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    That means mine is missing then, I went ahead and emailed customer support. Hopefully this can be fixed.


    Wasn't the "thank you" postcard a Kickstarter only item? I'm only asking because I don't see a Kickstarter badge on your account. When you go to your PoE account and select your game package in the "Orders" tab, is the postcard mentioned under "what's included"?
    Here is a screenshot of my products:




    I found the info through this thread:




    Hence I am a little confused...





    There is a documentary for the development of the game. It's part of Champion and Royal Edition. Also, I think you can also buy the documentary separately by upgrading your pledge at the Obsidian backer portal.



    Well that requires you to be a backer, though, and I sincerely doubt GordonFreeman is, based on his post. :p

    Yea...and what precise those a "backer" mean ? Those who help found the kickstarter, are those people called Backers....or ? :)

    Welcome to the forums, Mr. Freeman.


    Backers are great individuals who supported/pledged PoE back on Kickstarter or on their official website. You can still preorder the game here:



  3. Good news, can't wait for the release, really like how the books are lokking. One question, is the collectors book available only to pledges of 250$ and up, or will it be available in digital form in the 110$ pledge?

    For the printed version, it is included at the $250 pledges and up. I believe for the digital form it starts at the $35 pledges and up. In the latest update from Obsidian, you can purchase the collector's book by itself from select retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Random House. Hope this helps. :)

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