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  1. If you don't like it, play a different way.


    If you want to use guns, switch to pistols and dual-wield Scordeo's Trophy and Eccea's Arcane Blaster or Thundercrack Pistol.



    I'm surprised not many people have been complaining about the OPness of the rogues this time around (I guess not many people are playing one since they were extremely **** in POE1). I laugh my ass off while blinking around the battlefield one-shotting everything.

    Likely not many people playing Rogues, turned off by the dearth of skills at P8/P9. But that's a separate discussion ;)

  2. Personally, I found it fun. Been quite a few times I've just sat in that screen and blown up a ship (even if I get less loot). Do that a few times and your crew gains massive amounts of experience. Higher ranks improve things like travel speed on the world map, as well as higher chance with cannons, healing speed of injured crewmen, etc.


    First off, equip 4 of the basic cannons on your ship. Then in a ship battle, close to ~250m (Full speed ahead). Turn to port or starboard, doesn't matter which. Fire grape shot. This injures crew and ends up taking out sails as well. Injured crew means less people to man the cannons and maneuver. Sails damaged or gone, means they're less likely to get a wind advantage and more likely to stuff up a turn (especially compounded with injured crew).


    Now jibe, which will turn you around. Fire grape shot again, then jibe and repeat. The aim is to get the crew down to 0 or 1 (bottom right, first number), which if you trigger a few events, easily done. At that point, switch to cannon shot and start filling them with holes/injuring below deck crew. Once you get their hull < 10-15, you can choose to close to board (more loot), or just blow them up (more crew experience).


    Once you have 3rd rank cannoneers, you should be able to attack from 300-350m (less turns spent moving forward at the start). What you have to watch out for, is that while reloading one side, they have a lower chance to hit with the other side (-20% or so). Being at the lower range of a cannon, increases chance to hit. So you need to pick a distance that nets you ~95% for the first volley and ~75% for the following volleys.

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  3. Update:

    - Can still acquire the Cornett of the Waves from Takano (yay something right) and you can even show him the Cornett of the Depths if you want.

    - Once you talk to Dereo after finding the mosaic, there's nothing about showing him either of the Cornetts, just reporting the mosaic. At which point, the quest is done and dusted.

    - You seem to be automatically flagged as friendly with the Undercroft peeps, once you pickup Cornett of the Depths.


    This also impacts the following quests (to one degree or another, as once you're in the Old City, you're forced to leave via the Undercroft:

    - Trade Secrets: Jumps this quest forward. You go from having to get closer to Dereo to learn more about the smuggling, to "Oh look, there it is, better tell the prince", after having one conversation with Dereo (to get the quest The Cornett's Call).

    - Goods and Services: If you've gotten the note from Captain Aeldys, but haven't gone to her yet, you'll run into Mad Morena (who potentially becomes hostile after chatting). Needs option to say you're friendly with Dereo or the Principi (I didn't notice one).

  4. She is really powerful as a scout- deathblows, finishing blow with damage upgrade, and twinned arrow.


    She also has high perception, armor that speeds reload on arquebus (and gunner from ranger tree)


    Also, if you run a cipher her ranger escape teleport let’s you set up the ectoplasmic beam skill very quickly.

    Multiclass will not get access to Twinned Shot @ Power Level 8.
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  5. Personally I'm running pure Ranger, but then I tend to play her more as ranged backup for my Rogue/Monk. There is a complete dearth of skills to pick at a later Power Level though.


    Power Level 1

    Abilities: Marked Prey, Wounding Shot

    Passives: Merciless Companion, Vicious Companion. Optional: Resilient Companion.


    Power Level 2

    Abilities: Heal Companion.

    Passives: Gunner, Marksman.


    Power Level 3

    Abilities: Marked for the Hunt, Hobbling Shot. Optional: Evasive Roll, Revive Companion.

    Passives: Predator's Sense.


    Power Level 4

    Abilities: Concussive Shot.

    Passives: N/A


    Power Level 5

    Abilities: Binding Roots, Evasive Fire.

    Passives: Driving Flight.


    Power Level 6

    Abilities: N/A

    Passives: N/A


    Power Level 7

    Abilities: Thorny Roots.

    Passives: N/A


    Power Level 8

    Abilities: Twinned Shots.

    Passives: N/A


    Power Level 9

    Abilities: N/A

    Passives: Stunning Shots

  6. If you pickup this quest initially, where you have to find the Cornett of the Waves and head down into the Old City on other quests, you can find the Cornett of the Depths. This "jumps" the quest ahead and you get quest updates about stuff you've never discussed with Dereo. Especially once you find Ondra's Temple.


    Quest Log: https://imgur.com/a/u8iUyZT


    Personally, if you have the quest and haven't picked up Cornett of the Waves, I would simply add an entry of "Dereo mentioned the Cornett of the Depths was lost, maybe I should talk to him and show it to him." or similar. Then when you reach Ondra's Temple, I wouldn't update the journal at all (as that hasn't been discussed). Instead, when Dereo mentions anything about it, you can have a conversation option of "I think I saw something like that in the Old City".


    Either that, or disable the event to pickup the Cornett of the Depths, until you have reached that part of the quest.


    If you don't have the quest, I assume you shouldn't have anything appear in your log (I can't be bothered testing this) when you pickup Cornett of the Depths. Then when you chat to Dereo and he mentions it, you can have the conversation line of "Oh, you mean this item I have in my backpack? It was in the Old City ..."


    Anyway, hope you rework this quest (even if it's not quite as I suggest), as the journal entry updates are currently severely flawed.

  7. So I mapped out the Narrows (see link) and I think I've found a bug.




    When you turn around from B (which places you on the X next to B) and then go left, you should be at the X just before C and therefore have the option to go forward (at which point you'll end up in the Cavern). Instead, you end up in Delver's Row.


    If you turn around from B and then go forward, you end up at M (as you rightly should), at which point you can duck through the curtain into Delver's Row.


    Side Note: Enjoyable area, had fun working my way around, thanks Obsidian!

  8. Hey, everyone. We're looking into this. Does anyone have a save game file from right after they imported their history, somewhere like in your ship's cabin before the first fight? If so, please attach it to this post so we can determine which variables are being flagged via the custom history. Thank you all very much for your patience and for any help you can provide with the save games.

    I reloaded and made a save, at that point. I've also included my history file in the zip.


    History should be:

    - Blade Reforged

    - Master Released


  9. Not just companion equipment, all equipment that can be enchanted. It's currently confusing and very much not user friendly. Either one or multiple enchantments will just disappear once you enchant one option, never to be seen again (on that screen). It's quite confusing.


    I mean it's nice that they update the item description to show the new enchantments, but there is no feedback on the actual enchantment screen.


    One suggestion (if it's not too complicated, this late): Give each weapon its own miniature enchantment tree, much like our own characters have an ability tree. That way we can easily see what enchantments have been applied already, what are mutually exclusive and more importantly, look at what can be enchanted in the future.

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