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  1. I folded and bought it, even though I usually never buy games one day one - no bugs for me so far and it's one of the best games I've played in years! Takes me back to the early days of Baldurs Gate and the likes, with scribbled notes to keep track of the gameplay mechanics and quest.. The level of detail is awesome - as a historian with something of a fascination with the 15th century, it's almost like holodeck experience :D 


    Love the lack of handholding as well and very free approach to any quest.


    Did install the 'save whenever' mod, just to avoid CTDs and the likes - luckily no such things so far.

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  2. Just started it and I'm very impressed, it's not great, but all the individual parts are well crafted and are working well together.


    Acting ranges from good to acceptable, the story elements work with theme (Cuberpunk noir) and the action is evenly paced and fittingly violent.

  3. the race problem were separate from our observations 'bout foreigners general friendliness and their dealings with americans. the race issue is widespread and includes scandinavia based on our more recent short trips to sweden and denmark.

    It's very widespread here and deeply concerning - and there's a very aggressive surge of xenophobia sweeping all of the western world. Friends and relatives who travel extensively in the US tell similar tales of a growing anomosity and racial divides though. I saw it Africa as well, Morroco in particular are really beginning to disdain white Europeans.


    Not to say 'whatabout x' but more that this seems to be a growing global problem.

  4. Gotta agree with the Norwegian there - if you can only visit one Scandinavian country, go to Norway. Denmark and Sweden have their unique charms, for sure. But Norway has some of the most breathtaking narture I've ever seen.


    If you're going to Europe I'd actually recommend Poland or Croatia. Both are kinda off the beaten track and are both the less crowded, cheaper and much friendlier versions of central- or southern Europe.

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    BitterGertrude - This is not going to go the way you think: the last jedi is as subversive af



    It’s not enough to destroy the old order from without. The Last Jedi demands that we examine our own complicity in the corruption of the old ways. Poe’s belief that all problems can be solved by shooting something down is shown as dangerous when unchecked; it’s the same toxic masculinity wielded by Kylo Ren, and a mainstay of war culture. The film indicts war culture and toxic masculinity throughout. Leia slaps and demotes Poe for sacrificing lives to bring down a dreadnought instead of escaping as ordered (“dead heroes. And no leaders”). Later, after his failed mutiny, she tells him that Holdo was more interested in “saving the light rather than looking like a hero.” But nowhere is the struggle against our own complicity with war culture more prominent than when Benicio Del Toro’s amoral DJ reveals to Finn and Rose that the “worst people in the galaxy”– the wealthy arms dealers who congregate at the Canto Bight casino– make their money selling weapons to both the First Order and the Resistance.



    This was kinda my take of the movie as well - but I don't agree with the feminist perspective. Rather I'd say it was humanist.. I didn't see it point specifically at 'masculinity', as there are more than enough violent women in the movies as well (Rey is very violent), I'd rather say it criticized the unreflected impulse for violence and the use of it as a tool in and on itself. Something that is prevalent in war and situations of distress - I saw it as a rather classic Hollywood anti-war 'Beware not to stare into the abyss'. Like we've seen from many of Lucas and JJ Abrams icons like Kubrick.


    The finale with Luke being the embodiment of the pseudo-Christian symbolism - that violence and dark impulses are only defeated with perseverance and non-violence. Had Luke met violence with violence, he would've lost.

  6. For all the fans of your big benevolent governments out there remember this: there is no crime so minor or infraction so small it's agents will not happily kill you to enforce. Right here in the Good Ol' USA the penalty for missing a court date is the summary execution of your entire family by FBI snipers.

    A big benevolent government requires massive civilian oversight, otherwise it becomes a totalitarian oligarchy.

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  7. Happy New Year.

    Had a pretty awesome party with friends and loved ones. With a crazy last party at the bar where me and the gf met. That lasted until around 8 in the morning :)


    2017 was a work year for me though, but all in all pretty good. Looking forward to '18.


    And looks like you had a party TN ;) did anyone do anything stupid, that ended up being great?

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    Obsidian could finally tell what the heck they are working on. Isn't it like years already since we first heard about them doing whatever they do?

    Unless you're Sony or Bethesda, the industry standard is to wait until you're about a year out from launch to announce.



    Which, given the standard reaction when a game takes longer than a year or two to come out after it's announced, is a good idea.


    Just looking at the reactions on the Taleworlds forums, in response to Mount and Blades' sequal Bannerlords taking this long to make, I see why developers aren't as forthcoming with info as fans want.

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  9. Tempted to get Distant Worlds, have heard good things about it but also that it is poorly documented/explained. Anyone here play that game and have an opinion ?


    I have 100+ hours in it. It's pretty awesome for what it does, but you're right that's lacking in documentation.


    The game handles economics and management uniquely and that's really the main draw. Everything can be automated and I mean everything, you can play as a Captain of a single ship in your empire if you choose, with the AI competently handling the rest. And the economy evolves on it's own, with the private sector slowly expanding your empire and hauling the resources around to the bases that need it. That's a weakness too though, as the only way you can play is capitalist :) so a communist empire will always fail against a merchant empire. The only way to truly play is with a laissez faire economy, In that sense it's somewhat liberal biased.


    The diplomacy is fairly forgettable and the conquest part of the game is very similar to other titles. 


    It's however pretty bare boned in terms of graphics and style - so it's more a spreadsheet kinda game, where you enjoy it for all the options, rather than the presentation.


    There are mods too (I've even made one) here http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=795&p=1&tmode=1&smode=1 - I can recommend checking out Bacon's Mod, it changes the game quite drastically, but very much for the better.

  10. I tried playing Stellaris again with some add-ons. And apparently I'm still terrible at it. First game I got war deced by Xenophiles who don't take too kindly to my being a driven assimilator. I held them off briefly and was very happy, but never had the fleet to go on the offense. They eventually slipped past my blockade and conquered one of my planets.


    I then restarted and tried again, teamed up with another nearby machine intelligence. Then we both got wardeced by another alliance. And they came steamrolling with fleets 6k+ strong when I couldn't even hit 2k myself. They destroyed my ally heavily and ended up winning the war. I lost like 3 systems.


    Yeah it takes a little getting used to - I can recommend trying a game with only hyperlanes, in a medium galaxy, with only 2-6 other civs (max 1 fallen) and 5x the amount of pre-space-flight civs. It creates are much more forgiving atmosphere, where the object is more to conquer and/or control the minor races - instead of the very lacking interactions between the majors.


    Sort of a galactic cold war scenario. Easier to learn the ropes that way.

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