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  1. The Stronghold would seem more alive if each upgrade added one or two NPCs to the stronghold.  


    Developing the stronghold would change it from an empty place to one populated by 20 to 30 NPCs. The NPCs would run-away when combat threatens. Some NPCs are only present during daytime hours


    Upgrade Examples:

    • Library - a librarian is present from morning to early evening
    • Training Grounds - two guards that train are present during the morning hours, in the afternoon they patrol the grounds
    • Hearth - a cook is present during the daytime hours
    • Bright hollow restoration - attracts two servants
    • Chapel - each day 0 to 4 NPC peasant worshippers are present within the Chapel during daytime hours
    • Building 10 improvements - attracts 5 random peasants that wander the grounds during the daytime hours
    • Building 20 improvements - attracts 5 additional peasants that wander the grounds during the daytime hours

    If developer resources permit some NPCs could be assigned random conversations, and conversations based on the PCs experiences in the world and quests. The Librarian might reveal new ruins to explore once there are 20 tomes in the library. The cook might have prepared a healing brew.  The Brighthollow maid may alert the PCs to a visitor awaiting them in the Keep. The maid may tell the PCs that the chapel priest wishes to see them; for the priest has a quest for the PCs.


    What if the chapel upgrade allows the player to select the deity worshipped at their chapel. This selection could trigger new quests, new events and conversation options. Does the PCs dedicate a chapel to: Woedica, Abydon, Eotha, Galawain, Magran or Skaen?

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  2. I would like to see player's actions have a greater effect on the world around them.


    For example, if you slay the cousin of Lord Raedric the villagers should react to that and Lord Raedric should have a different set of reactions with the player - perhaps giving them more quests. Likewise, if the PCs slay Lord Raedric of the castle, the villagers' reaction should be different and there should be a new set of interactions with the new lord (different quests, etc.)


    I would like to see the PCs have the option to finance the rebuilding of the destroyed temple for the original god Eothos (if Lord Raedric is slain) or the deity of Berath (if Lord Raedric prevails).

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  3. I would like to see the developers do something similar for lore and survival.


    A character highly skilled in lore; skill level 8+, should have access to new spells, enchantments, schools of magic, talents and abilities that are not available to lesser skilled characters. This would reward the PC that chooses to focus on lore.


    A PC that divided his skill points among athletics, mechanics and lore would not receive the bonus that comes from a focus on lore.


    Likewise a character highly skilled in survival should have access to talents, abilities and potions that are only available to those with a survival skill of 8+.

  4. Agreed, I would really like the stronghold to breath life. Rebuilding the Stronghold should attract NPCs - farmers, workers, etc. If the stronghold is attacked let these NPCs flee (Disappear from view) until the threat is defeated.


    Rebuild the West Wall = Let us see a guard patrolling the top of the wall

    Rebuild the training grounds = Let the player see three NPCs training during the DAY (no one trains at night)


    For each improvement built I would like to see an new NPC wandering the interior grounds of the stronghold during the DAY, at night the NPCS wandering the grounds go home


    Rebuild 1 improvement and you see 1 NPC wandering the grounds

    Rebuild 5 improvements, and you see 5 NPCs wandering the grounds,

    Rebuild 10 improvements and you see 10 NPCs wandering the grounds of the stronghold.


    I wonder if this could be added to the next update?


    Likewise, rebuilding the library should add a librarian NPC, rebuilding the hearth should add a cook NPC to the relevant buildings and improving Bright Hollow should add one or two servant NPCs.

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  5. I would like to see the trap trigger radius based on the mechanics skill.


    Mechanics 1 to 5 - trap trigger size is standard radius

    Mechanics 6 to 10 = 2x - Trigger size is twice normal size

    Mechanics 11 to 15 = 4x - Trigger size is four times normal


    Thus the trap trigger radius for a character highly skilled in mechanics is larger than the trap trigger radius for a less skilled character.

  6. The original proposal was for a 20% of a random encounter. That's about 1 in 5 journeys through the wilderness.


    Some or all random encounters could be one time only events. Other encounters might have level based, quest based, or stronghold based prerequisites. Perhaps an encounter only occurs after you have rebuilt the keep. Other random encounters may only occur if a specified quest has been completed. Perhaps you can only encounter an ancient dragon if your average party level is eight or higher.


