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  1. Figured out the problem: it has nothing to do with language/region settings.


    My Intel integrated chip conflicts with my NVidia 755. When the computer tries to switch from the Intel to the NVidia on game startup, it crashes. If I disable the NVidia card, then the game runs. If I disable the Intel card, then my computer does not recognize my NVidia card, which means I'm stuck with the crappy Intel chip. But at least the game runs....

  2. About a year ago, I bought this game. Unfortunately, it was too advanced for my computer. Now I have a new computer, with the right specs!

    So I downloaded DS3 from Steam...and can't get it to run!


    Whenever I launch the game, it immediately crashes back to the desktop. Windows gives me the "DS3 has stopped working" error and checks for a solution to the problem.

    I have repeatedly tried to "Verify integrity of game cache" on Steam, and it always says a file is missing. When this action is completed, it still says there is a file missing. I have repeatedly deleted and reinstalled DS3 through Steam.

    I have added Steam to my AV exceptions list (Avast).

    (I could also not play Torchlight 2 this past weekend, it seemed that a similar problem was occuring.)

    My DXDiag is attached.


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