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  1. Actually, I have to disagree there. All they needed to do to market SS2 was talk about how the player is alone in a huge spaceship against zombies, with a hawt, mad and evil robot woman out to get him, and throw a bunch of Alien references in. Add the shooter 2.0 buzzword Levine was so fond of using for Bioshock, and we'd have a marketing winner.

    Sounds like a great idea for an NwN2 module ..!

  2. I'm not sure Bioshock is so much longer than EP2 that it's earned to be called longer. They're in the same ballpark, that's for sure. Bioshock is NOT System Shock 3 and I have no idea why they claimed it was a spiritual successor. Well, except for the obvious marketing purposes of course, but one would think Levine had more integrity than that.


    The problems with Bioshock (and what brings it down from a great game to a good game for me) is that they removed the consequences from all the choices you make in the game. Took the wrong skillset? Change it whenever you want. Want to go the good route? Award is the same as going the bad route so it doesn't matter. One differing animation is NOT enough! Don't know where to go? Keep pushing forward, the game is as linear as a corridor. Sure, the corridor twists sometimes, but that's it. Oh and there are only five enemy types.. throughout the entire game. They all look the same, fight the same and act the same. You'll get bored with them within a few hours. Luckily, that about as long as the game lasts..


    No replay factor, no multiplayer and a gamelength of about 8-12 hours (depending on how much you suck at fps gameplay.. think werewolves).


    What it looks like is that it did start off as a spiritual successor to SS2, but extensive focus testing led them to axe the system shockyness out of the game.

    Yeah, System Shock 2 had the forethought to make progress as difficult at the beginning of the game as it is nearer the end ... just making another SS2 would be as difficult to sell to audiences as, say, it is to attract masochists to Bondage by beating up random people on the street. Is the engine easily configurable, so that the user community might change/add content?

  3. There's no doubt I'd get more than my investment from the Orange Box; it has Portal AND Team Fortress as well as all the Half-Life 2 games ..! I might even like TF enough to play online. -_-


    Purchasing a console would be compared against purchasing a cheap PC (of about the same price) ... at the moment I have no game-playing platform at all.

  4. I got acrophobic jumping from girder to girder under the bridge in Half-Life 2.


    My original point was that the perspective is not causative vis-a-vis horror; I made reference to books: have you never read a book that you were almost too scared to turn the page? -_-


    That bridge in Half-Life 2 scared the crap out of me, too. I get scared of heights in games.


    Although not in real life, strangely.

    I also suffered a sort of vertigo/acrophobia funk in the original Half-Life, climbing the cliff face, too.

  5. Yeah, games like Star Ocean get away with it quite nicely because they keep it hidden. They don't start popping numbers up that let people know they did something "wrong." Those - and + numbers end up becoming feedback for players that is often more important to them than the actual NPCs reactions. I think there's something wrong with that. Influence is good for tracking NPC reactions, though. So, hide the numbers!


    Agreed. I think if they are going to keep the influence system, stop with the "Influence Gained" messages. Just put your influence level on the character sheet and leave it at that, then if you really want to know your influence level, you can find it, but it doesn't interrupt gameplay with numbers.

    It should be configurable, ideally, just as the messages of damage (hitpoints) can be toggled on/off, for example. -_-

  6. HL2 Episode 2 by far!

    Yeah, that's probably the next purchase ... though I don't have access to my PC and I haven't played MotB or anything at all for a few months ... :thumbsup:


    you'll like EP2, it's like freakin Empire Strikes Back. I even thought it was better than the original HL2

    I'm actually tossing up whether to purchase an XBox 360 or a Playstation 3 to play the Orange Box, since I haven't got (and won't for the conceivable future) access to my dear old laptop. A factor is whether I can play Bioshock (the criticality of this factor correlates to the fun coefficient of Bioshock).

  7. The influence system is pretty critical to any systemic process for monitoring the impact of decisions and actions taken by the PC throughout the game. Just removing it won't solve the problem it was created to address. Also, I like the way it was implemented. (Even if I do reload, I *like* re-loading. It's like exercise.) :)

  8. Not really ... it would help your case to quote the actual research AND for it to voluminously detailed and exhaustively tested ... but it seems that they had some initial scary findings (MAY skew telemetry equipment by up to five degrees ..!) and now want to investigate further.

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