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  1. Oh noes. I can't live without my physical copy of the game and especially can't play the game without it! Oh wait, I just finished my playthrough.


    By the way, your old school experience shouldn't involve a forum to whine about the issue and your game should come out on floppy disks. If you want to go old school, you should definately write an angry letter to Obsidian.


    It's not about not being able to live without it.


    It is now a month + since release and I still don't have everything I paid for (well in advance). I don't know about you, but there is a limit to how long I'm prepared to wait.

  2. Autopause for "hidden object found" doesn't work for traps?

    It works just fine..


    Also looking for traps/hidden stuff while sneaking is fine. It's a trade of.


    But I would welcome a way to play without having to sneak all of the time. Say use the survival skill to increase your vision.. each level gives you 5% bigger vision, so you can spot monsters before they spot you.

  3. Anything that raises your accuracy (DEX, bonuses) will also increase your your chance to crit. Read the ingame help for the exact formulae how grazes/hits/criticals are calculated.


    Beside that, there are talents and spells that specifically increase % crit chance.


    Ranged is good for several things:

    -opening hit from stealth

    -taking down enemy spellcasters - if you can't reach them with  a melee

    -avoiding aoe

    -drake fire

    -going against enemies that can pretty much one shot your squishier damage dealers



    Of course there is the full bear rangers terror party that can pretty much steamroll anything in the game.


    You can pretty much get by with 2 melee chars to hold the line and the rest is ranged of various presuasions.

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