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  1. The jokes are easy and you're right.

    On the other hand I allowed myself this remark because I love Obsidian and their games. It's the same for TOW!
    So I'm a little disappointed when I see the repetition of this kind of
    staging... (not just the crate stairs, but also the holes in the fences next to a closed door, etc etc).

    For me, it tends to get me out of the game these details. It precisely looks so like a video game . That's all.

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  2. I have 12 hours of play for now, I enjoy every moment, but seriously Obsidian ... I'm not 6 years old!
    I do not want to see a hole in a fence just after a closed gate, a code on the table next to the locked PC etc etc ...

    And what about that:


    Hmmm I hesitate ... is it a staircase or boxes? I doubt...

    Honestly, the game is great and I love the work done, but sometimes I feel like you think I'm an idiot ... and it's a shame.

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  3. Hi,

    Since the last update (5.0) i can't play cause of this :



    I tried to reload, remove the AA, change the resolution, switch from full screen to window mode ... but still that.
    Note that in motion the image blinks and I have these blackbars sometimes much more pronounced.
    UI and 3D Characters > no problem

    Before the patch, no problem.
    PC: I7 6700K - 16GB - AMD Vega 64 - All drivers up to date.



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