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    *crawls on your back*


    Heeha! Giddyup!


    My noble steed, together we shall punish everyone who defies our pink, soft, adorable fluffyness!

    *Stares with big, goofy, blank eyes as he bursts into action, reaching galloping speeds of up to 10 meters per minute!*


    We shall surely forge their defiance into fiance!


    Also, so many new members as of late! Welcome, to each and every one of you! ^_^


    Members and members and members, OH MY!


    *Spits out some drink or another* 

    T-t-ten meters per minute? That's six-hundred-billion nanometers per hour! YOU MADMAN!

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  2. my browser rejects most cookies, but I believe that can be fixed, welcome to the order Molto1128

    Haha, thanks for the welcome!  :grin:




    Sadly, the technology to transfer cookies via the internet is not yet available. Shame. They're really good. They taste like justice.

    Those are the best flavor! Thanks, Molto! ^_^


    I agree wholeheartedly, justice is pretty delicious. Goodness knows it's tastier than True Neutrality. Now that's bland. 

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