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  1. Hi everyone,
    I managed to finish the base game a few months ago without getting too many crashes.
    However, now that I started playing the Beast of Winter DLC, I get constant crashes.
    And I'm talking not just about the Crashes to Desktop (CTDs). No, I experience video driver crashes that force me to reboot the computer :(
    This is getting VERY annoying to the point that I can't play the game.
    Majority of the crashes happen in combat, when my party or the enemy are casting spells. Fire spells are notably bad and almost immediately cause a crash. This made me stop using these spells altogether :/
    I managed to find a spot where the crash happens 100% (for me) - it's in the Temple of Decline when you meet the dragon.
    Just walking up towards the dragon on the bridge causes an immediate driver crash.
    My Observations: Crashes are caused when certain VFX are present in the scene. This most notably happens in combat when lots of spells are being cast, or like the VFX near the dragon.

    I have updated my drivers to the latest. I tried changing all kinds of graphics settings - same thing was happening until I changed the resolution to the lowest one available: 1280 x 720 @ 60Hz
    This allowed me to get past that particular crash, however, it is not ideal - as I'd like to play the game at 1920 x 1080.
    My savegame, output.log and DxDiag info can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UHjaTF9-WwfcQdQEjHWou5gm1CaZm_C6
    There's no crash dump, as it wasn't generated.
    I'm not sure what happened in the months since the game release and now (patches, Windows updates etc.), however, 
    would appreciate Obsidian looking into this.
    Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone,


    I'd like to get a couple of things straight on the God Challenges, aka Magran's Fires.


    1. What do you get,besides bragging rights, for completing them ?

    2. Can you use Berath's Blessings AND God Challenges at the same time?

    3. If you can't use Berath's Blessings with the God Challenges then what was the point of having them?


    I finished the original PoE2 and didn't play the game for a few months.

    I'm starting the Beast of Winter DLC now and would just like to understand how all the new stuff works.


  3. Here's why it bugs out (because it happened to me too) most likely:


    You (like me) found the death godlike corpse and interacted with it BEFORE getting to that stage in Pallegina's personal quest (or may not even have recruited her at all at the time).

    You then went to Dunnage at some stage (again before getting Pallegina's personal quest to that stage) and may even have seen Lil Woody at the door (I certainly did and even had the Giacolo conversation option but figured something was amiss as I had no idea who Giacolo was supposed to be) and didn't press to get in.


    Then you eventually got Pallegina and got her quest and visited the Gullet, only to realise the quest was now sending you to Dunnage rather than explore Delver's Row, hence ending up in Dunnage with no more Lil Woody at the door.


    Note that I even tried visiting Delver's Row but the conversation options were gone (primarily because Xoti automatically took the Death Godlike's soul on the first interaction, so this couldn't be repeated)

    PX1Player, I think you nailed it !

    That's exactly what happened to me as well and the steps I've taken, and so this quest remains broken for me.

    Hopefully Obsidian fixes this in the next patch.

  4. I encountered the same issue. The problem for me was actually when saving the game, while inside the tomb (I looted everything and saved before the anticipated combat).
    Then reloading the save caused a hard crash.
    I managed to get around this by replaying the whole dungeon (didn't have an earlier save :( ) and then dealing with the fight within the tomb in one go.

    Here's a link to the save game before going into the tomb: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18o2l7y_SUbygbUlHpNyripCYjVwPyLRh

  5. I have also hit this bug and can confirm that the bug is triggered by choosing "What can you do for me?" first and then "Welcome aboard".

    If you choose "Welcome aboard" when first presented with this option, then Serafen joins the party properly.
    However, it looks like if you try to be inquisitive then Serafen says that he's glad to join you, but instead walks away :(

    I can attach the savegame before the bug happens, but don't see the option to do it :/

  6. Hi,


    I wanted to thank the great people at Obsidian for making this game!

    Thanks to you I have had a lot of fun with my Deluxe edition already.


    I would also like to commend on the quality of the game pieces: the board, cards, tokens etc.

    Even a small thing like the addition of extra bags to put the cards and game pieces in was so thoughtful.

    The addition of a single player mode is one of the best things as well. It is a good way to teach yourself the rules and have fun in the process ;)

    It definitely feels that this game was made with love.


    Once again, many thanks. I hope you keep making great games !

    Yours truly,




    PS. No, I am not a bot and nobody paid me to write this. It is a genuine thank you.

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