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  1. "I'm extremely disappointed. The only reason I pledged for the collectors edition was the promise of a "beautiful cloth map like those of classic CRPGs". Instead I'm treated to modern screen printed garbage and a collectors edition that looks like cheap tat next to Stick of Truth's CE which I paid less for. It's not even just the printing job, the map it's self is just a lazy copy of the in-game map and looks in no way like a living piece of the world."



    This is exactly how I feel.


    Just want to add my disappointment in here with the rest. 


    I posted pictures of mine at http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31slcq/got_my_ce_box_today_is_everyone_elses_cloth_map/  where there are a number of other people who are also unhappy with their maps.

  2. Gotten started playing the beta and just want to point out a couple minor things that immediately feel off about the game.


    1. The camera should follow the party.


    It is a little awkward and wierd that I have to move the map around to follow my party and keep up with them if I click to move them to the edge of the screen.


    2. Interacting with NPC's needs a bigger area.


    Right now, to interact with an NPC you need to click around their feet. This is a minor issue but it would feel much better and less annoying if I could just click anywhere on the NPC and initiate dialogue or whatever with them. The circle at their feet just feels like a really small area to have to hit when you are trying to click on them.


    Beyond those 2 minor issues, so far the game looks beautiful. I will report any further issues as I go along :)

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