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  1. For me it worked. Logged into the Backer portal with my forum name and password and then backed via Paypal (thanks for the possibility!).


    The Devs said on fig that they will doing updates on Fig and on the Backer Portal Emails on how the Paypal progression goes and if new stretch goals are hit.


    Again thank you Obisidian for making POE1 and a very good campaign on Fig. I await Deadfire! ...and have to buy a better graphic device, when I see footage of the actual game. ;-)

  2. Hi to all.


    A few minutes back I went through Elmshore and stood beneath the Adra Pillars (also marked as this on the map).

    Some steps seem to lead inside the big one or to what lies underneath. Is there a clue to go downwards or is this not working.


    I´m also wondering why I did´nt get the Achievement that I explored all maps in the main game. I´ve done 2 complete runs in the past.

    Any tips?



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