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  1. I'm up to level 16 Jedi Guardian and whenever I try to break down an item, like a mandalorian assault armor it only gives me two components. And that goes for every item. :lol: What is going on? Does anybody know? :rolleyes: I'm playing xbox by the way.

  2. Actually I'm DS PC at the moment :p

    If I remember correctly there was a whole argument led by Bastilla Skywalker about this in December. When her and other PC people were complainting about the XBOX people getting the game first, and calling us Darkside people. I'm sorry but you just can't be flip floping. :lol: You guys called it back then and so it stands :p MWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :-

  3. I've been gone from the forums for quite a while so if someone already made something like this tell me and i'll gladly delete the topic. :shifty:

    Anyway hello people, I've been feeling pretty good with the level of pain I've inflicted :) everytime I pass the game but I'd like to know how I stand against some of the other KOTOR II players :) . Here is my strongest:


    Name: Leoni Rozessin



    Jedi sentinel LV 15

    Sith Marauder LV17

    DS Mastery + 1-8 DAM

    STR: 31 +10

    DEX: 19 +4

    CON: 26 +8

    INT: 18 +4

    WIS: 29 +9

    CHA: 21 +5

  4. I'm on my second time through the game and I'm a DS female. =]

    I challenged one of the handmaden's to a fight. We fought the same way you fight against The Last of the Handmaidens inside the Ebon Hawk once you get her. Anyway after beating her three times in a row you challenge two of them to a fight.

    After that five of them challenge you. I couldn't beat all five of them, :) hence I don't know what happens if you do. I have the stragety guide :( but it doesn't mention any of that. :p

    So my question is, does anybody know what happens if you beat all five of them?


  5. I did get the silver saber I just dont remember where and I also got a bronze one.

    And I dont know if you guys know this but you can get the Handmaidens robe if you tell her to cover herself up. She will have a white robe that belonged to her mom. ;)

  6. What juice do you poor into the hound bowls and where do you get it?  I missed that part.  I might have gone towards a different path, but never heard how to get into that room (or why I would want to).


    Anyway, if you are female you can dance for him again.  I don't know if this will put him to sleep again (since I saw no purpose in doing it a second time), but the option is there.  If you are male, I assume there is a way to find another dancer to dance.  *shrug*



    If you go into the complex where there's a lot of rooms and some Mandalorians. There's going to be two thugs that whenever you go near them they say "you think you could sneak up on us".

    If you activate stealth yopu'll be able to hear that you can put the hounds to sleep if you pour some juice you can get at the cantina.

    But in order to pour the juice The Hutt needs to be asleep. Anyway if the hutt was awakened from his sleep you can't go into the room anymore.

    I just went and bought the guide because I was frustrated as S@#$, but thanks anyway. :lol:

  7. I just found out that you're supposed to leave the hutt asleep once you dance for him in order to pour the juice into the hounds water dish, but I had already awakened him. Now I can't go in the room directly infront of the hutt.

    All he tells me is wether or not I have GO-TO chained to me.

    I've already finished all the sidequests except for that one and Lootra's.

    What can I do about that one, and how do I finish Lootra's? ;)

  8. Being that you finished it can you help me out? I don't know what to do.


    I already got out of GO-TO's ship and completed everything else except for these sidequests. The one about the couple reunion, the one with the lady needing transport, and the haven't gone into the locked door dirrectly infront of the hutt.

    Do you know what I need to do?

    By the way how can I get to hear what the two men in the Cantina are saying? The one's that go "shhh" everytime you go near.

  9. Being that this is the Spoilers thread are you guys going to post the spoilers here? (refering to the people that are going to post) or are you going to stat a new one?


    The reason I ask its because, I think all the spoiler shouldn't be on just one thread. Or what do you guys think? :thumbsup:

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