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  1. I'm trying to go full on retard here

  2. you live on in my heart and when I'm gassy

  3. cats are funny

  4. I thought for sure I'd be the first to visit in 2010

  5. Oh say, say, say

    Wait, they don’t love you like I love you; wait, they don’t love you like I love you

  6. I'm doing pretty good, can't complain, we definitely should catch up soon

  7. Did you get your treehouse up?

  8. I like your ones better, especially the one where you're holding the ES-Dot and have a mustache

  9. I'm talking about the pics

  10. Your flying dangerously close to Christian Rock Band territory with some of those

  11. you should do a version of Taint Misbehaving

  12. alas, I remember when I used to run into you from time to time on the internetz. Oh well, I'll just eat these fresh baked cookies and think of you

  13. My father always said never trust a man made of gas. No you GleepGlop you're one of the good ones.

  14. Rod Ram its been awhile since you've been here

  15. quartz doesn't burn, rust doesn't harm

  16. how does it go, my good chum?

  17. Your stumbleupon photo is cooler

  18. I got this thing that would be a perfect place for a tattoo of florida

  19. Man, you set your log on times to private? You're bordering on uberlame.

  20. Whats this about lesbians?

  21. I'm sure there's a great deal of switching back and forth but I think more often then not bears are tops, unless they happen to be power bottoms

    Frank: What's a power bottom?

    Mac: A power bottom is a bottom that is capable of receiving an enormous amount of power

  22. The best of these eyelids

    Is where I keep

    But I will not weep there 'til you arrive

  23. We were born for dying

    Short time to prepare for long time in the sky and

    No matter what you believe you must admit

    Some things are not like they seem

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