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    I was not a fan of arrows. They just seemed unnecessary. In BG2, I just went for Firetooth on my Archer even though it sucked compared to Tuigan because I didnt want to deal with arrow foolishness. They took up way too much inventory space and I did not feel compelled to swap arrow types often. If anything, I ended up hoarding a bunch of special arrows and never actually doing anything with them.

    Which would mean that the firetooth wouldn't be an awesome reward anymore, because it wouldn't be as special anymore. It would just be another bow that doesn't require any arrows just like the rest of the bows in the game.

    How do you know? Maybe different bows can have different elemental effects. You can still have a unique fire crossbow but what makes an item desirable shouldnt be it subverting poor game design.


    Having bows with arrows and (more or less powerful) bows without arrows is poor game design? Wat. xD


    Anyway, I know because I played BG2 and that game has the best itemization to date. You don't need different types of bows, just different types of arrows.

  2. No they should make it like BG wher when you found a good bow + 3 you get arrows or peiring + 7 to Th0co then you have a great chance to kill something tough for a wile.   Not dumb down the bows to do so.

    That is also a very good point. You can use special arrows to take down tough foes. You can't really do that if every bow in the game doesn't use any arrows at all.

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  3. Helm:

    So, the devs should make bows crappy by design and then make players happy when they find 1 special bow isnt completely crappy?

    No, the player should be able to replace that very good bow that uses arrows with an awesome one that doesn't use arrows. There should also be a tradeoff in certain cases, not every arrowless bow needs to be super powerful.


    This is what I consider to be good itemization. BG2 had the best itemization in any RPG to date because of stuff like this.

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  4. This is a combat heavy game, so it makes sense to have combat xp. I can definately see a legitimate crpg being made with no combat xp. I just dont thar makes sense for this game. Your poll needs to be reworded.

    Yep, and that game is called Torment: Tides of Numenera. It makes sense that the game won't have any combat XP.


    But that game's XP system is already superior to the one in PoE, because it will have objective and exploration XP, something this game doesn't have. And you don't have to walk around the trash mobs either like in PoE, because there aren't any.  :grin:

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  5. The idea is very good, but I like how it was done in BG2. You have regular and special arrows and can find very special bows that don't require arrows.


    How do you make a poll?

    No idea my friend.


    I dunno. I kinda dont. Arrows suck in the ie games. I was happy to get firetooth just to not have to micromanage that stuff in bg2.

    Which would mean that the firetooth wouldn't be an as awesome reward anymore, because it wouldn't be as special anymore. It would just be another bow that doesn't require any arrows just like the rest of the bows in the game. It would still be powerful but less special.


    I really liked stuff like this in BG2.

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  6. thanks for honesty.





    so, the "Planet Retardia" bit were inspired by an "absurd hypothesis," much like suggesting PoE would tank 'cause of xp mechanic... in spite o' the fact that the developers who actual see the QA folks playing the game, folks such as sawyer AND cain, believe that quest xp is the superior mechanic.


    HA! Good Fun!

    Gollum, Sawyer thinks it is a good mechanic, but he is wrong, these countless threads prove it as do the beloved IE games. People make mistakes.


    ps we would never use retard, retardia, or any variation save to throwback at some person unpleasant enough to bring such an unfortunate descriptor to the board debate.

    Are you sure, Gollum? Read what you wrote:


    so your observations about your home planet's [Planet Retardia] way o' doing things

  7. Er...that "planet retardia" comment was directed at the devs. So why did you fire it back at us 'folks'?

    It was directed at the absurd hypothesis that it is impossible to improve a game or change core mechanics without more development time. It wasn't directed at the devs.


    EDIT: I think I am out of context now. I just wanted to write why I used used that analogy.


    EDIT 2: Gromnir then flung it back at me saying I (we) originate from Planet Retardia, because we like combat XP.

  8. I was not a fan of arrows. They just seemed unnecessary. In BG2, I just went for Firetooth on my Archer even though it sucked compared to Tuigan because I didnt want to deal with arrow foolishness. They took up way too much inventory space and I did not feel compelled to swap arrow types often. If anything, I ended up hoarding a bunch of special arrows and never actually doing anything with them.

    Which would mean that the firetooth wouldn't be an awesome reward anymore, because it wouldn't be as special anymore. It would just be another bow that doesn't require any arrows just like the rest of the bows in the game.

  9. Regardless of practical reasons to have or not have killing monsters give you exp, the bottom line is that killing monsters for exp is fun. When you down a foe and you see the feedback: "Party Gained Exp: 3000" it just incites good tingly feelings. It's fun.


