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  1. 9 hours ago, Not So Clever Hound said:

    Just thinking about how to get a strong party IMHO without changing your roster:

    With Pallegina as a Herald and Konstanten as a Howler, they can summon and passively heal a lot, the 2 of which combined can probably hold up your frontline nicely while they do other things: debuff fortitude, cast invocations, (Pallegina could still open with Blunder/Mortar/Thunderous Report if you like and be equipped to milk disengagement-miss ripostes with e.g. Nomad Brigandine and WoTEP). If you use summons she might not be targeted a lot, which defeats a bit the purpose of the riposte trick. Or go sword and broad, or 2 weapons for FoD.

    Fassina as a late-game Sorcerer can rain down Pulsing AoEs, DoT AoEs + Infestation of Maggots/Combusting Wounds which can be great - I would be careful about friendly fire though because things can go sideways quickly when you start amassing Pulsing spells on the battlefield. Being a Conjurer sucks quite a bit... not having access to things like Ringrym's Enervating Terror... and all Evocation spells (!) is sad, but you can live without it. You could also make her a SC Conjurer so at high level she can cast the Blackbow + a Phantom Duplicate of herself - quite powerful. Before her you can pick Aloth and enjoy essentially the same party comp.

    For the last spots you have lots of options; here is one that could add a lot of power:

    Your Main Char can be MC or SC Priest of whatever maybe Berath would be nice (preferably not Magran for more DMG flex). If you'd like multi could be Helwalker for example. But SC could be real nice too because...

    Then Ydwin could be Ranged Cipher or Mindstalker. Too bad she cannot be Ascendant but anyway, she can cast Ancestor's Memory on your Priest who then can cast Salvation of Time, and then just keep casting a lot of great stuff like Barring Death Door + SoT and if your Priest is SC, they could spam things like Symbol of Berath or add the Berath Incarnates to the fight for extra bodies.

    Caution: I don't know if things would change with many of the mods you use... also, this party will not be an AI autowin, hands-off party, you will need to actively play it I think. Not in every single trash fight, but in many fights you'll have to be careful about actions and placement!


    I honestly forgot about all the Summons Chanters have access to.  With all the Summons it should be no problem to hold the frontline. I will try that.

    I like the idea with Ydwin, would be definitely something new.

    I will try the Grp with my MC as a SC Berath Priest and look how it works.


    I have checked the Patch Notes of the Mods. So far all i found would benefit the Grp, so there should be no problem there

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  2. Hey Guys,

    since i haven't touched Deadfire since late 2019 and with 2 weeks auf holidays coming up for me, i decided to tackle another playthrough.

    To try something new, i decided trying to include Fassina and Konstanten for the Romance and the DLC Dialogue. I also will take Pallegina with me for the VTC Storyline.

    So the Base of my Party is:


    Fassina (Sorcerer)

    Konstanten (Howler, Willbreaker Debuff Build)

    Pallegina (Herald or Crusader, Tuono build still playable?)


    Now for the last slot and my main.

    I know i will take a Priest (either Vatnir or my MC), but i'm rather clueless what to take for the last slot.


    Since Fassina doesn't has access to Illusion Spells, how much of a problem are the missing Illusion CC Spells?

    I thought about taking Eder as a Swashbuckler and my MC as a Priest or Ydwin (Rangebuild) and then Pallegina as a Maintank and not the Tuono Build.

    But i'm unsure if Ydwin, Fassina and Konstanten with a Morningstarbuild isn't to squishy with only Pallegina as a Dmg Sponge, especially on POTD updscaled....so i'm fresh out of ideas.

    Does someone maybe has another idea, something i don't see, especially with 5.0 in mind? I'm also not deadset on Konstanten or my MC build, so if someone has a suggestion which doesn't work with Konstanten in the party, i will remove him.

    Relevant mods i play with: Deadfire unnerfed / Community Patch / Rebalance Mod / Spoils of Caed Nua / PoE Items for Deadfire / Party Item Upgrade / Soulbound Item Upgrade

  3. On 4/3/2020 at 2:08 PM, AeonsLegend said:

    For me if I had to choose now I would pick Fassina (Sorcerer build) over Aloth. Lot's of party buffs and healing and some decent damage spells. She's good at any level. She can replace both the Priest and the Wizard with this build. Leaving you with an open slot to choose.


