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  1. When dual wielding for example Modwyr / Magistrate Cudgel the offhand weapon effects will be ignored. Including when dual wielding two Modwyr using the console you can see it only will apply one stack of the atk speed, where as with the magistrate cudgel it will not apply the judge effect at all when in the offhand I presume this is probably the case with most if not all weapons as when I tested this with a duplicated Watchers blade it only summoned one spirit on kill and completely ignored the effect on the offhand weapon. I assume this is not intentional ( at least in the case of dual wielding modwyr/magistrate ) Will test more and report back soon tm Edit 1: Seems that it will apply the effect of judge (Magistrate Cudgel) only in the offhand when there is not a weapon in the primary (so unarmed/fist is okay) but the second you equip a weapon for example a fine dagger the offhand effects stop applying correctly to mobs. Though when modwyr is placed in the offhand with cudgel in the mainhand it seems the effect is still applied as I would assume it should, may have to do with harmful debuffs not properly applying when in the offhand w/ a mainhand? Also unsure if this is intended but Azure blade is only applying accuracy to the weapon itself instead of overall? the way the buff is worded seemed like it would just give you flat acc buff if you meet the conditions but it will only apply the buff to the dagger which makes it pretty meh/useless, and again with the previous issues it seems the accuracy if spawned in both do not stack, this also will apply for any weapons carrying the same type of buff (Dual Watchers, dual Modwyr, and Dual Azure, all do not stack not sure if intended?)
  2. May be a bit much to necro this post, regardless I managed to cheese it even further by not taking any damage at all and making them unable to reach me while I was free to spear them to death. It entails abusing pathing bugs which allowed me to glitch into a spot where I was then unattackable (Near the horses) To do this I took Calista and placed her near the caravan. Made her attack one of the little guys then I immediately switched to my character (who is near the horses at this point) And continued to furiously click on the npc's calista was attacking. which made me run toward the wall followed by 4 of the bigger guys (Guards + Heodan + Odema) and from there I could safely spear them all (which left only the weak ones you can one shot back near calista) Btw if you are stuck in that spot and can't get out kill one of the horse's but for the trick to work originally all 3 horses must be alive or else they will path to you.
  3. Can't wait, love all of the games obsidian's worked on its too bad they rarely get to finish them. :D Excited for a true successor to the old Baulder's Gate type games Icewind Dale etc..
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