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    I'm sorry if there was any miscommunication about this! We wanted the chromecase to look sleek but not obtrusive in backers' collections and libraries. I know it's a small consolation, but the card's code is different from the code we sent you upon release (and boy am I glad we decided to do that - talk about logistical nightmares), so if you have that friend who put the game on their wishlist but hasn't yet bought it, you can definitely put them in your debt send them a token of your friendship!



    C'mon man, getting a fancy Download-Code when what we are ordered is a physical copy of the game? This is a disgrace, you kow it and so does the community!


    I supported your Kickstarter Campaigns for both Games not only because I thought you maybe could make a great Game but also because I thought you would care a little bit more about your backers and "regular" costumers.

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