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  1. So you can choose and rearrange the items? Good.


    I wonder if there is any quest/dungeon that will lock the party away for a day or two. Better be prepared just in case or they may try to find out where I keep the good stuff. :p

    Do note as Ganrich stated that your inventory and the ships inventory is separate. You have to actively take food and drink out of your inventory and add it to the ships holds which they will then consume. So the ship's crew won't be eating anything unless you specifically give it to them.

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  2. How does the game choose the food the crew will eat? Is there a priority system so that they will eat the hardtack first and leave better food for when there is no other option? What if I somehow run out of other food, will the use the "Captain's Banquet"?

    I'm pretty sure, but not positive, that they will consume the food and liquid in succession from Left to Right in the Crew inventory list. Pretty sure that was how it worked when I tested it out after that first update introduced the ship stuff, but haven't touched that since. So I may be wrong or remembering incorrectly.

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  3. Do we know if food consumption is decreased when at port or landing? Wages should stay the same, but if you're at a viable port or even just a random landing on a remote island the crew should be acquiring food from outside the ship while you're away and not simply eating through the ship supplies, at least if the aim is to be more realistic. But if the intention is to add further constraints and risks to traveling over land or resting a lot when away from the ship that I guess makes sense to just have them consume the same amount regardless of location/status.

  4. I mean that's kind of what the current system already does. I doubt many people are willing to suffer more than 1 injury at a time, if that, and instead choose to just immediately rest after acquiring one. That kind of response would be a lot harder if the frequency of injuries was much great than the current Trap/Knockout system which is decidedly infrequent. Hardtack may be in abundance but possibly not so great that you can rest to clear out injuries after every single combat.


    If the max accumulated injuries was higher and the penalties much smaller, but increased as you gained more, that for me would be a much more compelling system than the current one. A few injuries that only take off a minor amount of this or that isn't a big concern to me and would be something I personally would let accumulate until it became a liability or major risk to the character or party in order to conserve the good food I have.


    That some may be able to abuse Hardtack is not my concern. I get why Obsidian makes these decisions and changes and what that means for the larger consumer base and I respect that as much as I can, but ultimately my interests lay in making what systems there are the most interesting to me and my experience. I want to rest with good food for good bonuses and I don't want to waste those resources, so the fact that Hardtack may be abundant doesn't really matter to me. If I somehow find myself is real dire straits I may resort to Hardtack to keep myself afloat, but the way I operate and play the game that kind of temptation won't work. End of the day I do not care about how others may cheese the system as long as it works for me. There will always be any number of ways you can cheat the system and cheese your way through the game. You cannot control how everyone will play. That some do not want to engage with this kind of system is fine. Plenty of others will. For those who can't control themselves, I get that, but nothing is perfect.


    Right now Injuries and Resting from my perspective is a system that doesn't really work for or create much meaning or interesting choices for anyone, the changes I think should/could be made may not improve it for everyone, but it would certainly improve it for me and likely a fair number of others. 

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  5. Yes but acquiring injuries randomly in battle like tyranny doesn't feel good at all because the players doesn't have much control on minimising them through good tactics.

    It wasn't random in Tyranny it was the result of a Knockout or on harder difficulties your Health going below a certain low point. That's exactly the kind of thing good tactics prevents. And it wouldn't be random here either.


    If Injuries had a % chance of being obtained when your character was hit with a Crit or High Dmg attack that was > than X% of your overall Health you can totally mitigate that through tactics and strategy. There is a wealth of active/passive buffs, debuffs, abilities, equipment, weapons and consumables that can help reduce the chance of Crits and overall Dmg you receive directly or indirectly. Not to mention your overall strategy and how well you position your party members, protecting your most vulnerable characters and choosing to eliminate or control enemies.


    The whole point is to simulate long term health and vitality, taking a large amount of damage and major hits over the course of several battles is going to effect that. That was the whole point of Health in PoE, the only way you could prevent it from decreasing was by preventing your character from getting hit in the first place, with only a couple abilities in the whole game actually capable of recovering a very small amount of Health back. So I don't see how obtaining an Injury or two through battle is somehow worse than losing a substantial chunk of Health in PoE.


    This wouldn't be like Head Shots in Battletech.

  6. Maybe, but conceptually Injury/Health is something much more easily grasped and understandable system by just looking at without the need for a very detailed explanation. Health/Endurance while effective a system for simulating short term and long term health status did carry along with it a somewhat complicated calculations for how they were derived and how they were presented was visually confusing for some both being two bars effectively. But right now Injuries are just too infrequent an occurrence being relegated to Traps and Knockouts only and the fact that you can only acquire 3 with your 4th and final resulting in death is too few for anyone to really allow add up.

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  7. Injury/Health is a decent replacement for Health/Endurance from PoE in theory, but right now Injuries just don't play a large enough role in the game. So the need to rest really isn't there for a lot of players. The current system completely loses out on that extra layer of simulation of your character's overall health over the course of several fights and dmg they've received. 