    Some of these encounters may occur on custom maps - such as encountering trolls at a bridge, an encounter in a swamp, in a ravine or near the ruins of a burned down house.

  7. As for the Stronghold I can understand the problem and maybe the impossibility of adding new buildings and personally I do not think we need more buildings.  I think we need more people to give a feeling of life to the to the Stronghold.  


    Agreed, the stronghold is dead and empty, even after being fully rebuilt. Though a dilapidated stronghold should feel empty, one that is fully repaired should feel alive.


    • Rebuild the western wall and add a roving NPC Guard that patrols its battlements,
    • Rebuild the training grounds and add a drill sergeant that watches two guards training, much like those found in Defiance Bay,
    • Rebuild the fountains of Brighthollow and add a roving servant to that floor. The servant will tell you if the Cook has a new food item prepared for you or if the librarian wishes to see you.
    • Rebuild the Hearth and add a cook that generates food items randomly
    • Rebuild the library and add a librarian to the library.
    • Rebuild the temple and populate it with local peasant worshippers during the day, every odd day.
    • Rebuild the main keep and add two servants that roam the main floor, keeping it clean.
    • With every building repaired, add a roving NPC peasant character to the map. These characters appear only during the daylight hours and  flee from combat. As the Stronghold is rebuilt, more people are attracted to the stronghold. One improvement = 1 NPCs, 10 improvements = 10 NPCs wandering the grounds of the Stronghold.
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  8. Yeah, I like that idea. It would also give a lot more use to the skills and abilities in a non-combat role. One of the things I was quite wary of when creating my character was how often would, say, Intellect be useful outside of combat, and thus worth taking just for fun, as you may have done in Fallout 1 and 2. Would I frequently benefit from having the Athleticism to clamber up cliffsides and leap over rivers and such? My experience with RPGs tells me that that kind of specific, set-piece event is quite rare throughout a playthrough, so these random encounters that make use of them and give the player rewards (either material or just bits of lore and stuff) from investing in them would be very welcome.



    I agree. Scripted encounters that make use of skills would make your choice in this area much more impactful.


    -- A traveler asks for help in reading a scroll left by his departed farther (Lore skill)

    -- A traveler was robbed and asks the PCs to retrieve his saddle bag for them (a PC can use Stealth to approach the bandit camp and take the saddle bag unseen, or risk battle with a band of hardened bandits and their leader).

    -- There are two paths - one path involves swimming a river (Athletics Skill Check) to tie a rope to a tree so that his compatriots can use it to cross the obstacle, to avoid the large band of trolls (or bandits) at the bridge. 




    At the river's edge: Does your party:


    1. Attempt to swim the raging river (Athletics Check)

    ----------- Athletics Check ( Fail = Fatigue Penalty and Loss of PCs unequipped inventory if major or critical fatigue. All common inventory is also lost)

                                "Elder safely swims across the river" (and suffers no fatigue)

                                "Durance loses his inventory while swimming across the river" (and suffers critical Fatigue)

                               "Aloth safely swims across the river (and suffers Minor fatigue)

                                "All inventory is lost"


    2. String a guide rope across the river (Athletics Check, requires grappling hook and rope)

    ----------- Athletics Check for the First one across (Fail = 40 points Penalty and loss of unequipped inventory)

    ----------- Following PCs suffer 20 points fatigue, no loss of inventory


    3. Build a rope bridge (Athletics and Mechanical skill Check, requires grappling hook and rope)

    ----------- Athletics Check for the First one across (Fail = Fatigue Penalty and loss of unequipped inventory)

    ---------- Mechanical Check Fails then rope bridge breaks and all common inventory is lost when PCs fall into the river rapids

                                  "The rope bridge breaks while you are crossing the raging river. All inventory is lost!"

