ran to check on T3, but he was perfectly fine. That one left me going "huh?" Did anyone else get that dialog? I'm thinking that it was dialog that should have been deleted, but wasn't.

  11. Just so that everyone knows... if you want to get in the HUtt's store room, you gotta do it before you blow up the yaht.  :blink:  I got all dressed up in my Princess Lea Wanna-be dancer's costume and the nasty old Hutt wouldn't even give me a second look.  :(  That kind of rejection can really crush a girl, you know?  (w00t)


    Yeah, but what hurt even worse is that neither Atton nor Disciple would say a word about how good I looked in that dancer's outfit! :angry: Okay, I can understand Disciple not saying anything, 'cause he's kind of a drip, but Atton? C'mon, devs, if you won't give us a decent romance, at least give us some tease/flirt dialogue!

  12. Disciple can't take any sarcasm, though.


    Nar Shaddaa.


    Atton: "Good thing it's not a trap."

    Disciple: "Of course it's a trap."


    that was a pretty lame conversation. its the exact same with handmaiden saying disciple's lines.


    at the very least atton should have made a sarcastic remark in return. as it is, the cutscene made it seem as if atton was not being sarcastic.


    Hmm. In the cut scene in my game, Atton came back with something like "Will you lighten up? Of course it's a trap!"

  13. I want KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords, Part 2. I'd like to see some closure for the Exile and, of course, Revan. But, trying to accomodate all the fans preferences for gender/alignment would make things pretty complicated. There are just too many combinations: Male LS Revan/male LS Exile; male DS Revan/male DS Exile; male LS Revan/male DS Exile; male DS Revan/male LS Exile; female .... well, you get the picture. If they continue the Revan-Exile storyline, they'd probably have to limit combinations. For instance, maybe once you identify the gender/alignment of the Exile, then Revan would automatically be the same gender/alignment.


    For the romantics among us, the icing on the cake would be a cut scene of male Revan reuniting with Bastila or LS female Revan reuniting with Carth. But, that's probably too much to hope for ...

  14. The big deal is that a game is less than a month away from release and such basic information has yet been stated.  You would think they would know the minimum requirements and recommended requirements by now and if they do why not post them on the website like many other publishers/developers do when a game is about to be released.  Something is up.



    I think there's a lot riding on this release, for both L.A. and Obsidian. Mike Gallo has been quoted as saying that the success of KOTOR 1 and 2 will ensure the Star Wars RPG franchise. Link. If they need more time to polish up the PC version, they should take it. While I never suffered the XBox problems or multiple "broken quests" that some have complained of, the errors I did encounter were annoying and detracted from a very good game. Most seem to be the kinds of errors that could easily be eliminated from the PC release. I wouldn't mind a 2nd Quarter release at all if some of the additional content was restored.


    That said, "the powers that be" should keep us informed.

  15. Actually, I'm glad she didn't have a more prominent role. That woman actually had the nerve to lecture me, the former Dark Lord of the Sith, on being a Sith! Besides that, she had nicer underwear than I did (as female Revan).


    Seriously, though, her uptight preachiness really got on my nerves after a while.


    :ph34r: (gets ready to take cover) ......

  16. Actually, there is a side quest that can involve playing pazaak. In one of the apartments on Citadel Station (Telos) is a male Twi'lek (Harra?) who bet his girlfriend (and lost) in a pazaak game. You can win her back from the Twi'lek (I think his name is Doton) by beating him in pazaak. You have to have $1000 credits, though. The other option is to just purchase her outright.


    If you're LS, you can let her go. If you're DS you can make her dance for you. You can come back periodically and pick up money from her. Right after I won her, I was able to get $800 credits from her.


    Also, if you like pazaak, Mebla Dule, in the Citadel Station Cantina, sells side deck cards.

  17. Kreia (even if she's not in your party) will teach you "beast trick" on Dxun. It doesn't cost you anything to learn it -- only when you use it. In other words, this is not one of the force powers you select when leveling up. It's a bonus power, basically, and so are the others that follow:


    Kreia will teach you "precognition" on Peragus. This comes up automatically -- no force points used, as far as I know.


    Kreia also teaches you "breath control" in Nar Shaddaa. It also costs minimal FPs to use.


    Visas will teach you "force sight." My LS Guardian learned this from her on the Ebon Hawk, through conversation. Again, it costs minimal FPs to use. It comes in handy when you want to know how many enemies you'll be facing in the next room before you open the door.


    Atton can teach you to play pazaak in your head and you receive a +1 to will saves. This will only occur after the second session of listening to your companions thoughts with Kreia (on the Ebon Hawk). You need to ask Atton why he plays pazaak in his head.


    That's all I can think of at the moment.

