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  1. And he's right the difficulty level is a terrible joke in this game, once you reach lvl6-8, you'll roflstomp the whole game (on PotD) without doing anything.

    A game of this genre, with a such broken difficulty balance, is just a NO.

    While I didn't review the game, because I'll wait a bit before, it deserve bad reviews while the game stay in this state.

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    Found my Whispers of the Endless Paths in Deadfire. It has cone attack on every swing!


    Have Obsidian considered giving cone attack to all two-handers?

    Two-handers seem really slow but that cone makes up for it. It would make two-handed really weapons viable.

    It even has drawback built in as the cone is friend or cone, so you need to position right.

    What an awesome design.



    I thought there already was balance for 2-handers being slow - doing more damage and so getting through armor more - better penetration.


    Making them semi aoe on top be OP?


    They are the worst atm, slighty more dmg for being slow, and like 1 pen more lol.

    Dual wield is the way to go, nothing can beat it in PoE2 sadly.

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