    ---------- Mechanical Check success = no fatigue penalty nor inventory loss when crossing raging river

                                  "The rope bridge allows you to safely cross the raging river below"


    4. Build a raft to cross the river (Mechanical skill check. Requires axe, grappling hook and rope in inventory)

    ---------- Mechanical skill check fail = No penalty to cross the river

                               "The raft carries you safely to the far riverbank"

    -----------Mechanical Skill check fail = Fatigue penalty, all common inventory is lost, PCs with major or greater fatigue (after fatigue penalty is applied) lose all unequipped inventory.

                                 "The raft breaks apart while you are crossing the river. All inventory is lost!"


    5. Decide not to cross


    Another advantage of random wilderness encounters is that the developers can easily add new ones with each update.

  9. Not all wilderness area encounters need be hostile. Encounter a merchant or travelers on the path and walk by them without stopping to talk. If you stop to talk you may learn about the latest news in Defiance or the Gilded Vale. A merchant; or a thief, many have something to sell. A patrol of knights may tell you of a bounty on a craven thief. You may learn information that will add a new quest to your journal.


    I think a good wilderness encounter system should have a wide variety of encounters, terrains (forest, bridge, swamp, ravines and cliffs) and options, for the skilled adventurer, to avoid or approach them on their own terms. Survival skill will alert you that you are approaching an encounter. Constitution may help you win a drinking contest, and athletics would be of use in a wrestling contest. Resolve may help you stare down a gang of toll collectors (bandits).

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  10. I would like to see an option that makes selling items in inventory (i.e. in the chest, and not carried by a PC) faster. Such as selecting a type: Armor and then selecting sell all. Why? So I can unload all those spears and shields quickly.


    Though I appreciate the ability to carry an endless amount of inventory, I would like to see the number of allowed inventory chest slots for weapons and armor based on total party might. Items in excess of this can be stored at the stronghold. The stronghold should function like a bank safe deposit box for valuables ( of course banks are robbed on occasion is security is light).




    A PC of might 15 could carry 15 items of each type in their inventory chest (15 weapons, 15 armor), a party with 3 characters of total might 30 can carry 30 items in each slot. A min/max party of 3 with total might of 9 can carry 9 items of weapons and armor ( 9 weapons and 9 armor items).


    This would:

    Force players to choose which piece of loot to take and which to leave behind. Now I take everything as their is no encumbrance limit, as in TOE. This would make might a more valued stat.


    Perhaps, a fatigue penalty if the party exceeds its carry limit.

    ----  Total Might = 20

    ----  20 armor and 20 weapons without fatigue

    ----  21 to 28 items of Armor and Weapons (each) = Minor Fatigue

    ----  29 to 36 items or Armor and Weapons (each)  = Major Fatigue

  11. Luckmann, why should Constitution affect armor recovery penalty? Would Might have a larger effect in the real world?


    Example: Plate Armor - (High Might & Weak Constitution) vs (Low Might and High Constitution). For plate armor I would think that the stronger person would have the faster recovery time.


    I would also say that heavy armor should have a minimum Might requirement. Fall below that requirement and suffer a fatigue penalty every hour.

  12. If I was designing random encounters I would aim for about 36+ random encounters with six parameters influencing the chance for each one to occur.


    1. Repeatable or not - i.e. are these repeatable encounters or not?

    2. Interval - i.e. if repeatable, this encounter cannot occur again for x days


    3. Prerequisite Encounter or event flag - this encounter can't occur until event X is flagged


    Example: Knights searching for bandits do not appear until after PC has met bandits (in a prior random encounter)

    Example: Bounty hunters do not appear until PCs have stolen Item X from Defiance


    4. Prerequisite 2: This encounter can't occur if event X is flagged


    Example: If PCs caught the thieves, these thieves can't be encountered again.


    5. Level Requirement - i.e. this encounter can't occur until the party has reached level x


    Example: Refugee seeking help for her hamlet does cannot appear until PCs have reached level 5 (as this unlocks a quest)


    6. Party Reputation

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  13. As another mentioned, wilderness areas are bland, devoid of content and yield no reason to explore them.


    Why not make travel through wilderness areas more interesting?


    Imagine, a base 20% of a randomly generated encounter when traveling through a wilderness area.


