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  1. Eh... I'd only ever watch Fox for news... it's a mature middle ground.




    You need to shape up your source criticism there buddy.


    It's one of the most controversial American channels - not saying they're full on liars, but to call them 'the mature middle ground' is like calling CNN the arbiter of truth and fairness.

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  2. "who, btw, represent an ideology far worse than the Nazis based on number killed"


    capitalism must be worst


    If we're going by cumulative yeah - it's just that it's much more insidious and arguably harder to see, since it isn't a centralized state doing the killing.. And not much different from how human society has always churned the wheel.


    Also victims of Communism and Fascism are much easier to identify, internal dissidents and minorities tend to stick out.

  3. [...] do you think its just harder to get explosives in Western countries?


    Much much harder - and in general you need to keep a lot more quiet about it too, even white nationalists are under scrutiny now, after Brevik. 

    That and the technical know-how is harder to cultivate in the west, the people who actually can help you, are less inclined to support terrorism. Or so the annual reports here in DK, that I've read, seem to indicate. I imagine it's similar in other western countries.

  4. Big/small that's arguable and not the point.


    That's where we disagree -that is exactly the point. It is all to easy to construct a greater believable lie out of smaller truths. Ideology is a stepping stone of things half said and half meant, that suddenly become monolithic dogma.


    It's is important to see half-true accusations for what they are, otherwise they turn into justifiable persecution. 


    And it seems very clear that this is stepping for you to lay blame on any that you deem remotely associated with Anti-fa. And association quickly becomes a very muddled tool of blame.


    The anti fascist movement, was directly responsible for the fascist movement.


    That's some great doublethink right there.


    Again you misunderstood. 

    They weren't responsible for fascist movement, but their methods of fighting them contributed to them taking power in those countries (Germany, Italy etc.)


    I'm not convinced it's in the order of magnitude sufficient to lay blame - the Germans were tired of the systemic violence yes, but equally so of the brownshirts and liberals. Every major ideology of the time had violent splinter groups, the Germans were tired of the chaos, not the anti-fascists in and on themselves.


    If the Communists had come to power, I would also argue against blaming the fascists. it's too simplistic to simply lay blame on an ideology you oppose, just because it's convenient and a half-truth...


    Should you want to blame a major ideology, I'd blame imperialism and nationalism for that particular mess. They both excel at creating scapegoats, simply shifting blame downwards towards minority / easy-to-identity groups.


    Anti-Fa has a host of problems, but nationalistic imperialism isn't one of them. They however fail to realize that fighting oppression of ethnocentrism with oppression of of the majority, never really solves the underlying problem. Namely that people want easy-fix solutions to larger-than-community problems.

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  6. Once again the thread devolves into pointless speculations. No information has been presented beyond the fact that Obsidian does not seem to be involved at all, so assigning blame and motivations is, at the very least, an immature response - and even bordering on slander.


    Any further threads on this matter, until we actually have some relevant information, will be closed.

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  7. It has been confirmed that Eric Fenstermaker has not resigned, the OP got him and another writer confused - who seem to have resigned on his own accord due to controversy on another site, unrelated to Obsidian Entertainment. As this thread had degenerated into pure speculation, I've decided to close the thread.

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    So with all the scandinavians we have on the boards.. just how true is this? ;)



    I can attest for the Swedish atleast, that it is true. :)


    Though we do use "pojkvän"(Boyfriend) and "flickvän"(Girlfriend) aswell.

    The Finnish one isn't though - it means 'twig' and is slang for the male genitalia. But I suppose calling your loved one a **** is Finnish enough :)

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  9. Old thread here


    Last post



    Sounds like they are going back to a lot of the elements from X3 and earlier that were stripped out streamlined from the abortion that was X: Rebirth.  That's great, as I love X3 and still play it sometimes.  Building giant stations and making a galactic trading empire is my jam.  What worries me is that they are still trying to have you be able to walk out of your ship and walk around stations to talk to people and such.  While this seems like a desirable feature on paper, anyone who played X: Rebirth saw how well it was executed last time

    It was garbage


    Egosoft has never been able to make even mediocre looking character models nor halfway decent character animations.  They will need to improve in this area significantly if they want the interiors of the stations to not completely suck this time around.  What I saw in the video was not entirely encouraging in that regard, albeit that was pre-alpha footage.

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