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  1. Would be very interested in the numbers for Linux and OSX, not just "PC - Windows". Even if they don't make a huge bar on the chart, It'd be fun to have them just for comparison.






    And to flesh out my answer for the Survey:


    I wait for the complete game to be released before playing it, be it bite-size DLC or expansions, as I can't be arsed to go back to an old playthrough to continue my adventure. Also, bug fixes. For illustration, I just a mere month ago started my first serious PoE play.


    If a game has multiple DLCs, I generally go with buying the inevitable Complete edition, since I'll likely (as stated above) won't be playing the game anywhere near release anyway. Though for the select few awesome Games from awesome Developers, I tend to buy the base game at release, such as to show my support. In Obsidians case I've backed both PoE 1 and 2 during the funding campaign without hessitation.


    Multiplayer = meh. In these games, the only MP that could make sense would be Co-op like in Divinity: OS-ish.

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