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  1. Hotkey for weapon switching! ... Unless I'm missing it.


    Agree with the need for more diverse encounter types. You guys made the basis for a SICK strategic game here, and it tends to devolve into a messy melee pretty quickly. Not actually a problem on its own, but very noticeable if compared with, say, Divinity: OS, or the less "well come on it's the best ever at that" Wasteland 2.


    More games like this, please, oh my god more games like this. I feel like a dang kid again playing this. Seriously amazing work, guys, and congrats on the WELL deserved success!

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  2. I am so excited this game exists. Glad to have been a backer, and then it's done all of a sudden. Say whaaaat? Though I will probably wait for a few more patches to play it any further, don't enjoy the carnival of launch time in modern games industry, where everything is something to patch later if the choice is to do something patch related or do something launch related. And before launch, it's all launch related, so naturally omnibus patches become the norm. Well, keep at it, y'all, do better on that next time please but thanks again for this amazing effort. I'll have your back on any future projects.

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