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  1. Hey there guys,

    Any news/update on the PS port?  I believe after MS acquired Obsidian it was reiterated that there would be a PS port incoming.  I'm still sitting on 2 unclaimed keys for my PS friends, it'd be nice for them to be able to load up PoE2 at some point in the not-too-distant future.




    edit:  I should throw in here.  Great game, thanks for the continued updates & support.  If the game sucked, I wouldn't be asking for PS keys for my buds.  Cheers & thanks, both PoE's have been well worth backing 110%..

  2. Maybe I'm mistaken here, but don't these descriptions get auto-generated based on the stats of the item in the game files? Otherwise it will be a true nightmare to maintain them throughout the patching process. But if that is the case I don't understand why errors like this pops up. Is it because the effect is so unique? Or maybe the effects itself (poison dipped) is incorrectly set somewhere?



    This was touched upon in the twitch stream.  In any event, IIRC, they /are/ generated from game engine data, so even though it says 0.00, it probably is something else, like 3 or 6 or whatever it's supposed to be.  They didn't say this, specifically, but it sounds like the bug is in translating the value to the item description, not in the description, or item value themselves.


    Someone feel free to step in and clarify/correct this if I'm inaccurate.


    Hope this helps,

  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jur3g1skdkr10ga/Annam%20%28cbaa4300-7a1b-4073-8c05-c7352bf2d9f0%29%20autosave_0.savegame?dl=0


    This is a savegame when one enters Takano's estate, in the conversation tree enter the following options (except I didn't mention "1" when that's the only choice)


    • 1
    • 2 read his soul
    • 1
    • 1 I need the Cornett
    • 2 I can pay
    • 2 Fix up the place
    • 3 Bluff

    If you read the convo, it's supposed to offer him 2150cp with the #3 "Bluff" selection.   However, if you look at the attached screenie, for some reason upon quest completion you also lose 1169?


    I think this is a bug, unless I'm missing something here.






  4. Kind of an off-topic question:


    Anyone have any information/speculation as to whether 'The Gullet' in Neketaka and 'The Gullet' in Torment are connected at all?


    As I recall, the Torment: Numenara Gullet is an intrerdimensional 'thing' that may connect various other worlds or whathaveyou.  I haven't fought my way through the entire old city yet, but the thought's crossed my mind..


    You have to admit that the naming convention is interesting..  Or maybe it's just a hat-tip to InXile..






    Am I the only one reading everything, or am I just unlucky UI-wise here?


    My suggestion is making that UI hitbox bigger.


    I've noticed this too.  I don't think it's a matter of being able to 'reach' the areas per se (although there might be some proximity check on some of them??).  But in my case it's more like it's 'difficult' to click on the magnifying glass icon sometimes.   


    99% of the time I can do it tho while holding the 'tab' key, not sure if this is universal or not, but I have yet to come across one that really bent me out of shape not being able to read.   Not sure if it's because I can eventually read them 100% of the time, or if I don't care that much 100% of the time.  I'll try to pay closer attention and post again if I have any stupendous discoveries..


    Edit: hahha, I spoke too soon.  It just so happened that my last save location had one that I couldn't click on..  See screenshot attached  This is on the map "Imperial Command - Lower" In the Brass Citadel in Nakataka.., 


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  6. I still have no idea where/how to find this PoE fan chat discord. The only invite links I've found are expired. I've looked through multiple pages of google results so I'm not sure where we should be searching. If you're in the server, could you post an active invite link pls?


    I was just informed that the inviting for this channel is down, currently.  Waiting for an invite myself...


    But, this one's open for business.  https://discordapp.com/invite/obsidian


    hope this helps, cheers



  7. As the title implies, I get some really annoying and choppy sounds if the battle speed slider is set to its slower settings, particularly when fighting the Rotghasts in the lowest level of the Oathbinders Sanctum.


    The sound is fine when playing at normal battle speed, but it's hella-annoying at slower settings.


    Not a huge deal as I'm used to hitting the spacebar every few frames, but it's a bit annoying.


    Having a lot of fun with P2 thus far, great game guys!



  8. Hey there,


    tl;dr - I'm loving the VO and would like the ability to re-hear lines, and know when the VO is completed.


