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  1. i think i get it. i don't think fire blights will work at all, because you have to end combat to do dialogue, and ending combat will end all non-item-based effects on you or vela (which would include binding web), even if normally you can cast those effects outside of combat.


    i think relatedly, (this is some speculation), the periodic effects from binding web and pull of eora will halt when you enter dialogue, so you'll only be relying on the last debuff that binding web managed to apply to vela, which isn't very long compared to a decent halt (which is like 30s, versus binding web will be less than half that, which is definitely not enough based on my experience with grazed halts).


    you might just have to fight the beast of winter while keeping vela withdrawn somehow via scrolls or something. how did that single-class blood mage do it? are their replays anywhere?

  2. 22 hours ago, Waski said:

    He can't end combat@Boeroer with Berath challenge. Try to look up some ultimate runs on youtube to check how to steal the tablet. Or buff deflection as high as possible,  that teleport rolls vs that defence. 

    as someone who stealthed the tablet I do not recommend it if you can try something else instead. it is by far the hardest stealthing you'll ever do, and i rehearsed that damn thing a bajillion times and got clicks and timings down to a precise art and i still was in a state of near-panic during the real thing.

    at level 16 i would just blow as many high quality consumables (do you have summon items?) as you can to do the fight. (edit: i assumed OP was on ultimate because why on earth would you be doing magrans challenge :), but if you're not doing ultimate and you're extremely patient you could just make a bajillion individual saves and inch your way through a stealth approach. note - don't use the same save slot, because amusingly obsidian made loading the game a "noisy" effect, so a moment where you may have been safely stealthed may instead be one where a lot of enemies are converging on you when you reload)


    22 hours ago, depth said:

    So I tried to spark cracker them out of the room -> jump in -> loot chest -> jump out 

    The margin for error was so small I really don't think a Korean Starcraft player could micro that reliably. 

    what helps is using a scroll instead (longer range than sparkcrackers) and doing it twice. as long as the enemies aren't fully on their way back, they'll get re-distracted. but indeed the margin of error is extremely small.


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  3. 19 minutes ago, abot said:

    the isle position in the video was the first thing i tried, the only difference is that Vela walks there in the middle of dialog instead of teleporting, hopefully it is a matter of finding some way to crit her with a scroll so it lasts more

    hm, are you using a scroll of binding web?


    this is wild speculation, but it's possible that effects stop during dialogue, and scroll of binding web relies heavily on shorter duration immobilizes except the effect ticks periodically. if the binding web ends during dialogue, then you don't have a very long immobilize

  4. 1 hour ago, abot said:

    did anybody manage to replicate/explain how to avoid Vela  being teleported to the player/beast of winter when dialog starts, like showed in this video? I've tried with 17 arcana + scroll of binding web, I've tried starting the battle at bottom right of the map using fire blight summon belt, then walking to the encounter area followed by aggroed fire blight summon while Vela is still terrified at the opposite of the map, no way, as soon as I get to the encounter area Vela is teleported in front of the Beast of Winter.
    Or could it be that the video has been done with a previous patch version?

    there's no way it could have been done with a previous patch version. there was no ultimate before 5.0.


    i do the same thing as well in my own ultimate run. are you saying that you are starting in the bottom-right of the map? if so, you might be too far away and the game might be relocating vela when the beast of winter triggers (i think everyone is suppossed to be on the "island" that forms when the beast of winter breaks the bridge).


    note that in my run, i noticd that my halt "grazed" vela, so i ended up halting her again. in practice runs it was critically important for vela to be at least hit by halt, or else it wouldn't last enough to last through the beast of winter appearing and starting the fight and vela would end up right next to the beast.

  5. On 10/11/2020 at 12:18 PM, Sergiy said:

    Why no new patches? I doubt they balanced and fixed everything new in 5.0. I understand 5.0 should be the last "major" patch, but minor patches are inevitable in such complex games. For example FPS issues are still present

    frankly deadfire didn't sell enough to warrant such prolonged support - it only barely broke even well after patching support stopped. at some point you have to put your staff members on projects where they can make bigger bucks. given how much attention obsidian's other games have gotten (grounded, outer worlds) it makes business sense.

    even for games that have extremely high sales, it's more cost-effective to stop support and work on something new. skyrim has been re-released like a bajillion times but hasn't had a balance or content patch in ages, despite the fact that it's so buggy that the unofficial skyrim patch is always something i recommend people install before starting the game.


    that's just the reality of the game industry.