    1. Encountering a party of merchants or traveler(s) on their way. They could be a source of news, news that may have been affected by PC actions. Or you could demand money from them for safe passage ( this could trigger a future encounter with knights looking for bandits that match your description ).
    2. If your Survival skill is low, bandits appear out of nowhere to ambush your party - demanding cash for your safe passage. If your survival skill is high, your party may notice the absence of wilderness sounds and advise you to proceed with caution.(Survival Skill Check = "I don't hear any birds, we should proceed with caution)
    3. Encountering a patrol of knights looking for bandits, and if your reputation is low you may face a problem.
    4. Encountering a starving refugee, asking for help for their village, a village that is besieged and starving (this opens the path to a new encounter area with a new side quest). Do you offer the refugee food or not, and incur a reputation boost or penalty? Do you accept a quest to save the villagers?
    5. Encounter a young bear. Harm the young bear and his dire bear mother and father charge from the woods to attack. Ignore the young bear and the encounter with his parents is not triggered. (Survival Skill Check = "Its a young bear, his mother will be close by." )
    6. Encounter: Dragon - ( Survival Skill Check = "I see signs of a Dragon in the area, it might be best if we quickly and quietly left this area" ) . A very rare random encounter that most PC parties will want to avoid. Of course, it could be a dragon that you could talk. An encounter that player's will talk about - I encountered a huge dragon attacking a merchant caravan and sneaked away, or I encountered a huge dragon attacking a caravan and attacked, and died.


    Survival Skill Enhancement: 10% per Skill Level - Textual (or audio) Alert when a potentially hostile random encounter is detected - "It's too quiet. We should proceed with caution." A suggestion for the party to turn back or enter stealth mode to see what lies ahead on the path.

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    Actually, I think that PoE hit the sweet spot between dungeoning and exploration. Most complaints weren't about the one-sidedness in design here, but about the overall quality of the content:

    Most wilderness areas had very little to discover actually, especially since they mostly contained copy & paste encounters.

    Most dungeons lacked a destinct design idea, be it story elements or puzzles.......


    I am actually in the crowd that considers PoE as being too long. I always felt like the developers should have cut the content by at least one third and instead concentrate the resources on improving the remaining content........


    I can go on and on about how BG2 and even ToB had a phenomenal area and dungeon design. Compared to that, PoE feels like bland repetition of a mathematic formulaes. Endless filler-content, multiple samey-looking dungeon levels and no memorable quests and optional content inside these dungeons......... Basicly, to sum up the popular complaint about PoE - which is definitely not that the game is too explore-y or dungeon-y - it has too much content. It mistakes quantity for quality.




    I agree. I would have liked to see the developers invest more time on quality content. The existing game is good, but it could be so much better.


    Take the wilderness encounter maps for example. I would have liked to see random encounters on the road. Perhaps you encounter a caravan or travelers, are ambushed by bandits or encounter a patrol of knights looking for bandits. As the posted above mentions, the wilderness encounters had very little to discover. Finding paths to new areas would have opened up the game to a greater variety of encounters and quests. Perhaps your survival skill reveals a path from in the wilderness area  to a swamp or a dark forest inhabited by spiders (Hobbit Movies) and  a wizard's tower (or abode) (now that's a reason to invest in survival - to spot the wilderness paths overlooked by the unskilled). Perhaps you find the location of a tribal village of those lizard like creatures or a isolated village besieged by creatures and slowly dying unless help arrives.

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  15. survival, beyond its usefulness in dialogues, is underwhelming.  is few battles that last so long that we gain benefit from the survival boost to consumables.  



    What would you think about survival opening up new paths on wilderness encounters maps?


    Example: Survival skill reveals a shallow ford across a river or an easy climbing route up a cliff. Fail the check and your PC party needs to take the longer, more dangerous, or more fatiguing route.




    PC party walking along the river bank, Survival Skill Level 5 reveals a shallow ford across the river OR


    PC party walking along the foot of a cliff. Survival Skill Level 5 reveals an easy climbing route for the party to take


    PC party walking along the foot of a cliff, Survival Skill Level 7 reveals a hidden entrance to a cave.


    PC party walking through a forest, Survival Skill Level provides a 10% per level chance (0% at level 0, 10% at level 10) of providing a warning about an ambush (if check fails, enemy units appear around the PCs and get the first attack). If the skill level check succeeds, the PCs can see the enemy units lying in wait ahead. They are not surprised and can maneuver to attack or avoid combat.


