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    To make party members always die immediately when downed, you can just change "MaximumInjuriesBeforeDeath" in the global gamedatabundle to 0.


    To add a random chance for this to happen, I think you'll have to get a little crazy.  Our status effect system is very powerful and can be used to do a lot of nonsense like this if you dig into it.  You could:

    1. Make a new passive ability that applies a custom status effect that triggers with "EventType":"OnUnconscious" (search for "ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent" to find some effects that do similar things).
    2. This effect would apply (via "StatusEffectsValueIDs") a second custom effect.
    3. This second effect would have a "ChanceToApply" value of your choice and effect type "AddInjury", applying several more injury effects to the character (also using "StatusEffectsValueIDs"), probably killing them.
    4. You may need to apply more injuries than you expect because they will not stack with existing injuries of the same type; you could instead create and use a new injury that can stack by setting its "MaxStackQuantity".  Injuries are identified by giving them one of the "Injury" keywords (these are in the gui bundle).
    5. You can make all party members have the new passive ability by adding it to the "PT_Racial" progression table (search for "047aa1b8-0f46-460c-ab27-6196c5ba25d5" to see how that's done).



    This is extremely cool. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  2. Can anyone familiar with the modding capabilities in this game let me know if there might be a way to mod it so that anytime a character goes to 0 hp that there's a chance they die regardless of injury level or apply injuries based on when they reach a certain injury level


    I'm trying to adjust the game to give it a more of a rogue-like feel and one of the things I'd like to do is make it so characters accrue injuries anytime they drop to Near Death and when hitting 0 they have a chance of dying based on their current constitution and number of injuries.



  3. I think either Ydwin or Rekke have the most potential to be interesting companions. Fassina and Konstanten are just kinda there and don't interest me much, though I love Konstanten's laugh in battle. Mirke is a joke character... I'd love to see her get *more* interactions but I'm not sure she needs to be super fully expanded. 

  4. Just wanted to post here to let you know I'm about 20 hours into a game with your mod and I'm having a TON of fun that I was missing playing vanilla. Lots of really tough fights. Sometimes the balance gets a bit wonky... I picked up a quest in the main city that caused me to get ambushed by pirates that had double my party's defense and were casting high level spells but besides that everything's felt pretty good and tense. It's definitely a good stop-gap till Obsidian's own changes.

  5. I love my new happy and perpetually-drunk orlan pirate friend who has utter contempt for undergarments. 



    I'm curious which class option for Mirke people prefer, pure monk, monk/fighter, or monk/rogue?  I really don't need another rogue, since I have Eder as a pure rogue, and I occasionally have Ydwin in the party and I have her as a cipher/rogue.  Personally, I'm leaning towards pure monk, but could be convinced to try out a monk/fighter.  (Mirke really doesn't seem like a normal monk from a RP PoV.  Monk/Fighter seems more her RP personality, at least to me.)


    RP-wise her rogue subclass is Streetfighter which I think makes a lot of sense for her when you multi to a monk/rogue.

  6. If you're looking to spice up your game or just can't figure out what kind of character you want to play, I made a character generator in google sheets that can be used to draw up a character randomly. It'll generate a random sex, race, culture, background, and class (50% chance of single class and 50% multiclass) for a character. No guarantees that every multi-class character will be viable but they might lead to some interesting results. You can access the randomizer by clicking here.


    This will also give you a random spread of attributes but it will require save editing or console commands since by default the game uses a point buy system. There's also a (good) chance it will result in characters wildly above or below the total stats that point buy would allow.


    I plan to do a fully randomized 5 man group on path of iron when the potd difficulty changes come out just to see how far I can get. Might be fun.

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  7. Update to this: I've been playing around some and it looks like sometimes I can add and remove people if I do it one at a time however I can never properly add Kana to the party. Additionally he's nowhere to be found in the keep area. Instead I found his marker in the middle of the Brackenbury area in Defiance Bay however if you go to that spot he looks like a shadow and definitely shouldn't be there (his dialogue refers to the keep itself and saying how great it is). Took a screenshot and linked below.



  8. Currently I am having an issue where I cannot swap out party members correctly and going to certain interior locations causes my game to go to a black screen where the music continues to play and I can move my cursor around but cannot do anything including hitting escape to open up the options menu. 


    Whenever I go to the party management screen and try to dismiss and add party members (whether at the keep or in any inn), the party never cycles out correctly. Sometimes it seems to dismiss people fine if I do it one at a time but I cannot add party members into my party afterward and the entire thing seems pretty messed up. If I try to make party changes after adding new people, the party management screen will even show the party I chose, but the old party members will still be there.


    Additionally as soon as I noticed this occurred, I started finding a couple interiors that when entering the screen would fade to black. This so far I've only experienced on the second floor of Brighthollow in my keep and the first floor of the black hound inn in gilded vale. 


    As a side note, I also had one of my custom character's voices just drop out entirely. This wasn't a big deal but thought I'd bring it up. Attached the earliest save I had BEFORE I noticed the party bug as well as one shortly after where I'm at the keep and trying to swap out party members.





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