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  1. I recenly wanted to ract to Chris' playing sessions of Arcanum.


    Early summary : I loved all of it, certainly because I expected something different.



    Now I'll write down some points I wanted to (quickly) discuss/share, even if I fear that it's been done thousand of times already (NO SPOILERS):


    After watching the first Video (the 50 mins one), I was really pleased. I had my fair share of time screaming to my screen 'up here !', 'check his pockets !' ... but in the end I realized I hardly ever watch people playing solo games, and it was very refreshing to see someone else's reactions to this game without prior knowledge. Made me want to stride  the lands of Arcanum again, so I unleashed an halfling arsonist ... but that's another fiery story.


    When I finished watching the first video, I incidently moved to the comment section on youtube and I was really disappointed by the amount of negativity (yeah I know .... 'Welcome to the internetz'). I was sad to see how many people don't want to just let Chris play and have his fun, it was like reading comments of over protective parents : 'Do this , do that, it's for your own good'. 


    What surprised me most in those videos, it's that Chris is human (astonishing, isn't it ?) and have the same perks as us common human players (hoarding tendancies paired with poor inventory management skills, ...) BUT I didn't expect him to have awkward interface interaction (I can't recall my first 'intercourse' with Arcanum's interface ... have I been clunky?).

    In fact here's what I expected : Chris making design-wise commentaries every 10 secs, distributing 'gaming industry fun facts' all the way while killing wolves by the dozen, critizing the game interface and sharing his impressions/frustration .... but at the end of the day, I'm glad  he's having his fun  and I hope he'll got as much as I did 'back in the days' (because that's what a 'let's play' is suposed to be : someone having fun, no?).


    Finally I will make a list of some tips for arcanum (NO SPOILERS):

    - Using the F1~F6 keys can be usefull for managing your party, in spite of the occasional clunkyness of the reactions. F7 is quicksave, F8 is quickload, the ever most dangerous allies.

    - Arcanum's manual (which you have with the GoG version in the arcanum download section) is a must read (WARNING : there is a  playthrough chapter If I remember correctly)

    - Bashing things up in Arcanum is a real science : don't underestimate the risks and the results.

    - As many people mentionned : map travelling is botched a bit, don't discourage.


    That would be all for the moment I think.

  2. Hi everyone, first post here. This topic has been great to read so far, so I bring my contribution :



    Dorsahna, Goddess of catastrophes, misfortune  and bad decisions (Lawful Neutral). 'The Loveless'.


    Symbol : Scales with a bleeding heart on one side and burning pieces of gold on the other.

    Patroness of travelers, explorers.

    Ennemies in pantheon : all gods who use humans for their advantage.

    Manifestation : A vulnerable person which could be helped or preyed on.

    Trivia : Prones self achievement, humility and respect. She is believed to keep an eye on innocents and vulnerable persons, and bring misfortune on thieves or brigands harming the helpless. She is more feared and respected than loved because she doesn't grant any favors, just punish those who offend her. People give her offerings to protect from hazards their relatives who are travelling (a mother for her sons who go to war, a wife for her husband who goes to the sea). 

    People who firmly respect her don't help nor rob the wounded on the side of the road because in the first case they could be helping someone that already offended the goddess and in the second case that would be taking advantage of someone.

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