    Just to note: I cleared the Menzzago fight in 1-2 minutes without taking any significant damage on upscaled PotD with my Monk/Trickster (assassin distruptor), Aloth: Fighter/Wizard front line unkillable tank with dual wield weapons. Fassina Sorcerer backline healer/buffer and huge AoE damage with scepter/shield (Lethandria's Devotion), Maia Scout for ranged DPS and Ydwin mindstalker ranged dps/support 3rd melee option. This party is pretty much indestructable and has insane AoE cc with double Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage. In most encounters the enemy never even gets to do anything because of the constant AoE Terrify that refreshes every 3 seconds. Buff accuracy you can even Terrify the highest level enemies.


    How do you build Fassina, when you run her as a Drui/Wizard? I try to make her work since release.....


    Do you prefer Single or Multiclass Cipher? And do you run Serafen / Ydwin or do you prefer your Watcher as a Cipher?

  4. On 5/25/2019 at 1:16 PM, Elric Galad said:

    This is usually true, but there is an exception for Single Class Assassin once you get Vanishing Strike.

    Vanishing Strike provides non cancellable invisibility for a (short) duration instead of invisibility for 1 attack.
    This means that DPS becomes more important with this ability than damages per attack.

    With Vanishing Strike, style doesn't matter as much : 2 handed or Dual Wield are mostly equivalent. 1 handed isn't that great because you'll already have a big Accuracy bonus from assassin's passive. 2 handed are also slightly less optimal because they trade a bit more PR for a bit less damages than Dual Wield and Assassin's passive also provides a lot of PR (and Crit chances).

    Also, Dual Wielding with a medium speed 1-hander and a fast 1-hander is optimal for the initial Full Attack from Vanishing Strike due to only the off-hand recovery beng applied (this is only for the initial Full Attack, so it's not that important, but still...). So I think that it is the optimal set-up for Vanishing Strikes.

    I know that Vanishing Strike needs fast recovery to get the optimum out of that ability. That's why i'm eyeing weapons like Duskfall or Rännig's Wrath for my Rogue.

    I haven't decided yet how to resolve the Family Feud quest on this playthrough though. And yes that is relevant for me or my "This Quest outcome is bull**** in context with my playthrough" Alarm goes of. ^^

    Regarding Brilliant + SoT Cheese: Is there actually a reliable source for the Brilliant Buff in the Game right now?

  5. 16 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    An Assassin wants a weapon with the highest base damage to get the most out of Assassinate and Backstab - and/or lashes, right.

    So unfortunately and counterintuitively light weapons are bad for Assassinate + Backstab. Stuff like Run-Through from Whispers of the ENdless Paths, the Chromoprismatic Staff (quarterstaff) or Dragon's Dowry (arquebus) who either have high base damage or good lashes are nice.

    Rust's Poignard is a great weapon, but it doesn't perform too well with Assassination and Backstab from stealth or invisibility. Captain Crow is nice as well, but also not optimal for Backstabs and stuff. 


    Interesting. So 2H Backstab it is. Reminds me of my old Shadowblade from DAoC ^^

    regarding Backstab: Does this item work with invisibility? https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ajamuut's_Stalking_Cloak

  6. The age old Problem with 2 1H Weapons in almost every Game. Does someone remember BG2 with Dual Sabers on Jaheira? Melee DPS and Utility with

    Druid Spells on the side and you could pick something else for your MC without missing out on a complete school of spells.

    Thats the Problem with having on hit effects on 1h Weapons.


    Regarding 2H: The only thing i can think of, is giving 2H some Unique Effects, for example: always AE, reduced Recovery with 2h Style, raw dmg on crit etc.

  7. I think I have to hijack this thread to avoid creating a thread with essentially the same question. ^^

    I'm currently building an Assassin (single class, because i like SC Rogues) and i read somewhere here in an old thread, that lashes are best for high crit classe because of the additional dmg effect.

    With that in mind, would you still consider Modwyr for an Assassin or something like: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Aldris_Blade_of_Captain_Crow or both? And what's with

    Rust's Poignard?


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