    While Health in PoE was possibly a bit too granular and nebulous for many players to understand, I believe Josh has sited confusion over Health Bar/Number and the Endurance Bar/Number being too similar for some to fully understand. Have a fixed number of Injuries that fundamentally operate differently from the in battle Health makes sense, but right now barely serves a role and make resting kind of an after thought for many players.


    Long term party health management just doesn't really seem like a very important thing in Deadfire from my experience in the Beta through several different builds on Veteran.

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  8. I seem to remember that in one of the streams the question "can attributes on companions be rerolled too" was asked, but I didn't remember the answer. Anyone know? And yeah, that durance stats... geez

    No definitive answer I believe. If I recall correctly Josh said he thinks we can but wasn't completely positive about it.


    I've also not seen any mention or answer to whether Companion's stats will differ based on the Class/Multi-class we choose for them, which to me would be a pretty reasonable thing to do, but maybe they aren't doing that.

  9. It's hard to really say whether Eora is on the brink of an Industrial Revolution or not. Outside of things like the Hand Occult and proverbial Gods actively sabotaging technological advances the world does seem very much at that tipping point of reach a new era but there are certainly other factors at play deciding that.


    I think one of the biggest is the fact that Magic, Gods and more importantly Soul manipulation exists. A great deal of the worlds intellectual capital is being spent in these fields because they are readily tangible rather than those subject areas our great thinkers spent their time on in large part because God and the rest were so intangible. Whether magic and soul manipulation can act as equal substitutes for our worlds Biology, Chemistry, advanced Mathematics, etc is up in the air though. 

  10. It depends on a number of factors.


    1: Budget.

    2: Theme of the game.

    3: Just how much dialog is there?


    Deadfire makes no sense to be fully voiced cause they don't have the budget, the theme of the game is slower paced story/exploration heavy RPG, and there is a metric crap ton of dialog.


    Notice how Original Sin most dialog was short and to the point?  The game was not that story/exploration focused, all the effort went into the multiplayer and combat?  Notice their budget was a lot bigger?

    Sorry this just does not compute. The writing/narrative styles and delivery are certainly different, but content/size wise and how that translates to cost of VO is pretty much irrelevant.


    D:OS2 has over a million words and 80K lines of dialogue recorded, FONV for comparison had 65k recorded lines of dialogue and at the time it set a record for VO. And the best I could find is that PoE has 700k words requiring translation, no breakdown of what is dialogue and what is the likes of books, items descriptions, journal entries, bestiary, etc. But suffice to say dialogue is likely much less than that 700k total.


    Budget is certainly the greatest factor in all this, but we have no idea what the budget for either game was, at least from what I can find, let alone the cost of VO for such large projects. All we know is that both games began development well before their crowdfunding campaigns launched and that D:OS2 raised a little over 2 million on Kickstarter and Deadfire raised 4.7 million on Fig and through Slacker Backers. We also have no idea what the publishing deal with Versus Evil entails.

  11. I like seeing the evolution and improvement of the game, so I'll be there from day one. 


    I fully understand it if some people don't have the time to play through multiple times and they want to wait for the most complete and polished experience and that's fine, but for me PoE was perfectly playable and enjoyable at launch and from my experience with the Beta I expect the same for Deadfire. I think certain sentiments you see online about waiting a year till fully patched and such are disingenuous and an unfair characterization to paint it as though Obsidian does not provide a complete or working game at launch and that everyone, let alone those short of time, should wait until it's full patched to play. 


    PoE was not perfect but few games are, and even fewer get the post launch support it got. I completed a playthrough after each major update/Expansion and really enjoyed seeing the changes and updates they brought. I never felt like I was playing a broken or incomplete game during any my playthroughs, only just an ever improving experience.

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  12. I would say the White March did not help itself being split up into two parts. That kind of puts people off from the start feeling compelled to pick up both halves to get the fully story and if people don't find that much enjoyment in the first half they aren't likely to pick up the second half when it drops to see it to completion. Plus if they did find the scenario of Pt. 2 interesting they would still need to buy Pt. 1 to get to it.


    While I'd generally prefer one big expansion I'm still fine with three smaller, independent, but varied ones as well. I'm guessing it worked out well for NV and I was happy with that approach then. It gives Obsidian a better chance of enticing players to pick one up if the specifics theme/scenario entices them rather than being instantly put off of all three parts because they're connected. 


    That said I would very much like it if there was an subnarrative that connected all three together much like the NV DLC had even if the core of each ultimately stands alone from the others. 

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    That's some big talent they've got in the game, nothing to sneeze at there, but still anti-climactic for me expecting a Full VO announcment. I'm like 85% of the belief now that the IGN and USGamer articles citing full VO are a mistake now. 

