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  1. I hit this and worked around it by editing the conversation for clyver.


    in Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\conversations\02_defiance_bay_first_fires\02_cv_clyver_rimgund.conversation

    around line 2338 is the block for text node 54.   What we'll do is let you access this even after he's said no before.  This block has no check for relationship with the dozens, presumably because if the dozens like you he says no immediately, while if you're in hte middle of his quests he will say to ask later which is what this block is for.


    Anyway, a bit further down, starting line 2406, there are ExpressionComponent blocks.  You need to remove the entire block to do with the refused variable.  I can't copy paste it because I deleted from mine and like a daring rebel (with a very fast internet connection to redownload the game) I didn't keep a back up copy.


    The same principle should apply to the other groups if you prefer them but I don't know the nodes you would need to modify.


    Thanks for this, it helped me continue the game.   Don't have to wait for a patch now.


    The leaders will only give you these quests if you've not accepted a second quest from one of the other factions - that's intended, even if you murder a bunch of people of that faction, because the factions want to know that you're working to further their interests (a character that helps their enemies first and then slaughters them will not cause a faction to be forthcoming with its trust).




    So If I accepted first quest from the Dozens and Knights and then accepted second quest from Dozens (before Winds of Steel quest) then there is no way for me to get second quest from Knigts and therefore invitation for hearing (even after patch) ?


    Yeah this is completely confusing.  I just ran into this bug and there is no way I want to restart the game, I don't even have a save before I accepted the second Dozens quest.  I want to continue with the knights.  So is the next patch going to fix it so that if you have accepted "The Bronze Beneath the Lake" quest and not done it, you can continue on with the knights?


    Otherwise, there must be a console command or edit to rip that quest out from your journal.  I just can't face replaying it all right now, this is so gutting.

  3. That guy know **** of what he's talking. This has been one of the best releases i have ever played. Compared to the releases of other RPGs around, like, say, NWN1.... and NWN2..... which you had to download almost an entire game size of patches... This game will be almost completely bug free after just 1 small patch.


    Anyone who says this is a bugged release cant say it without some bias.

    Completely agree, this is the most bug free RPG on release I have played in a long time.  Only Divnity Original Sin comes close.  Maybe I'm just lucky. 


    This game is awesome and I'll be playing it for years.


    All software has bugs on release, there's no perfect version 1.0. 


    I played mostly console games during my teens. This was before the days of downloading patches. I don't remember a single game which had a bugs as bad as this.


    My Aloth has 34 Intelligence. 34!!! His AoEs are enormous.


    There was also not a game with this complexity and scope back in those days.  But there were definitely bugs in games back in the day too.  I had a few that was impossible to finish due to a bug.


    Doesn't look like it affects it at all, only when you cast the spell does it affect it.  I am a chanter and Kana and I have our 3 phrases ready at the same time.  I tested with me wearing -40% and him wearing -5% armour.


    Thanks for testing that. Maybe there is some other way of speeding up the chants. Or maybe the battles will take longer later on, so making the chanter more viable.

    By the way, do you know if the number of chants in a song changes how long it takes to get to 3 chants?

    EG. If I have a song with only 1 repeating chant, will that build the 3 chants needed for an invocation quicker than a song with 3 chants?


    Complicated stuff! ;)


    I had another thought last night, it makes sense for them not to be faster, because the phrases of the chants themselves provide spell effects anyway.  So it would sometimes be detrimental for the chants to be too short.  


    In most of the normal battles I get about 2-3 spells fired off.   I did notice that different phrases have different lengths so there may be ones that are quite short where you can fire off spells more often.



    I can never get anything faster via Steam. It's like it's stuck there. Maybe its the router/lan cable hubby has me using or just Crapcast. Oh well, 20-25 minutes or so total is fast enough for me.


    Is it tomorrow morning yet? *rubs hands gleefully*




    I wish I could get that speed, my maximum is 1.3 MB/S, haha.  Hope the download doesn't take too long once it releases on gog.


    I only ge 300KB/s


    Ouch, good luck to you.

  7. Now that they're here, I suddenly can't decide whether to redeem with GoG or Steam. I was going to go with Steam for convenience etc. but on the other hand I like separate patch versions and GoG tends to do that better.


    ...phooey, I'm indecisive this evening. :lol:

    I was in the same boat, but ultimately went for GOG, their patching process is much slower, but like you said you can decide what version of the game to run and you never need a program or service to be up to install and play the game.

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