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  1. "Mus? says we look alike, I say we get him like Jean Van Dam and Dennis Rodman in that movie"

    I say we punish him like only a Texan and a Dane can - with hot searing tar and large steel axe.

  2. I bet you say that to all the people -- hey wait, you actually do!

    I feel so used.

  3. Thanks Drabek.. but that kinda disarmed my argument! :)

  4. Those Mesa pictures really mess up your page here Meta.. but on the bright side it kinda looks like a blog. :)

  5. waaaay too much information there! :)

  6. What's up my 50 year old Indian friend from Safran?

    oh wait..

  7. yeah you get five from me as well... and that's mainly because of the Obz Forum Member Gallery! ;)

  8. you mean "neutral" laws - don't you!?

    damn neutrals..

  9. Actually we go by the Douglas Adams approach; anyone capable of getting themselves elected as a mod should never, under any circumstance, be allowed to be one.

  10. Are you trying to say that you don't like women?

  11. Go (away?) yourself Pidesco.. ^_^

  12. Hva Kaftan, hvor gemmer du dig for tiden?

  13. I soak in weenie oil for 2 hours each day.. delicious weenie oil! yum yum.

  14. When are you bringing back that Obisdian virtual dating? I need another date. I've been going out with your fist for 2 years now and it's starting to get old!

  15. yeah, I'm creamy cheesy and full of joy.

  16. you have to come to my ranch some day .. see the cattle, chickens and mermaids.. It'll be a hoot!

  17. You know.. if you became a moderator you would lose that genius "Animeholic" tag..

  18. You've been dwelling on the music of the lebanese capital again?

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