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  1. But what if you are bored in prison? Not even then? I mean if you're catcalling a woman and then go to prison for 10 years because of sexual harassment, you won't talk to your cell inmates for 10 years? That's hard to achieve. :>


    As the joke goes - you can say what you'd want a guy to say to you - as in, normal human interaction is cool, flirty without being a creep is too - but aggressive sexual advances are not.

  2. In its current form it's too limited and offers little compared to a standard gaming experience. Just like motion sensoring.. I don't think VR will really take off before we have comfortable VR glasses which does not create dizziness for 1/3 of it's source costumers - or before we have living room holographic technology.

  3. I wonder how (awesome) the game would be with a mod that made all zombies into Virals? I'm thinking 28 Days Later: The Game.


    I played the game with 3 friends and it gets a little arcadey like that- but even then, I would have a heart attack from stress, if all zombies were virals.. jeez, I get a sweat just thinking about it hah

  4. Ironically The Orville is a lot close to original Trek, albeit with more infantile humor.


    Discovery is pretty much a classic case of style over substance, it's extremely visually impressive, but they don't really know how to write engaging drama without explosions and shallow-evil motivation.


    In short, more Fantasy than Sci-Fi and if you can forgive that, it's a decent enough show. But if you're looking for the old light-hearted sci-fi fun with a dash of moral/ethical dilemma, see Orville instead.


    It can be quite unbalanced, but then that's the charm of the game as well - I've had some rotten luck in the last 2 games, after the 1.8.2 update - the AI seems more aggressive now.


    The key to survival in Stellaris is location, location. and location. If the first civilization you meet is more  advanced AND is an as---le you're done. 


    Plus, don't develop every type of weapon. Pick two that are different damage types and max those two out. I have been wasting time researching everything. That means when it matters I'm not really good at anything. 



    True, but the tactis kinda changes with each patch, buff and nerf. You couldn't build tall before, that seems to be an option now at least.

  6. well, I gave Warhammer 2 a shot. After the godawful Rome 2, my expectation were pretty low. Visually, I'm pretty disappointed. On anything but the highest settings, it looks like ass. Gameplay seems to be more interesting and varied than the typical Total War experience, so I'll keep playing, but the dialog is soooo poorly written, I dunno how long it'll keep my interest. At least the UI is a bit more workable than Rome 2's.


    On the one hand, it kind of sucks that the title of Best Total War Game currently held by Shogun 2 is still safe from challenge. But on the other... I guess it means I don't need to upgrade my bottlenecking GPU any time soon.


    Have you tried the mod for Rome 2, Divide et Impera? Completly remakes the game and with that it is imo, on par with Shogun 2

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  7. Orville > Nu ST

    I think this is the point where mainstream tvshows swings away from perpetual grim dark and back towards lighthearted.

    They've peaked with Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Westworld and Stranger Things. I think that style is saturated now.. And part of the reason ST Discovery is struggling with it's thematics

  8. The problem is even the best mental health professionals in the world can't help someone who does not ask for help.

    Of course, but changing the stigma and taboo related to mental illness helps a great deal. People generally hide their weakness if society actively ostrizises them for it. Feeling isolated can severly affect a person's ability to emphasize, as we've probably all experienced in the harder times of our lives.

  9. he carries only a touch of French phrasing in his speech. [/i]I can't recall ever hearing even a touch.


    He uses several french idioms and sings a Frere Jacque rather than Brother John. But it is somewhat downplayed, I imagine mostly because of Sir Patrick's lack of skill in French.

  10. am honest curious how such a thing happened, seeming w/o most folks noticing or caring.  takes a charlottesville moment to wake people (a few at least) up from torpor? am genuine curious, and a little concerned.


    HA! Good Fun!


    From the late 80s there's been an ever increasing militancy to political discourse - and discourse in general. We're in a period of hyper-normalilzation, a slow boiling of the pot, where most have noticed somethings up, but can't quite put the finger on it.


    Even the discourse on this little random corner of the net has seen a dramatic change in the last 10 years.


    Now the discussions around dinnertables all over the world, have always been a little casually racist and objectifying. Not good, but at least managable... But today we're seeing mass generalisations on big network newsshows, accussations flung out without a shred if proof or remorse and huge political scandals that are just 'par the course'.. People are numb to it, which only invites even more.


    Took a little break from the studies to pull out the classic Evil Genius.

    Still some amusing, although it does move slower than I remember.

    I'm in the middle of a playthrough myself. Though I used to be better at this game...


    Yeah, I always have to readjust my playstyle when I come back to it - it's actally a tough little title, if you don't prepare the agents are gonna wipe your out.

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  12. I had a similar thing happen to Lantry, I noticed it and reloaded the autosave, so nothing was lost - but I lost patience with Bastard's Wound pretty quickly too. I had to reroll saves several times due to bugs - and many of the new quest structures are very poorly explained/examplified. I got through it in the end and enjoyed the story, but it did leave me a little jaded as well.


    Paradox is partly to blame here though - as a publisher they are overly fond of meaningless DLC, which they use to fund the more expensive DLC in their development cycles. I can understand the rationale, but they always overprice them. Their bigger DLCs are being shipped with less and less content too however, like Bastard's Wound, with the 15€/$ pricetag. Often breaking the base game in some way... Stellaris and Crusader Kings 2 are becoming horror pieces of bad code and feature creep.

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