    I would  make survival level a requirements for crafting Food items. Let's face it, not all adventurers are great cooks, but those skilled in survival tend to do more cooking. Thus crafting food is not class level dependent, but rather survival skill level dependent. 

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  16. POE has a "few" scripted events where athletics imparts fatigue upon characters that don't meet the athletics criteria. There should be more of these.


    These are examples of what I would like to see for the Athletics skill:


    • Climb a High Cliff - Athletics 8+ Minor Fatigue, Athletics 4 to 7, Major Fatigue, Athletics 0 to 3 - Critical Fatigue
    • Climb the tower wall - Athletics: 8+ No Fatigue Penalty, Athletics 0 to 1 Critical Fatigue Penalty, Athletics 2 to 5 Major Fatigue Penalty, Athletics 6 to 7 Minor Fatigue Penalty
    • Swim the Sewers - Athletics: 6+ No Fatigue Penalty, Athletics 0 to 1 Major Fatigue Penalty, Athletics 2 to 5 Minor Fatigue Penalty


    Since fatigue impacts your accuracy and defense (Minor -10 Accuracy/-5 defense, Major -25 Accuracy/-12 Defense, Critical -50 Accuracy/-25 Defense) this would have a major effect on gameplay, especially if there were hostile NPCs at the destination.


    The other skills; especially Survival, would need to be beefed up to, so that Athletics does not become the one must have skill, next to Mechanics.

  17. Though I really like POE, I find that the implementation of skills needs to be more impactful.


    For Athletics, Survival and Lore I would really like to see more scripted events where skills in these areas have a larger impact on game play.


    The game talks about the difficult passage through the sewers, yet no fatigue penalty is assigned to those with no skill in athletics.


    Scripted encounters where lore, survival or athletics impacts the PCs are few in number. Adding more of these would differentiate the PCs, make PC choices in skill point allocation more meaningful, and enhance gameplay.


    Though skill in Lore opens up new scrolls, I would really like to see it do more - such as reveal new encounter areas, new enchantments, new potions, or new spells. Example: If PC has Lore skill Y his studies reveal deduce the location of a long forgotten ancient ruin of a wizard's tower or reveal a randomly selected spell or enchantment recipe.


    I would also suggest making Crafting skill based and not level based. Tie the crafting of Food to Survival skill level (1 for 1 basis, 2 levels of survival = 2nd level food items) and the crafting of potions to Lore (2 for 1 basis - i.e. 4 levels of lore = 2nd level potions).

  18. Though I would like to see improvements in the stronghold, the developers have limited resources.  These resources are allocated where they will generate the biggest bang for the investment. Whether that includes the Stronghold I do not know. I do like the strategy of releasing expansion in parts as it gets content into the hands of the player faster. And I do like the report that they are incorporating more cut scenes where the player choice can have a dramatic outcome. I also like the fact that the White March hook is that the PC's reputation has spread far and wide, even to the White March.

  19. In principle I like traps, in practice I don't.


    I would like to see:


    1. Better visual indicator of trap trigger area.


    2. Trap area of effect based on skill level (mechanics) - higher skill in mechanics means that you can set traps with a wider area of effect. Example: +20% per level - at level 5 the area of effect is (2x), at level 10 it is (3x).


    3. As KevinG stated, AI should guide your party around the player's own traps.


    4. I would allow the setting of more than one trap, but only at a distance from an enemy. Within a specified radius setting multiple traps should trigger an enemy reaction - i.e. NPC hears a noise and investigates. The more traps you set close to the enemy the more likely this will trigger a reaction - perhaps all the guards in the area respond. The higher your skill in mechanics the more swiftly and quietly you can set traps.

  20. Wow, lots of good ideas here.


    NPC Dialogs - more variety would help - especially if it took into account a PC's reputation and the latest events - I.e. news about the Smithy, the Miller, or the giant bear. Hey, in some cases some NPCs might run away when you try to talk to them.


