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  1. your typical internets a-hole

  2. I think you need to update that to "Politics, I'm a politician" :shifty:

  3. So how's hell? I'm thinking I may be moving there in a few...

  4. Heh, I thought you no longer visited the boards. Good to see you!

    Unfortunately, I can't write poetry for ****. =]

  5. Only you

    can make all this world seem right. Only you

    can make the darkness bright. Only you

    and you alone

    can thrill me like you do.

  6. Can I be your friend?

    CAN I? CAN I? CAN I?

  7. Long story short, I can no longer access any of my alt accounts. And I can't be arsed to make yet another.

  8. What??? They de-modded you?

    The traitors!

  9. The RPG crowd are crying out for for a stick figure game, AND YOU KNOW IT!

    So get to work already.

  10. I'm rating you one... just so we have an excuse to make a mess. :D

  11. We need more borderline criminal priest mods like you, man!

  12. OMG hihi Sur ASL?

    Er... I mean, it is a distinct pleasure to make your acquaintance, good sir.

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