  6. I don't think you're missing anything. I am personally a bigger fan of Encore in my typical chanter setups.

    If you're doing a no-rest or Eothas challenge run, Refreshing Finale might be more of a pain.

    But personally I find that having to rest every 3 major fights (not counting insignificant fights where I don't empower), or 4 with great soul, is not a big deal at all, even with Rymrgand's challenge enabled (which causes food to decay as time passes). Maybe other people covet specific resting bonuses and don't want to lose them.

  7. On 11/28/2020 at 7:25 AM, Lampros said:

    Oh, as an auxiliary question: How do people generally handle Sigils? I found that it's not always possible to destroy them on the first turn before they trigger.

    i pull enemies back away from the sigils they are huddling around, and then later just nuke the sigils outside of combat. it's very rare where i actually have to deal with sigils in combat.

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  8. yeah, i'm trying to differentiate between "challenge" and "tedium."

    sigilmaster auranic mostly takes care of itself if you have resolve resistance and spell reflection and a few summons to throw her way, but there's basically no flexibility to the fight, so it's unenjoyably tedious and repetitive no matter the party or your build. if i knew my words better i'd differentiate between the holistic "how readily can i defeat this fight" dimension from the "how actually hard and skill-intensive is it" vs "how annoying is it". auranic ranks extremely low on the "how actually hard is it" but extremely high on "how annoying is it" and so i do it last.


    edit - as another example: dorudugan is pretty difficult, but i've beaten dorudugan with a wide diversity of parties and approaches, ranging from cheesy to the "normal" way. and i feel comfortable that any typical party i roll into with dorudugan there's an approach with that party that i can use to beat dorudugan. so it is probably extremely skill intensive (for non-cheesy approaches), but not very annoying by my metric. whereas every single approach to sigilmaster auranic pretty much ends up being the same, despite a few attempts to try something new. as such i am more eager to handle dorudugan early than i am with sigilmaster auranic, which may even require some party member shuffling and respeccing.

  9. i don't know about turn-based, but typically my order is done in increasing difficulty, which is:

    1. belranga

    2. dorudugan

    3. hauani

    4. sigilmaster auranic


    the problem with sigilmaster auranic is that as far as i've been able to suss out, there's not much flexibility in how you approach the fight. i pretty much *have* to take out the sigils in a specific order, i pretty much *have* to have certain effects active (resolve resistance, spell reflection), and it's pretty tedious, even if it's not particularly challenging per se.

    whereas with the other fights there's more flexibility. belranga is "easy" enough that i typically have galawain's challenge enabled and still do belranga first. in fact, because belranga isn't poison immune, if she doesn't get the "unstoppable" buff from galawain's challenge, she kinda helps kill herself because at low enough defenses the spiderlings will be paralyzing her repeatedly.

    dorudugan is #2 because once you know how the fight works, it's mostly just a matter of doing it over and over again for 20+ minutes, and it's mindless enough that if you have the right setup and gear (and possibly AI script) you can just AFK for the fight. you can even just gouging blind it (also works for belranga).

    hauani has some easy outs (disintegration mostly), but i always stress out about it because in a "typical" approach i can still mess up and miss a critical interrupt and get a merge.

  10. heya! i can answer a few questions directly though opinions can differ


    3 hours ago, foxinspace said:

    1) Is the Priest class in the gameFAQs build worth it for extra healing or the blood mage would be better off with e.g. multiclassing it with paladin? Would the build still function well in the turn-based setting?

    the priest class is there not just for healing but also for BDD and Salvation of Time and getting to and staying near death for the +3 PL. Paladin can kinda do it if you pick the right subclass, but IMO because wall of draining comes so late, getting salvation of time slightly earlier has strong utility. a paladin can definitely spam heal a lot better than priest, but because the build focuses on being in near death in late-game fights, the paladin's death shield is less useful since it comes on top of healing and you can't separate the two.

    as for turn-based, someone else will have to comment. the perennial concern is getting favorable rounding cutoffs. i think with wall of draining you have to make sure you're hitting enough valid targets to meet the right cutoffs. getting a pet like ooblit or getting gear/food that extends beneficial durations might be pivotal.


