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  1. My assumption from this is that if the exile didnt control the slavers he would board the ship kill them all then decide what to do with ratrin. howerve if he did controll teh slavers then why on earth did they board the ship in the first place ?



    You only gain control of the slavers after defeating them on the 'Hawk. From what I can tell, Ratrin was supposed to board the Ebon Hawk after the slavers took it over, but before the PC returned.


    In the game, both times I played, they referred to Ratrin's dead body when I found the slaver leader and was about to fight him. Presumably, if this part had stayed in, Ratrin wouldn't be dead but just unconscious.



    Furthermore my experience wit the slavers was that i found them on my ship but i never had any chance to command them, if any one else had a chance to command them could tehy confirm it ? Or were these, as i susspect, 2 more hughe chunks taken from the came ?


    Once you defeat the slavers, I believe, you can command them to work for you. Henceforth, you get a cut from their slaving activity. (I played LS and anti-slavery both times so far, so I couldn't give you any other details). In this case, Ratrin would awaken, and the subsequent conversations with him would be dependent on how you resolved the "dispute" with the slavers.

  2. I tend to agree. I really wanted more interaction after they switched over. I especially wanted to help Atton find peace with his past in some way and relieve his self hatred when training him to be a Light Side Jedi (as as close to a Jedi as a maxed Light Side Exile can teach). I wanted to talk to Disciple about his decision to leave the Order in the first place, and how (or whether) this was different. And get him to use his real name, darn it. I wanted...welll...something more from Bao Dur. His transition was also abrupt. How easily he let go of the anger he had felt for so long.


    Visas and Kreia started as a Force users, so they're different. Really different. I didn't get Handmaiden nor really had Mira for long. The others...yeah, I really wanted more.

  3. - Great use of skills/ability scores in dialogue. Awesome.


    I agree. Well done.



    - Droids.  The droids in the game (both in and out of the party) were amongst the most interesting npcs in the game. Yes, even remote was cool. From the HKs to the Cerka Corporation ones. Sweet.


    While I'm not sure if I thought Remote was cool, and I didn't get HK-47 until late in the game (*sniffles*), I really liked what they did with T3. In this second play through, I'm concentrating a lot more on computer and repair skills just so I can get ALL of that dialog.


    - The Use of KOTOR1 characters. From the two droids returning to Carth to the meetings of some others. Sweet stuff.


    What they did with Revan and Carth made me sniffle, but all things considered I thought they did a great job of respecting the character and the previous relationship (presuming LSF Revan). I doubted this of them, and I apologize. It was touchingly and respectfully done.


    I've had different thoughts on NPCs, but have posted on them extensively already. Still, it's too easy to focus on things you thought could be made better. It's nice, at times, to focus on the positives, especially since, overall, I also enjoyed the game a great deal.

  4. And... y'know, even though it wasn't supposed to be *that* kind of love, "I killed her because I loved her" is one of the top two most disturbing lines uttered by a romanceable guy in a game. Good Lord. But hey, Mira's idea of romance is vaguely psychotic too, so I guess it's, uh, fair.




    Yeah, this was creepy. I mean, I thought it was even more disturbing then finding out he hunted and tortured Jedi, in a way, because this is supposedly the turning point where he turned away from the Sith. My reaction was? "Huh? Wha? Ewww."


    I do wish there had been more of a chance if you took him Light Side Jedi to help him face this past and find some peace within himself. It was painful to see him hate himself so much.


    Errr...not that this is on topic or anything. Sorries.

  5. Would you suggest Atris had "handmen" rather than women?


    Would very much appreciate that, ShadowPaladin. I'm not very familiar with EU.


    It just seemed a little odd, to me. However, from some of the things Atris says, I assume you can deduce that she felt attracted to the Exile. If the Exile is male, she may no longer think males are trustworthy. If female....well..she may just like being surrounded by females. Heh


    Altogether, the only part that really made me roll my eyes was the dancing outfit. That, however, was completely optional as a quest, and mostly because my character's waist looked painfully too small. I mean, just plain unnatural. She looks much better in armor or Jedi robes, IMHO.




    I reloaded and pretended it didn't happen. I can wait longer for her lightsaber. :-

  6. Would you suggest Atris had "handmen" rather than women?



    Everything else aside, why SHOULDN'T she have male followers as well? She seemed to choose her followers based mostly on them being willing to blind themselves to the Force and follow her teachings exactly. IS there some reason they should be female as well? I don't remember anything about that in the dialogs, though I might hvae missed something as I haven't played a male PC yet.

  7. I never got the choice of choosing if Revan was a girl or a boy, when was that??




    When you first talk to Atton while he's still locked up. You discuss Revan's history, and set all of those variables based on how you answer and correct him.


    Also, if you notice that you're missing NPCs' portions of the dialogs, you've run into a bug. Just save, exit, and come back in the game. You should be able to see the NPCs' responses then. Also, if this happens you can see everything they said in the messages history.

  8. AS much as I would have liked to have seen the ending fleshed out again, and more polish in the game, I very much doubt that LA will fund it, and I'd rather the resources at Obsidian focus on their next products. KotOR 2 was, for me, the good game that could have been fantastic. I would rather they focus on making their next game fantastic then spend the amount of time I suspect would be needed to redo the last parts of KotOR 2.


    So - perfect world? Yes. Real world? They should work on game stopping bugs only.


    All, IMHO.

