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  1. Hah, that was what I was thinking. She attended one college and is assuming that they are run exactly the same. It's kind of a big country. Your mileage may vary dramatically. Heck, UC Berkeley is a state school and it is still going to be dramatically different than UCLA.
  2. On the same topic: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-06-14/california-defies-doom-with-no-1-u-s-economy I know a number of people who moved out of the Bay Area in the last year. As much as I daydream about the idea, the reality is the grass is rarely greener. A bunch of them ended up in Texas right before the Snowpocalypse. It was easy for them to leave because the housing market is on fire. They were able to sell properties and pocket a ton of equity. Which says two things: 1. There is still a tremendous amount of people who want to live and buy houses in the Bay
  3. The Bethesda space game trailer told me very little. I will probably still get it, as they've really only had one clunker recently, and hopefully this is nothing like Fallout 76.
  4. It has a fair amount of gaps. The lumber is nothing fancy and created a lot of natural space, since it didn't fit perfectly.
  5. I finished building a deck in the backyard. I spent a couple months trying to harvest pallets for wood, but I finally broke down and bought a couple hundred dollars worth of 8-foot pieces. I blew the budget a bit, but still ended up keeping the project around $350.
  6. Given the month, I think we can all guess what the revelation is in He-Man.
  7. I need 36 8-foot boards to complete my deck. I have been trying to break apart pallets for the wood, and I've completed the foundation and the walkway part, but the large area needs larger pieces and I think I need to bite the bullet and buy them. Also, it is my first day of summer break, so I want to get this project done so I can enjoy the backyard.
  8. Since we are slightly on the subject, this guy got his job back by court order: https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/national-international/byron-tanner-cross-reinstated-transgender-pronouns-virginia/2564721/?_osource=SocialFlowFB_BAYBrand&fbclid=IwAR1MDF4wmvUgheZC2o3OywZ0G6AC4AJ0TY3NqICB4F4CHJBMe2K-SgvGOlM You know, I've had about 2 transgender students in 20 years of teaching. It's not a very common situation, and in elementary it would be even more rare. So this guy was basically protesting over something he will almost never actually encounter. Also, I tend to call my students wha
  9. Speaking of Xcom, I've been playing the spiritual successor to the original, or whatever it is we call Phoenix Point. This is my second play through, and they've added a lot to it since I played a little over a year ago. The air combat aspect is new and pretty decent. I don't really like the minigame attached, but the large thing flying in the sky and the need to outfit and manage fighter craft is fun. I've just started building my 3rd squad to help me cover the map and the encroaching mist. It is also much easier recruiting from outposts than the traditional way. They are more expensive,
  10. We had an Obsidian Blood Bowl league going for a bit. I think I got destroyed by a couple people here. I never got too into it. I don't think you need to like football, per se, but it plays very much like a tabletop game.
  11. Looks like you've got a new rodent control expert, nice.
  12. That certainly is homophobic. Objecting to someone else's marriage based on religion is bad. You don't have to marry a man, but you don't need to tell two adults what their marriage needs to look like. If someone objects to a bi-racial marriage, would you consider that racist?
  13. Dude, what? That is super hyperbole. What company or person has been taken down because they don't wave the rainbow flag? Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby seem to be doing fine despite donating large sums of money to anti-lgbtq legislation. Those are companies with CEO's actively voicing opinions, so I don't know where you get the idea that anyone is getting castigated for not taking a stance. We literally just transitioned from a president who was elected on a very conservative platform. He certainly wasn't waving a rainbow flag. He still managed 75 million votes in the loss. Gay marria
  14. You really only need to look at the comments of these 'virtue signals' to see why they are important. There is a ton of people that get riled up when a company puts up a rainbow flag. Some of them are just ignorant, some are bigoted. The LGBTQ community is not treated well in our society. When people stop being offended by the symbol, it will no longer be necessary. But yeah, it is funny to see this particular company take part. Looks like bigots will need to shop elsewhere for their missiles!
  15. That whole Bill Maher piece on China being better than the US is alright for a comedy bit, but he basically brushes over all the problems in China and then only looks at the silly parts of the US. Going after the University system in particular is ridiculous, since you still have a huge number of Chinese students leaving their country to study abroad. That huge middle class that is growing in China is also super interested in products designed by American companies. I'd say that is a huge difference between the Cold War and the current power dynamic between the US and China. Our economie
  16. I get to play my first hockey game today in about a year and a half. There is a bar above the hockey rink, and I was in there the other day while my son played hockey. I asked the bartender if he has enough kegs ready for the adult leagues starting back up on the weekend. I told him the hockey will be ugly after so long away, but the drinking game will be on point.
  17. Firaxis is working on an Avengers game with Xcom style gameplay. I mean, I will get it, I guess. Honestly I would rather have a Freedom Force type game where we could build our own heroes, but I guess I can get into sending a squad of Marvel characters in. I wonder if they will keep the breach and story style of Chimera Squad. I still would rather see Xcom 3, but I would guess that is in development.
  18. The first round in the NBA finals is usually pretty boring. This year it looked like that might be different, since many of the lower seeds were considered dangerous. But it played out like every other year.
  19. Yeah, the Bay Area is crazy. I think we've been over that before.
  20. Yeah...but Sacramento is super hot. I'd go up a bit higher into Placerville area if I were you. Granted, they catch fire every year.
  21. Kristen Stewart was very good in some Christmas movie I saw this year. She just needs to be cast right.
  22. It sounds like the father gave an interview to the Federalist, so it wasn't like he accidentally disobeyed the court order. Also interesting to note that it was the father that started the entire legal process in this case.
  23. A is the part that isn't going to hold up to criminal prosecution, I'd imagine, so I don't think you need to be too scared of it. I believe family courts directing parents on how to act in the best interests of the child is pretty common. The B part is what is going to stick. Pretty difficult to convince anyone you are acting in the best interests of the child when you keep running to media outlets with sensitive information about said child. I'd imagine he has a lawyer that keeps telling him to shut his trap.
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