    Anyone else ever find they would like a "repeat" button on the VO for dialogue lines?  Sometimes for me, the way things are said, or the quality of the VOs leave me wanting to hear a particular line again.  It would be nice to just be able to replay it with a little button or something.


    Also, a QoL request might be to have a small "finished VO" dot that could appear or change color or something when the VO is finished for a line.  I've found myself clicking "continue" only to cut off the narrator when the narration text lines don't show up in the dialogue (such as the dialogue when the gods are arguing with each other over what to do with Eothas when they snatch you away at sea to check on your progress (amazing VO on that dialogue, BTW))..




    I'm really enjoying the VO.. Thoughts?

  9. This is driving me crazy trying to figure out what to take, feel like Is crewed up my first play through by picking the wrong options :( Would really like to be able to see stats and trees to make informed decisions!


    Hey Littlebob!  Well, until it's addressed (might be a few patches until it is, I'm sure there are much higher priority bugs and such atm) you can check these out:






    should at least help some ;0


    Regardless, it's looking like this game will be several play-throughs for me anyway to get to do all the companion stories, so plenty of iterations of the single/multiclass crew mixes for me 


    Hope this helps,




    ps: welcome aboard w/ your first post on the forums.

  10. Heya tid242!


    Thanks for pointing this out! I've gone ahead and added this to our bug database. 


    Thanks again =)


    After playing a bit more, I've noticed it on at least one other instance when looking at an item or something (I don't recall exactly) when it proc'd with other classes, but not for the rogue - so it might be broader than in just char creation.  I'll post a screenie when I come across it again.



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  11. Hey tid242,


    Thanks for this find! If im understanding correctly, Eder died was available in the Ships Cabin, and once you fought the pirates off in the ship, he died in that interaction? He should end up with a wound, or you may have selected an PoE1 setting where he is not alive. If thats not the case, please confirm for me to help us investigate :) I will get this in to be looked at currently.






    Hey Caleb,


    Correct - Eder was in the ships cabin (by the watcher's dead body), Then in the pirate interaction he got killed by pirates and was not on the beach after the ship-wreck.  I save-scummed back to the ship cabin and re-fought the battle without him dying, then he was available to be recruited.


    This wasn't from a P1 end-game import, it was just from selecting the 2nd choice in the pre-game offered by Berath (balanced, or fair or whatever it was).  So Eder was definitely alive to be recruited ..


    cheers, let me know if you need anything else - I don't think I have an auto-save, thought it was a overlooked outcome, rather than a bug.  



  12. Have to say, the 100% VO is really, really great.  And this is from someone who generally would rather read.


    The conversations are all superbly written, and many (most?) of them with just the right amount of subtle dark humor - which one would expect in a place dominated by a colonial power dynamic.


    Had to re-play Thorel's gripe about the Kraken's eye over and over "I can't believe someone would take it.  Everyone on the island knew what it was worth to me!"  Lmao, the angry inflection in his voice is so classic.


    So well done.  


    tl;dr - great fun so far.



  13. Suggestion, have Eder "knocked out" during opening pirate battle, rather than "dying".  Not sure if this is tied to difficulty or not, but I just started a game where he dies on the ship then isn't available to be in your party on the beach.


    It might be a minor thing because people who know the importance of the Eder companion, and want him as a companion can just save-scum and reload an autosave on the ship, but for players new to the franchise, it'd be pretty easy to accidentally 'never get' Eder from the get-go.


    I recall an 'Axe of the Bloodgod' interview with Josh Sawyer where the gal doing the interview (can't remember her name, sorry) didn't know who Eder was because in her game she never talked to him when he was standing by the tree in Pillars 1, Josh sort of went on a side-explanation about trying to make companions more obvious because it really subtracts from the game and messes with the difficulty when the first tanky/fighter isn't available (not to mention it being the companion people tended to have liked the most in surveys).  I feel like this is exactly such a situation where players can 'miss' getting an important and meaningful companion...


    Yea, players should be able to kill or blow off their companions if they want to, but I feel like this might be an inadvertent choice when he dies before the game even starts, in the chaos of a battle that the player doesn't even control him because he's not in the party yet (just some dude on the ship the player talks to when he/she wakes up).



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