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  1. I can't find anything about the trap-save-game bug (you're sure we mean the same thing?) but I've found the companion recruitment stats bug note. Sorry. I thought it was a major bug so I searched it at the very top in the big ticket section...



    Under systems:

    • Fixed save game issues with spells and abilities that place down traps.

    Pretty sure that's the one you mean yeah?


    Sorry for snapping at you.

  2. Thanks a lot.


    I'm a bit sad that the bug with the quests "The Theorems of Pandgram" and "The Parable of Wael" apparently won't get fixed. If you steal the Theorems from the Elder Archives you get a message that you've been caught no matter if somebody has seen you or not but nobody turns hostile in the archives. But once you enter the archives again, everyone is hostile towards you. This prevents the "The Parable of Wael" quest from being successfully finished because you can't talk to the High Archivist, Grimda, anymore (and you have to kill her instead). I think there is something messed up here...


    It's also quite sad that you don't fix the savegames bug for which at least in parts frost traps caused by a chanter song/spell are responsible. And apparently you also won't fix the bug with raising stats for companions if you load savegames in areas where you collected companions in the first place. Thes are actually top priority issues imho (more or less game breaking) so I'm quite surprised that they won't get fixed ASAP...


    What are you talking about the notes clearly mention both the trap-save-game bug and the companion recruiting stats bug (they mention this one twice in two different sections even).


    Jesus read the ****ing thing before commenting at least.

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