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  1. not only wizard. i feel it's almost all druid, cipher and priest. deadfire is supposingly to be the successor to pillars 1. i'm feeling that the game gimped at this moment with poor choices for each level up. multiclass supposingly should be more fun compared to singleclass options that was available in pillars 1.


    by going multiclassing/subclassing the choices are even more severely limited. it's such a shame. due to this, i'm feeling first pillars are more fun and more superior than deadfire.


    Agree. I wish for the POE1 mechanics on most characters.

  2. I like the idea of handcrafting grimoires.

    There could be a special vendor. Which allows to buy empty books. And write spells 1by1. But not delate. You need to buy new empty grimoire, that is what we call business model. And you can name your tome of course.

    the cost is like 100*PL per spell.


    If you take wizard + druid/priest you could have a lot of spells if that is a priority.

    No complain for overall caster system.


    So like this idea. I so do not like the way grimoires work now.

  3. All of the current pre-order versions offer the same digital rewards as the backer tiers, but at a higher price. We want the backers to feel like they got a little discount for helping make all of this possible. If I were a backer, I would be angry if the same tier was offered at a lower price down the road. Point any complainers to the Kickstarter page, and tell them to get in early next time. :)

    Or very quickly after as a slacker backer.

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