    3 hours ago, foxinspace said:

    2) Stats for thaumaturge (and for blood mage in general) are a bit confusing to me. Some recommend to dump CON, others suggest a fair bit of CON investment. What would ideal stats look like for this build?

    i still maintain that for blood mage you want CON more than other casters, simply because health turns into a casting resource. in fact, in turn-based, i would sacrifice dex to invest more in con and might because turn-based makes dex matter less (and i believe blood sacrifice is a free action) and more con = more blood sac early on and more might = more healing to get more health back.


    3 hours ago, foxinspace said:

    Sorry for the messy questions - it just seems like there is quite a lot of information on the builds but none of it is recent and in games like this I try to make a build that feels right from the start, otherwise I end up forever restarting...

    yeah the state of builds is pretty messy, there have been some patches that changed a lot, some that have not, and very few builds get updated for each patch and it's hard to tell from a glance which builds still work and which builds have broken. that's why on this forum when i post a build i explicitly label it as 5.0 so it's clear that it's up to date. at least in my guide they should all be updated to the latest patch.

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  11. this might actually explain some odd behavior i saw with the theurge - if i empowered+least usntable coil and got energized, i could also then use the invocation to get energized again. typically the game simply overrides one or the other depending on which it decides is more powerful (or has a longer duration). but instead i had two energized's active. i would do this proactively because the least unstable coil inspiration duration might not be very long but the invocation might easily be >1 minute, so i'd make sure i'd have 100% uptime. [note: this did not work for inspirations of different strength. if i had acute active and i got brilliant from least unstable coil, it would override the acute]

    in hindsight, i wonder if this means i was actually double-stacking energized through this odd quirk? i never checked my stats to verify and frankly PEN was never an issue between raw damage from venombloom and just one energized +2 PEN plus the shield cracks for everything else, so if i got an additional +2 PEN i certainly didn't notice.


    i also had odd cases where i had energized but i was no longer interrupting enemies on a crit. re-using the invocation would fix it. i wonder when the least unstable coil energized was wearing off, the odd stacking here was occasionally screwing something up with the secondary effects of energized (adding to matters is that repeated ticks of venombloom might grant me further refreshes of energized and who knows how all that interacts with everything above).


    if there's ever a pillars 3, they might want to take a closer look at the stacking system again... the current system sounds simple on paper but can be extremely surprising or unintuitive in the details (i'm a big fan of pathfinder 2e's appraoch which is like D&D's named categories, except it's mostly limited to a narrow set of explicitly spelled out categories)

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  12. hey, i wonder if this inspiration-counts-as-passive rule also works with tactician brilliant [since it seems like a passive class feature] or shroud of the phantasm brilliant [since it comes from an item]? i just assumed they didn't stack with intellect bonuses, but either might be a way to combine with duality of mortal presence to get +15 intellect (in addition to least unstable coil-generated brilliant).

    i'm sure there are other possible ramifications of the least unstable coil stacking interaction, this was one i just thought of while getting my exercise in

  13. alright, i managed to squeeze in some time for a quick test to see what was happening.

    nature's bounty's stat bonuses don't stack.


    it's just an odd side effect of least unstable coil. the inspirations it grants come from an item and so i guessed are flagged as being "passive" and therefore stack with anything else. so against hauani o whe, the intuitive i had there stacked with nature's bounty +2 perception (getting me to 30). (the same would've been true for nature's bounty +2 might or devotions for the faithful +4 might vs least unstable coil's energized inspiration). however, if i had just used mien of death's herald for an intuitive bonus, it would not have stacked with perception bonus (and only gets me to 28) (and if i had just cast the energized invocation, it would not stack with devotions +4 or nature's bounty +2 might)

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  14. 58 minutes ago, AndreaColombo said:

    Do you know whether the attribute bonuses from Nature's Bounty stack with Inspirations? I guess not but figured I'd ask.