    Maybe their involvement has to do with it. Obs guy said they'll announce more stuff regarding this next week.


    That would be great, I'm still hoping for it but not expecting it at this point. They've had a some pretty good opportunities already to announce it like when the game was delayed or two weeks later with the Official Features Trailer and now here at PAX.


    The delay announcement would have been a great time to do it in order to blunt that news with something pretty big and unexpected. Or announce it here at PAX while all sorts of press is around, do some followup interviews where you drop some big numbers on how many words, lines and NPCs are in the game and number of VAs that are involved and you'll see dozens of articles all over the internet about the game popup talking about how big and impressive a feat this is. 


    Obviously it's not that easy and there's a lot of ground work involved with any of these announcements, but just look at all the coverage Larian got with their VO announcement vid. They got tons of press articles talking about it and how impressive it was for a game like theirs. So that leads me to thinking they simply don't have Full VO to announce and instead it's still partial like it was in PoE.


    My only guess as to why they might hold off is if they are still putting together the Audio Backer Update to present this with all the bells and whistles and/or they're holding it back till closer to release to generate a bunch of hype that lasts to release. But either reason seems a bit risky and foolish to me. Critical Role is a very talented group of people, but they're still pretty niche/unknown even among cRPG and Role Playing fans. They would have to have realized that announcing full VO in conjunction with that would be far more meaningful to the larger audience than just Critical Role alone, if that was something they could in fact announce as well.

  14. So, take it with a hefty grain of salt but we now have at least two gaming news outlets recently reporting that Deadfire features Full VO.
    First via IGN on March 27th:
    "In fact, every single NPC has voiced dialogue and a hand-drawn portrait to really lend a sense of intimacy to every situation." - If I'm not mistaken the second half of that statement has previously been confirmed by Obsidian for a while and is already evident in the Beta.

    Then via USGamer April 5th:
    "The entire game's conversations are voice acted, which considering the amount of choices and things that can be shifted—like killing an integral NPC and seeing the game be affected by that singular choice—is pretty astounding."


    So I'm curious if that's one of the "one or two announcements" they'll be making on tomorrow's live stream from PAX East. 


    Again though, large grain of salt. I wouldn't put it past the press getting their facts wrong and it turns out to be only the main quest or something similarly limited being fully voiced and not the entire game.

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  15. Agreed, going through the beta now on nearly every character, multiple player characters of various class combos and the companions, on more than a few level ups I felt like I was simply doing my best to make good on a bad situation rather than making a meaningful and worthwhile choice. Especially for Multi-Class characters. Never had that feeling before in previous Beta versions. 

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  16. I would hope we'll see some changes in the next beta update, but probably not. Despite a lot of discussion on the topic, I'm not sure if the devs have really acknowledged this particular issue at all as it's small potatoes compared to other more integral core combat balancing issues.


    Currently the Weapon Proficiency system and Modals, for me, are excessive and too punitive without much payoff, respectively. It's simply not an interesting or worthwhile system. 


    There are very few players who will actively want to take a proficiency in 8 different weapons, after level 4 most players will likely have selected their 3 main weapon types they'll likely use for the remainder of the game, leaving the remaining 5 times they get to choose a proficiency rather meaningless. It would make a lot more sense to have each Proficiency have ~3 ranks to it, with Ranks 2 and 3 working as upgrades to reduce the Malice of the Modal and increase the benefits of the Modal, respectively. This would give players the option of investing in weapons how they like, as heavily or broadly as they wish, and in making the modals for those who want them more useful. And they wouldn't have to change anything in the leveling or distribution of proficiency points and only minor changes to the Modals to account for the two new ranks affecting them. 

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    If you don't like VO then there should be an option to turn it off completely save for in the field dialogue or only have an opening line spoken to set the stage.



    It is not that I don't like VO. I do. But it comes at a price. A steep price in a necessarily reduced story and options. One I am not always willing to pay. A toggle does nothing to address that at all.

    This is a fallacy. Sure everything has a cost materially and otherwise but this idea that VO is antithetical to dialogue and choice heavy rpgs is not true. People keep conflating the fact that Bethesda, BioWare and others changed their focus away from classic crpgs with this idea that it was the fault of VO that reduced and diminished dialogue and choice but it was their overall change in game design and target audience that did that. Several devs have shown you can still provide deep rpg experiences with full VO. Troika did it better than almost anyone ever has with VtMB, Obsidian themselves broke VO records with FONV and Larian now most of all with D:OS2 despite their small budget and independent status.


    Full VO is certainly a big ask for a small Dev with limited resources, but it's not unreasonable nor without potential benefit for them sales wise. It's up to them to determine if that cost and potential return on investment is worth it. All I really hope for is that Deadfire is consistent and not patch worked like PoE. If that means just companions and critical path are voiced and everything else isn't, fine. I just don't want to deal with conversations that go in and out of VO again.

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