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  1. You misunderestimate me, Tale ...

  2. Keep your dirty little ends out of this. :-"

  3. I'm not available for moderator duties at the moment. I aim to be back soon.

    Behave. :-"

  4. I'm advertising it, as a non-beneficiary agent.

  5. There is only one cure, sadly: purification by fire.

  6. I can approve your comments. that's pretty neat ... if I want to I can delete all your comments. You certainly have a lot of them. I'm still not going to add you in my top three. Walsingham would be in before you, anyway. Though I guess you wouldn't be far away from the top ... though I don't really have a bottom three. I guess I could put you there ... help your Herostratus complex.

  7. Three-dimensional Checkmate in two moves.

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