    Also, the description for Nature's Bounty says the potion also heals but the wiki doesn't list any healing properties; don't have the game handy right now. Does it, in fact, heal?

    hm, on the one hand i checked might out of curiosity a while back and they don't stack.

    on the other hand, in my huauni video i posted i have 30 perception, and i actually can't figure out how i get there unless the +2 does stack (21 + 1outcast + 1galawain + 5intuitive + 2...?)

    i'm unable to test for a while, so the specifics are a mystery right now


    the potion heals a base of +20 health, on top of +20% action speed and +2 might/perception. the non-healing effects last for 20s base. all of the duration and the healing amount scales with alchemy skill. the healing is a nice bonus, but it's really mostly about the action speed IMO.

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  15. 5 hours ago, ExistingRug61 said:

    Is this too limited in weapon type, ie: need something blunt somewhere (flail or club?) and/or more outright penetration from weapons (stilleto or mace?)

    what difficulty are you planning on playing on? on lower difficulties penetration is less of an issue so long as you keep up with your gear, but on potd with upscaling i would definitely pick up some alternate weapons for PEN. on potd+upscaling i would also pick up hel-hyraf->shield cracks on your herald.

    it wouldn't hurt to diversify your weapon damage types - i know there are some slash immunes out there, but i forget how common they are. at the very least, taking out sigils is most effective with blunt weapons since they are pierce/slash immune.

    5 hours ago, ExistingRug61 said:

    And is it worth considering any of the +Fire PL weapons (Magran’s/Sun Moon) for FoD, although all three characters probably will spend a lot of time doing other things? Maybe on the Inquisitor as most of its attacks will probably be FoD?

    i personally don't think FoD is worth going out of the way for PL scaling. if you plan on picking up sacred immolation then that would be more worthwhile with PL scaling. for either purposes though, you should pick up ring of focused flame for whichever paladin would load up on this stuff.


    5 hours ago, ExistingRug61 said:

    While I see the strength in that I would prefer to be a bit more active and offensive and am wondering how best to achieve this without overly weakening the defensive capabilities.

    for offense it might be worth going bellower (i like the bellower quite a bit) and picking up things like the lightning invocation, the maggot invocation, and of course the ice bolt invocation (many invocations would be great with the bonus bellower PL). you can still pick up ancient memory, zealous endurance, mercy and kindness and load out with a regenerating shield for defense.

  16. 5 hours ago, AndreaColombo said:

    Good point. I haven't tested this, but I believe they should.

    they do - in fact this is is one way to get around some of the non-stacking rules when it comes to food. koiki fruit, rymsjodda lager, and brew battered ysae are really great because they reduce recovery time, which is rare for an active buff to do so i can stack it with nature's bounty/potion of deftness/frenzy/swift strikes/etc (whereas using rum, captain's banquet, etc. won't work because they are all action speed bonuses (this ignores the cheese of turning food bonuses into passive bonuses))


    edit - rymsjodda lager is really useful with rymrgand's challenge enabled because it also lasts 14 days. rymrgand can really change how you think about exploration - i had some notes listing all koiki fruit vendors i ran into throughout deadfire since that only lasts 3 days but is more useful than the lager.

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  17. 15 minutes ago, Waski said:

    I still don't get it. How can you start combat stealthed (solo, with trap) and buff yourself without Berath challange? Nobody is agro so combat ends after few seconds. I didn't tested it tbh but I remember thay Arkemyr Brilliant Departure was useless when I was soloing bm/tac, I tried it and after few seconds of invis combat ended.

    this is a good point. the only times i've done this deliberatley is in my ultimate run (berath's) and in my most recent run, which had five god challenges on, including berath. i don't see how one could buff up like this outside berath's.

    there are a few fights where you specially cannot leave combat, but they are few and far in between. Aside from SSS arena fights, I can only recall sigilmaster auranic (and is the only one i explicitly rely on this behavior outside berath's challenge, so i can exhaust her spells with summons without being relentlessly pummeled with sigils).


    either way though, i feel at the very least that an enemy stepping on a trap *should* trigger combat for a few seconds, but it sounds like even that is not happening. @karemas how did you actually end up doing buffs before your current issues? did you actually stay in combat while stealthed and not actively hunted for by enemies?

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