    Resting in the wilderness - random encounters while camping in the wilderness is a good idea.  This chance for this could vary by encounter map - from 0% to 100% (i.e. 20% in the wilderness, 100% in an undead infested graveyard (I.e. you should really find a crypt to rest in and bar the doors shut). The chance for a random encounter while in the wilderness could be reduced by 5% per survival skill level.


    I would also like to see the merchants close up shop after hours.


    Inventory limits - yes, now you can carry everything. I would base the limit on the party size. Larger parties can carry more. Smaller parties less.

  21. "Some extremists are opposed to any and all necromancy, and tales say that a quiet and powerful cult that has worked for centuries to discredit, trap, and even murder necromancers for their efforts." - Source: Gamepedia - Pillars of Eternity.


    After encountering Necromancers in POE, I wondered why couldn't a PC be one. It would make for an interesting choice with new spells and the threat of a powerful cult that seeks to destroy all Necromancers.


    i.e. Necromancer available as a new class or subclass of a Wizard (Necromancy Talent unlocks spells in this class).


    The cult that seeks to destroy all Necromancers; and their allies(!), has wandering parties of adventurers that are attracted by news of Necromancy being used in Public. The more you use Necromantic skills in public the more you attract the attention of a guild that hates necromancers. This powerful cult has their headquarters in........? This cult will attempt to discredit, trap and even murder the PC necromancer. They will spread rumors about the PC Necromancer, often blaming him for a crime committed by others or the disappearance of a person. Will the PC try to avoid the guild or will he attempt to find its locations and attack its membership?

  22. A few simple suggestions for making the Stronghold more alive. As the Stronghold is rebuilt the PC should encounter more NPCs roaming its grounds.


    1. Rebuilding Brighthollow courtyard pool or the Keep adds a servant or two (NPC) that wanders about the first floor. The servant can alert the player to new events if asked;


    Example: My Lord, the cook has a new recipe that he would like you to try.

    Example: My Lord, the librarian would like to see you when you are available. He says that it is most important.

    Example: My Lord, the gardener reports that a new plant has sprouted in the garden.

    Example: My Lord, the spymaster would like to see you in the map room.


    2. Rebuilding the Hearth adds a Cook (NPC) that periodically provides a player with a new food item.


    3. Rebuilding the Library adds a Librarian (NPC) - that could be a source of quests for new enchantments or spells.


    4. Rebuilding the Temple allows the player to select the religion of the Temple's Deity. This affects the priest's conversations with the player and may cause some companions to leave if their beliefs are diametrically opposed. (Good vs Evil) The priest could be a source of quests for his temple. These temple quests are determined by the deity of the temple priest.  Choose a different priest and you receive a different quest. A quest by one priest may ask you to protect a person, while the quest of another deity asks you to obtain vengeance and slay that same person.


    5. Rebuilding the training ground adds two guards and watching sergeant (NPCs) that actively train - much like they do in the Knights Keep in Defiance Bay - during the day.


    6. Rebuilding the walls of the Keep adds NPCs that patrol the walls, walking back and forth. They may even fire arrows at intruders from their perches atop the wall.


    7. Building the garden adds a gardener ( NPC ) to the map. Talking to the gardener may on occasion unlock new recipes.


    8. Allow the PCs to build a map room that adds a spy master ( NPC ) to the room. This spymaster can provide the player with news of the other kingdoms and the fractions of Defiance Bay, if asked. The map room contains a map of the realms. The spymaster may offer information that leads to new quests.


    9. New Improvement: Market - (1000 GP) - during the day time hours a market is open on the grounds of Caed Nua. Each day a random number of NPC villagers (4 to 12) browse the market and talk to the merchants (2 to 4).

  23. It appears to be a cold environment. I wonder if there will an hourly fatigue penalty for those PCs unprepared for the cold?


    Example: Freezing Cold Hourly Fatigue Penalty: 6. This is reduced by clothing equipped by PC (Hat -2, Cape -2, Gloves -2, Bearskin Cape -4) and by survival skill level (-.5 per level; i.e. at level 6 fatigue penalty for operating in cold environment is reduced by 3).


    Likewise, if the game moves to a hot tropical environment there could be a fatigue penalty for wearing heavy metal armor.

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