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  1. Minsc was strange enough :D Go for the eyes Boo!


    It could be interesting to have again a 'optional' companion, such as Vicona in BG1, that you could have as a companion only if you used the 'stone-to-flesh' scroll, not just like the others companion in BG1/BG2, that you had 'only' to avoid one or two zones in order to avoid some companions.


    Well, there will be a cameo of Edwin/Edwina, right???? :D


    At least an epitaph in one of the graveyards that 'of course' there will be? I LOVE reading epitaphs :D

  2. I hope that it won't be 3d-ish like skyrim or similar, there are a lot of other games, and the story usually is less 'deep' than in usually 'vintage' graphic.... yeah, DA:O was a great title, maybe with a good back story too, but remember DA2 ........... and I'm forgetting something or NWN2 was 'cut' because of budget/time problems? 


    And yet, if the universe would be steampunk, it will be great to see it in 3d..... 


    By the way, I will probably back it. It depends on how many money I will be able to spend at the time :)

  3. A scary/uncommon undead? Maybe one situation just like the 'two litch in a castle' that there was in NWN1 .... maybe combined with the 'blind god' in BG2.

    I try to elaborate a bit:


    some 'people' worship a new god. No one has seen this god, statues in the temple has many many forms (some scary). Two priests claim to have seen the god. A couple of things happens, 'trivia quiz' between the heroes and these two priest, time to decide which priest to follow and..... here you are, the two priest (they didn't have memory of this) were undead, both of them were under a disguise spell and the god was a shadow, supported by a necromancer (the spell.....)

    A similar situation happened at the group that I mastered..... obviously their characters  are all undead now.... guarding the temple (evil laugh). Oh yeah, they had high-level chars, but when you choose poorly, something wrong can happen.... 




    By the way.... a good old undead? Let's talk about the Gods of Lankhmar.... 

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