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    Hey guys, have you found any powerful gear or weapons for rogues so far?


    In Defiance Bay Brackenbury district on the second floor of the House Doemenel there is a lady who after a simple quest opens up a nice inventory of exquisite rogue weapons, clothes and armor.


    I'm not sure what you're defining as 'rogue gear.'  Traditional games say one thing, this game says everyday clothes, guns, arbalests, pikes or quarterstaves.

    In which case, you can arm yourself well just taking the starting gear from Durance and/or Kana, and slapping the Fine enchantment on them.



    To me, rogue gear is light armor (with fairly high recovery speed ), short melee weapons like daggers, stilettos and additional items like cloaks, hoods, boots or gloves with bonuses to stealth, dexterity etc.

    named items with special properties are preferred, of course.


    stuff like this or this

  2. I've recently replayed BGI and BGII and pretty early on I had way too much money in game with nothing to spend it on.

    In PoE I'm really poor which is actually a pleasant change. I've just received the stronghold and pumped 1400 coins into rebuilding of the keep and am now at around 100cp. It's a more realistic and challenging gameplay and I like it.

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