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  1. Hva Kaftan, hvor gemmer du dig for tiden?

  2. Actually we go by the Douglas Adams approach; anyone capable of getting themselves elected as a mod should never, under any circumstance, be allowed to be one.

  3. You know.. if you became a moderator you would lose that genius "Animeholic" tag..

  4. I soak in weenie oil for 2 hours each day.. delicious weenie oil! yum yum.

  5. Are you trying to say that you don't like women?

  6. When are you bringing back that Obisdian virtual dating? I need another date. I've been going out with your fist for 2 years now and it's starting to get old!

  7. You've been dwelling on the music of the lebanese capital again?

  8. waaaay too much information there! :)

  9. yeah, I'm creamy cheesy and full of joy.

  10. "Mus? says we look alike, I say we get him like Jean Van Dam and Dennis Rodman in that movie"

    I say we punish him like only a Texan and a Dane can - with hot searing tar and large steel axe.

  11. I bet you say that to all the people -- hey wait, you actually do!

    I feel so used.

  12. you mean "neutral" laws - don't you!?

    damn neutrals..

  13. you have to come to my ranch some day .. see the cattle, chickens and mermaids.. It'll be a hoot!

  14. yeah you get five from me as well... and that's mainly because of the Obz Forum Member Gallery! ;)

  15. Those Mesa pictures really mess up your page here Meta.. but on the bright side it kinda looks like a blog. :)

  16. What's up my 50 year old Indian friend from Safran?

    oh wait..

  17. Go (away?) yourself Pidesco.. ^_^

  18. Thanks Drabek.. but that kinda disarmed my argument! :)

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