  9. If you already have the game, do go ahead and play it. AS said before, though there are bugs, it is fairly likely that you won't hit any game breaking ones.


    Now, there is a serious slow down issue with ATI cards. IF you have one, you might want to investigate the ATI driver related threads here. If you have an GEForce card, I recommend upgrading to the latest drivers before playing.


    Otherwise, save often and use several different slots. Have at least one save at the very beginning of every planet you visit that you don't save over until you're done with that planet's quests. That way, if the worst happens, you have a save game you can go back too, and not have to threaten your computer with termination.

  10. I think it's interesting that no one's voted for the Disiciple, probably because he's the most squeaky clean of the NPCs (oh and also doesn't seem to have a name), whearas Atton's real easy to corrupt (well corrupt further  :thumbsup: ).


    I can't speak for everyone, but I my vote for him wasn't withheld because he's squeaky clean (I actually really like Good guys). I just didn't feel they developed him enough. There were things to work with (I can't go into them outside of the spoiler section), but they didn't seem interested in doing so.


    When I finished KotOR 2 for the first time, I thought he was a one dimensional character. I read some things that I missed in my first play through that gave him a bit more possibilities, but none were explored adequately to make him interesting purely within the game's defined events.


    What my imagination can paint is another thing I suppose. Heh.


    I liked Atton until his revelation (which was creepy to me), but after that point it didn't seem like there was a resolution. How could he continue his...uh...training without confronting the events of the past and his feelings towards them (and himself)? Certain cut endings might resolve parts of it, but not enough for me.


    And Carth wasn't in the list. :-


    So I just abstained from voting.

  11. And yes, of course there was more than just levelling that got NPCs talking. But levelling seemed central to the talking that was part of their "quests". In both KOTOR1 and NWN OC these quests were nicely written, but that is my other main problem - their stories were written, not acted out in the gameplay. Show, don't tell.


    Possibly, but it also helped them control the pacing a bit more. I found the influence system, though more organic perhaps, very hit and miss as far as allowing for interaction with NPCs. I would hit large portions of the game where I would not be able to interact with the NPCs any longer at all, either because I had already maxed out their influence and stories very quickly ( Disciple) or the evnt that I needed to trigger more dialog wa snot hit (Atton).


    I liked the idea of gaining influence wihth your companions, but also like the more rgular pacing that the level/storybased triggers give you. A combination, somehow, of the two systems would be great.

  12. What the exact reason is I can only suppose, but I think that there must be another reason for the cut ending than a lack of time, money or the like.

    The plot was written, the voice acting was there (even in the international versions!).


    Yes, but even if they write the dialog and record it, they may not have had time to get the game logic (quest and dialog) to work correctly. They may not have had time to script in game cutscenes and such as well. If this is the case, it would have been easier for them to forego those intereactions and cutscenes altogether and release the game, even f the dialog had already been written and the voice overs already made.


    The dialog and recording is just one part of the picture, especially in a game with such a condensed time schedule. It points VERY strongly to me to they had things planned and intended fully to have them in, but in the last period just didn't have time to implement it all.


    I tend to agree that both Obsidian and Lucas Arts went into this knowing that this was a shortened schedule and what it would mean to the story in the end.

  13. Although I agree with the cinematic feel, it IS an RPG and NOT a movie. The point of that being that the player has a lot more control and a feel of ownership of a particular character (the protagonist). Occasionally splitting the groups is one thing, but I want to predominately be playing my character. If a sequel is made, I'd vastly preferred if they cut back on the times you are forced to play their characters only.

  14. Hmmm...


    I want neither the Exile nor Revan to show up as an NPC in the story, either that you meet or that joins the party. If you play one or the other, that's fine.


    Other NPCs can recur as appropriate.


    It needs to wrap up and explain the ending of KotOR 2 better.


    I want the possibility of a happy and triumphant ending. It needn't be all sunshine and lollipops, but it should be reflective of Return of the Jedi in general feel of the final scenes (celebrations across many worlds, Luke seeing his father redeemed within the Force, etc).


    I'd like a combination of the influence and level/event based companion interaction system, or else have the influence system designed to be spaced out during the game more. I finished talking with some of my favorite characters early in the game and missed key points in unlocking other companions until very late in the game (went to Nar Shadaa last, sorry Atton). In general, I liked the influence system, but it seemed I spent a lot of time with my PC unable to interact with the NPCs.


    Of course, that's taking for granted that whoever does it provides alot of character interactions as well. Romances are also great fun, though not strictly required, I suppose.


    Fewer times where I have to play adeveloper provided NPC solo. At the very least, let them be with other NPCs to give me THAT interaction, please.

  15. I have to say I'm not too fond of those places in the game wher eyou have to play as another character. Not only that, but you have to SOLO as that other character. Meh.


    I understand the story and liked most of the characters, but the part of these games that I enjoy is working as a team with my companions. I like the interaction with them, and facing challenges as a group. I especially didn't like the parts where you HAD to solo, whether with my character or with the developer's characters. I also don't like switching compeltely to the developers' characters for the same reason I don't like writers who constantly change points of view when writing their books. It's a valid way to tell a story, but not one I enjoy.


    Once or twice (the Dxun one mentioned above, for instance) is an interesting change of pace, but I felt KotOR 2 over did it a bit. I vastly want to play MY PC, after all. That's why I generally prefer computer RPGs to most console RPS (which generally give you no choice but to play the developer's characters).

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