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  1. well it is a little weird! I personally would hope Anakin wins, I don't like Bastilla alot .. she seems weak in my opinion .. Aside from her battlemeditation, which is pretty handy for a wannabe Sith-Lord! and no I'm not in love with his character!
  2. Well we are getting quite a bit off topic here! but what the heck .. Calderon de la Barca was indeed one of the greatest spanish writers! no doubt! (and for those who don't know anything about him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedro_Calder%F3n_de_la_Barca ) But Shakespeare just had the best PR agent!
  3. Well I don't know about that .. But most of the "rules" behind good storytelling was firmly established in ancient Greece litteratur .. Just read at Homer for instance .. the struggle between good and evil a dash of corruption etc. etc. it's all been done before! originality is hard when there is 4000 years of great stories before you ..
  4. I was just speaking in generel terms .. but Revan can become quite the Superman if you play him/her right! I still enjoyed the story after I discovered I was Revan .. In my mind it was a great twist and was done very well.. although Nur has a good point, it is close to NWN!
  5. No its just a matter of taste .. I like being the freak supervillain, as well, with all the ****ed personal habits .. hehe .. but every once in awhile its cool to be a normal guy in a weird world! I'm not a total fan of complete escapism as I would like to have a bit of myself in the character .. so I will feel like its me taking the decision, and not just me playing someone taking the decision .. if I distance myself too much, I won't feel morally wrong at making evil decisions etc. and that is IMO a very important part of roleplaying ..
  6. Well by normal jedi you are in no way ordinary to Earth standards .. but whats the fun in being Superman? Roleplaying is generally being a normal guy/gal in an extraordinary situation .. Otherwise you won't connect to you alternate self!
  7. "Part of my disappointment with KOTOR was that I expected to play ordinary unknown jedi without accomplishments who's history will be written by me. So I wasn't glad when devs surprised me with crappy amnesia-superman story." Well then you will probably be happy with this new character? unless they pull another cliche and he/she turns out to be someone big as well! oh I hope not ..
  8. I've never seen that function before (loading the save game into the new) .. has it ever been done? or are you just speculating? because I agree that would be very easy ..
  9. In "The Empire Strikes Back" .. Han Solo fires at Vader when he reveals himself in the cloud city, and he blocks with his hand and pulls the blaster to him ..
  10. Would you prefer a game with a predefined character (like Kyle for example) ? - Which ensures an easier method of making sequels.. And you could play a "real" SW figure, with a story that could be refered to in later comics, books, games etc. Or a game with a character designed by you? - it's easier to feel sympathy for such a character IMO. Which generally makes a more beliveable character you feel linked to .. but in the case of Revan it'll be quite difficult to appear in person in KOTOR2 with the 1000 different combinations possible. At least not without dissapointing someone who had a fixed image of him/her. does the first hurt the roleplaying value of the game? and does the second create too many problems for the EU, since it will be a faceless character? what do you think? - Rosbjerg
  11. I am guessing that wont come out till well after the game is released world wide. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't think it was ever confirmed that you are able to get an apprentice. They were just looking into the possibility of that. The idea was rather to have the PC be an apprentice him/herself. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It was said in an interview that Kriea (or what her name was) would function as a tutor for you .. guiding you in the way of the force! like Obi Wan to Luke .. And that could be interpreted as you being the apprentice! no? - Rosbjerg
  12. first time through I'll play the most powerfull configuration .. but as I play through later I'll be playing for roleplaying purposes .. and then I usely go with single, since it is, as many others have pointed out, the most classic! Although I don't think there is anything wrong with either doublebladed or dual lightsabers .. there will always be showoffs, even in a Starwars univers!
  13. I agree with DarthRevan987 .. The Jedis of your group was the only choice .. wich they will luckily balance out in the new game .. I played as a Sentinel first, then Consular and last Guardin .. and G was by far the most powerfull IMO .. I hope they balance things out, so you wont be able to hack computers if you don't have skills for example .. and not making it a matter of how many spikes you have .. that way replay value will really shine through .. and so will the different classes if you want to use different skills! But if they don't thats okay as well, it doesn't bother me! its just a matter of how fun it is to play the game alot of times .. - Rosbjerg
  14. hehe .. Well I sure hope there were some irony in that complaint..
