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  1. Aw man. Just when we're starting to get along, you go and quit on me.


    You know we've had our disagreements, but I was beginning to think you were one of the most equitable mods around here. A shame. Oh well. GL & HF


    As for the rest of you guys, if you can nominate, then I'm going to veto your nominations. Save for Eldar maybe, you'd all make horrible mods, and you know it.  :thumbsup:)



    I dunno man, I'd have to behave or be demoted, and it's likely I wouldn't lock, delete, prune, or warn anybody for antying that wasn't explicitly stated in the rules.


    If I got enough report thingies and it wasn't technically breaking the rules I would likely confer with the moderators (in the supar secrat forum of course).


    I can think of worse things.

  2. Don't worry guys, I still have a deep seated loathing of you all.  My boss told me it was a conflict of interest to maintain an "official" link to a competitor, even if it was a non-paying, internets only.


    I'll still be popping by, since NWN2 and New Jersey will be ftw.



    Which company did you sucker into hiring you? :D


    I'm actually kind of sad to see you go, even though I hated you at the beginning of your tenure, you shaped up to be a better mod than one or two of the others who haven't quit.


    Good luck in your further endeavors and other sentimental crap.


    I'd nominate myself again, but it didn't go over so well last time. I think I'd probably have to behave though, and that wouldn't be near as much fun as being a shameless cybercowboy.

  3. Actually if he goes through the Museum without killing anyone he should still get it. 

    You know, I've never managed to do that. :thumbsup: It was the sensor beams going up and down that always got me. LaCroix never seemed too bothered about it, though.


    There's nothing to stop you breaking into your Skyline apartment (floor 4, wasn't it?). Heather and your emails won't go there, but otherwise you can walk around and pretend it was yours. :)



    You can no clip your way in, but there's an unbreakable grating over the tunnel to the vent in the shaft that connects all the apartments, and the door is locked in an unpickable way.


    Fear keypads and magnetic seals!

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