  18. You guys really had some pretty interesting choices for romance -- the ladies only got Atton (who was okay as far as it went, but the romance dried up really quick) and Disciple (sweet, but...ugh). I was very disappointed that my lady didn't get the opportunity to have Mandalore -um- "charge up her loading ramp." She would have liked to have shown him a few of her Jedi tricks... :devil:

  19. IMO, the influence system is a fantastic idea that needs some work. I think influence also needs to be tied into experience/levels. The problem I've found is that if you gain enough influence with an NPC just through conversation on the Ebon Hawk, you might start getting NPC conversations stating something like "As I travel with you throughout the galaxy..." or "It's all this space travel..." Well, nooo. We just boarded the Hawk, like maybe 5 minutes ago -- we haven't even left the landing pad. :rolleyes:


    There are a few other influence situations that seemed to me to be too site specific -- if you haven't taken a certain NPC to a certain area on a certain planet, you'll never get the trigger to train them as Jedi.


    I was a LS female Consular/Master in my first playthrough, and I almost always took my melee specialists with me so I could zap enemies with the Force from a safe distance while they charged ahead to slice and dice. Consequently, I missed some Jedi-turning opportunities with a couple of NPCs. (Not to mention the fact that my LS lady had absolutely no influence with certain other NPCs, unless I was willing to take dark side points, thus losing my +3 Wisdom bonus.)


    I ended up having more questions than answers on my first playthrough. Just as DarthNipples said above, the game *requires* several playthroughs to uncover key plot elements. Many of the questions I had are being answered as I progress in my second playthrough as a male guardian/weapons master. I'm guessing that I'll *have* to play darkside (which I really don't enjoy much) to answer the rest.


    I realize that all this was meant to enhance replayability, and I applaud Obsidian for their terrific effort in this regard. On the other hand, I don't want to *have* to replay a game to understand it. I'd rather replay a game because I want my new character to be able to wear that great robe/armor/belt/gloves/implant, romance a different NPC or maybe have access to certain areas or merchants exclusive to my class.

  20. Ummm. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I like "uber" characters as much as the next person, but ... seriously, how does a D20 game go up to 50 levels? :ph34r: Just wondering. Admittedly, I'm pretty ignorant about the D20 rule set, but if characters can go up to level 50, shouldn't the DC also go up to 50? ;) Am I just misunderstanding the whole rule set thing?

  21. Kreia - Sara Kestelman


    where else have I heard her voice????  She almost sounds like 'Management' in CARNIVALE....but that's supposed to be a "he".  <_<


    Here's the info from IMDB:



    1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords (2004) (VG) .... Kreia

    2. Trial & Retribution VII (2003) (TV) .... Judge Emily Hilliard

    3. Mind Games (2000) .... Dr. Davina Ward

    4. "Anna Karenina" (2000) (mini) TV Series .... Countess Vronskaya

    5. The Going Wrong (1998) (TV) .... Tessa Mandeville

    ... aka The Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Going Wrong (UK: series title)

    6. "Invasion: Earth" (1998) (mini) TV Series .... Group Capt. Susan Preston

    7. "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling" (1997) (mini) TV Series .... Mrs. Wilkins

    8. Brazen Hussies (1996) (TV) .... Madame Zarene

    9. Cabaret (1993) (TV) .... Frauline Schneider

    10. The Last Romantics (1991) (TV) .... Queenie Leavis

    11. The War That Never Ends (1991) (TV) (voice) .... Presenter

    12. Somewhere to Run (1989) (TV) .... Magistrate

    13. Lady Jane (1986) .... Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk

    14. Lady Windermere's Fan (1985) (TV) .... Duchess of Berwick

    15. Kean (1978) (TV) .... Elena, Countess de Koefeld

    16. Break of Day (1977) .... Alice

    17. Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration (1975) (TV) .... Ruth

    18. Lisztomania (1975) .... Princess Carolyn

    19. Under Western Eyes (1975) (TV)

    20. Zardoz (1974) .... May


    Television appearances:


    1. "Casualty" playing "Mary Wynne" in episode: "Finding Faith" (episode # 18.29) 13 March 2004

    2. "Relic Hunter" playing "Simone DeGuerre" in episode: "Memories of Montmartre" (episode # 1.22) 22 May 2000

    3. "Kavanagh QC" playing "Halina Birnbaum" in episode: "Ancient History" (episode # 3.3) 17 March 1997

    4. "Van der Valk" in episode: "Doctor Hoffmann's Children" (episode # 4.1) 16 January 1991

    5. "Bergerac" playing "Margaret Semple" in episode: "See You in Moscow" (episode # 1.5) 15 November 1981

    6. "The New Avengers" playing "Tina" in episode: "Sleeper" (episode # 1.10) 19 December 1976

    7. "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" playing "Hagar" in episode: "The Mystery of the Amber Beads" (episode # 2.13) 16 April 1973

    8. "Dixon of Dock Green" playing "Sonia Watts" in episode: "The Executioners" (episode # 13.4) 22 October 1966


    Her bio indicates she is also a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. I thought she did a brilliant job with Kreia.

  22. Quick question. There seems to be some weird reason that the inspector needs those sensors. Has anyone played it out a different way and found out what the deal with that was?



    Yeah, something is fishy with them sensors... if ONLY you had a spikey headed tech genious around to help you slice them and see what's really going on...


    (to suttle a hint?)




    And, IIRC, you can also gain some influence with said spikey headed tech genious if you let him examine them.

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