  15. Even if I stink at designing a face, I would still like the option .. But as long as the faces vary and there are more to pick from I'll be content for now .. There is nothing wrong with extra features, as long as they don't come at the expence of other more important aspects! - Rosbjerg
  16. In theory there is 6 .. well since the dark and light side only differ by name that doesn't really count .. but I don't think there are more than the 3 classes? Otherwise yes! that is very limiting ..
  17. I understand your perspective.. but I relate that way to a sit-down, where I don't need a drawing/illustration.. since its a different kind of game! where you need to visualize yourself.. I like a face to identify with my charachter in a computergame! and him having a paper bag over his head would make me suspect he was very ugly .. ^_^ Well I don't think were going to agree .. but cheers to different opinions! - Rosbjerg
  18. True .. but a part of roleplaying is also identifying with your character.. And in a computergame you need a face .. since it's visual! and why not make it one you can identify with? it just make roleplaying easier .. - Rosbjerg
  19. Yeah that should be possible .. It would also make your charachter feel more like your own! I didn't really like any of the male faces from KOTOR1 .. and really missed that option as well! Is it hard to program or are they just lazy? - Rosbjerg
  20. I will probably go with LS Consular - Master first .. since I like to juse force powers rather than brute force .. then DS Sith Lord .. then Guardian both sides as well! and of course the roleplay to match it! But at heart I'm a LS, although I was laughing my evil ass of when I killed my teammembers in KOTOR the most nasty way I could! muhahahahah B)
  21. well only the "dark" ones .. but its understandable, from a savage barbarians point of view! in various ancient cultures it was believed that eating your adversarys brian (or a limb with special strenght) you would gain his/her powers! and the dark Rakata is portrayed as such .. I would poison myself just to show them! muhahha another thought.. The Sith are already portrayed as savage animalistic (and at times slaves to emotions and irrational thinking.. like animals).. In my mind you could easiley turn to some kind of monster if your are exposed to the dark side for long enough .. since they become twisted they way they do.. Which would also explain their relative short lifespan, they become to irrationel at the end! Any of this happening in EU? - Rosbjerg
  22. or make a Sith Lord like Godfather .. "Imma gonna maake you a deal you canno refyse" (speaking like he has just been to the dentist with a twist of Sicilian)
  23. Or Anakin comes to you in a vision to tell you his your great (insert as many as you like) son .. kind of a twisted ESB twist .. (which would be pretty weird since he didn't have a father) Or maybe you turn out to be the masked Sith .. you suffer from a mutiple personality disorder! a la "Fight Club" .. that would be weird! - Rosbjerg
  24. Yeah something like that .. or maybe just for the fun of it .. instead of frying them! Even Sith Lords get hungry .. why not feast on your enemy?
  25. Well you are a Jedi who served under Revan .. So if you played KOTOR you identify yourself with Revan, and therefore that could be a little dangerous, speaking of relating to the charachter! at least in my opinion .. I loved the intricate dialouge of the first game .. well intricate because of it's extent! the quality of the audio was superb .. and I was thrilled to learn they hadn't changed that! As many others, I became a little bored of running around looking for starmaps .. even though the worlds we were dragged through were nicely done and were very believable (except Korriban).. I hope they'll leave space for a little more freedom (or roleplaying) this time .. As Schneider said it "The pace of the game was fairly cookie-cutter. Your path was set, certain elements had to be achieved in order for the game to progress and basically the dark side game was a carbon copy of the light side game". Although I know this can be tough in a game .. Which hurts replayvalue (of more than 2 times) in my opinion! even though I have played through it 6 times by now ... So all in all I hope they improve the beautiful parts of the game (grapichs, audio) if its possible.. and give the players a little more freedom (perhaps only for the dark side)! since no dark lord would allow himself be a pawn like Revan appeared to be in KOTOR1 .. - Rosbjerg
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