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  1. "The problem is that the majority of those companies thinking that MMORPG's pull in the big bucks is that they are using World of Warcraft as an example."


    Nonsenical. There are a multitude of MMORPGs thata re financially successful without having WOW numbers. Don't be silly.

    Who said anything about MMORPG's beside WoW isn't financially viable? I sure didn't. My point is that a lot of developers of MMORPG's gives me the impression that they will be pulling in as much dosh as WoW does for the moment, which frankly isn't going to happen for the moment.


    I can only hope that this job will tide Tim over until he (hopefully) starts working on a new single player RPG.

  2. You guys are all bitter and twisted husks of humanity who long since lost your passion for MMORPGs, which means you save money and time for games that are actually good!
    Fixed that one for you. If Tim had been working on a singleplayer RPG I'd be all aflame but lead programmer for an MMORPG? That doesn't even register on my radar, I can only hope that he'll be involved for a few months and then jump ship for another project.
  3. Woah, wait.


    Ninjas? You can't be the crap out of ninjas! Maybe a single ninja, but not mutliple ninjas. That's suicide.

    No no no, you got it all backwards. Ninjas grow exponentially more powerful the fewer there are so you won't have any problems wasting the first 20 or so. It's the last one that'll be a bitch to take down..

  4. Welcome to the thread, Hurl. Euros get it early. Commies.


    So awesome! :grin:

    About goddamn time. We Euros usually have to wait months sometimes for games to cross the pond. I guess that sometimes it's possible for us to get games before the Yanks.



    Oh, and Gromnir? Thanks for the comprehensive build help

  5. thanks for the feedback. Gromnir will probably stick with rogue/cleric and hope that the red wizard's homunculus has adequate thiefy skills.... though a rogue/wizard/ek/asoc would be a skillz hound and we would not need to depend on homunculi.
    You know, that one sounds pretty fun. I'll have to try one out, all I need is to calculate what kind of Feats and Stats I should go for so that I don't gimp myself entirely in either arcane or martial matters.
  6. Out of curiosity, is there a Castle building aspect in MotB?


    Apparently not... IIRC some dev said so at the Bio boards.

    Damn shame. I really liked that part of the NWN 2 OC.


    Oh well, guess I need to start a new character before I get the expansion. I was pretty disappointed with the NWN2 OC but I've heard some pretty nice things about the MotB campaign so I'll probably get a copy next week. Now to decide what kind of character to make...

  7. Has anyone tried Spaceforce 2(or Rogue Universe) yet? Is it worth picking up or does it have the same problem that 99% of the easter european games have? That is, they aim high but end up hitting you in the nuts instead.

  8. X3 ruined me for all Space traders/shooters. If I can't bag myself a carrier and set myself up as a pirate lord then I won't be interested.


    Freelancer didn't exactly rock my world but I wish that more space shooters used the same kind of mouse control as Freelancer did.

  9. I just reinstalled the whole Bhaalspawn saga and started up a Blade (rolling 99 in char. creation) using EasyTuTu. It's been a while since I played BG1 but it's still fun as hell. Now I just need to find the "Varscona" longsword and pry it from the dead hands of Greywolf and I'll be one happy boy.

  10. Let's just say that the developers of the Dungeon Siege games doesn't instill any greater hopes in me for the chance of a good game. Maybe this time they'll achieve what they set out to do with the Dungeon Siege franchise, a game that is played by the computer with minimal human interaction.

  11. I always loved to read about WFRPG player stories, does anyone know of some good places/forums to find some?


    I don't know if you meant in this way, but you can get the WHFRP novels from Games Workshop stores, and places like Amazon. My favourites would have to be just anything by Dan Abnett, and the Konrad series. Another good book would be the compilation Ignorant Armies

    I meant that I always enjoyed reading about other peoples playing sessions since they usually end up with some hilarious(for the reader)/terrible(for the player) thing happening to them all the time. I checked out the WFRPG forum, hoping to find some fun stories from the posters in those forums but I couldn't find anything of interest.
  12. There are still Humans on Earth. The marsians are only a splinter group of humanity (although the fate of the ones left on earth is largely unknown).


    Also, in the chronology of the UFO: After* series, humanity did fight back. And lost. That's when Aftermath starts I think (I've only played Aftershock and Afterlight).

    In Aftermaths beginning there was never a real confrontation when the aliens arrived. They simply parked in orbit and smothered everything with a bio-engineered sporecloud. After a month or so the spores dissapaited and that's when survivors and military personell starts to cooperate.


    One of the endings for the Aftermath game is that humanitys leaders surrendered to the alien invaders in the first game in order to get themselves out of the frying pan. Aftershock uses that ending in order to get the story started.

  13. I actually don't think IW was that bad a game. However, I do think it was one of the most disappointuing games I've ever played. It was disappointing both because it was ultimately so much less than Deus Ex and also because it was so much less than all the developer and publisher hype promised.


    Most specifically Harvey Smith said it would be a game where desicions mattered. However, it didn't take long to realize that nothing you did mattered in any way that was different from a standard FPS. Yes, you could make choices, but none of those choices changed anything remotely significant. Choices had less significance than even in the original Deus Ex. The only choice that mattered was the one that set up the end game.


    When confronted about this after the game's release, Smith said that he didn't want gamers to be restricted in the later game by the choices they had made early, which is why they designed the game the way they did. But that statement is so contradictory with Smith's stated intent of what the game would be, thast they are impossible to reconcile.


    The game would have been better, if they had just desiogned it as totally linear and without choices rather than spending time putting in fake choices that didn't matter.

    "You killed our operative and ruined our whole operation! We will remember that you went against our faction!"


    5 minutes later:


    "Ok, you can have another chance working for us, it's not like we've cared the last 5 times you've dismissed our requests."

  14. "Can you change the main character's appearance in Mass Effect? In every shot of him I've seen he looks exactly the same."


    You can. Including gender. They just using this particular guy as the main piece of their marketing so when people see him they instantly know it's ME. I, perosanlly, would prefer if they chose a HOT female as their marketing ploy ala Aribeth; but ah well... soemtimes the ladies get the eye candy first.



    Good thing that you can change the face of your character since the Shepherd that Bioware uses looks a bit too much like those tools on Prisonbreak.

  15. Faggy? Hahaha, take a look at Slaanesh, now that's faggy. Pink armour anyone? :brows:


    Btw. this is coming from a faggy Imperium loyalist. :sweat:

    Noice Marines my boy, turn people inside out with the power of Rock! Ain't nothing faggy with that and you know that the Slaneesh boys get plenty of groupies, some of them even have the normal amount of appendages!

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