    I would say just implement a system in which if you talk your way out of a battle, then you also get a comparable amount of experience. 

    Yep, I love it too. The satisfaction of killing a strong foe and then getting a large sum of XP really lets me feel immersed and also improves the feeling of progression.

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  10. There was a lot of pointlesss combat in the ie games, and it did get tedious. Also you could just run from many trash mobs. The core activity in poe is not using stealth yo avoid combay, that is hyperbole. You were given a demo to test basic, talentless, combat and basic nonstory quests. From this and a loose knowledge of one developer youve drawn your own personal fantastic conclusions about a finished product you know very little about.

    Thank you for admitting that you don't have to kill everything in an IE game for XP. We really appreciate it.


    I didn't think the combat was tedious in the IE games, it was the core activity of the game and I enjoyed it. I see have admitted that you didn't really enjoy combat, which would explain why you can hardly wait to play this stealth simulator.


    Anyway, I can draw as many conclusions as I like from the core mechanics that Obsidian presented. The game is obviously a stealth simulator and it needs to be fixed.




    I'm not sure when Obsidian came to the conclusion that the mechanics in the IE games are total crap and need to be replaced. Mechanically PoE resembles Darklands more than any of IE games, which is not surprising considering the fact that Sawyer's favorite game is Darklands and that he hates Baldur's Gate.

    They didnt come to that conclusion, you did, among many other unsubstantiated claims.


    Now you have to explain why PoE is a stealth simulator that doesn't resemble any of the IE games at all.



    Let me explain this to you too.


    Yes, they do drop items. You collect items and sell them for gold or you collect crafting materials. What do you need gold for? To buy camping supplies or craft. What do you need camping supplies or crafted items for? For combat. Duh.


    Man, if only we got XP for combat, instead of loot, everything would be fixed! Because, what do you need XP for? Obviously anything but combat.




    What the?


    You obviously didn't understand a word I wrote in my entire post. There is no incentive to engage in combat. Understand?

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  11. I have the freedom to do whatever I want in this respect.

    Yes, you do. Criticize on, bro.  :thumbsup:


    We're doing everyone a favor by helping obsdian to improve this game.


    EDIT: I just read his last post again. I had liked it, which was a mistake. I missed the last line of it. Sorry about that. He is indeed wrong and it is out of place to call you an idiot for your opinion and constructive criticism.

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    Aaah yes. It's time now for the meaningless but ever entertaining rebuttal of: "combat is for the fun!". "combat is for roadblocking point A from point B in a quest" , and my personal favorite: "combat is for the roleplaying"!

     And that's why nobody ever plays any game unless it has Kill-XP.


    I like Zelda and it has no XP at all.


    Wouldn't that be great for Pillars of Eternity? I think so, because Zelda is great.


    Do you actually understand what you just wrote? They need to 'incentivize' combat, an activity 80% of the game engine and character builds are about. It's like building a flight simulator where take off, landing and the bit inbetween is a bit of a drag.

    Indeed. Wasn't the core activity of this game supposed to be combat? xD
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    It's buggy but who thought it would be perfect in alpha stages?

    Game is supposed to be beyond alpha, hence the backer "beta".


    The game isn't beta simply by definition, because there are many assets missing.


    But this strategy isn't new, Larian and Inxile did the same thing.

  14. That's really rich coming from you. All this time I thought "retarded" was one of your favorite pejoratives.

    I just want this game to be the best it can be. I wouldn't waste my time on these forums if the game was released in disastrous state and therefore couldn't be substantially improved anymore.


    BTW Feel free to make a list of my post where I have insulted the developers or any of the other fans. Have fun.


    Some people have been found to susceptible to "Early Access", "Backer Beta", and other pathogens. Typical symptoms include bug bite marks, hallucinations, aggressive episodes, mood swings. These people shouldn't enter any such program UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.


    Completely ignore the game while it is in the making, live a happy, content, successful life until the game comes out, then enjoy it.


    This guy..... i like this guy.  :thumbsup:


    He is wrong though, the developers want criticism, because it is constructive and helps them improve the game. The developers are (well, should be) very capable of extrapolating based on the feedback they receive. Anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot. Obsidian actually asked us to lay it on them - so we did.


    Keep on criticizing what you don't like and watch the magic happen. Just don't throw any fits and call the developers retarded **** or something, that is not constructive. I do admit though that there is a disproportionately high amount of controversy surrounding this game, but that is their own fault. If you promise something, then you better make it happen.

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    Have you played the beta? it is by every definition a spiritual successor to the IE games.

    Yes, i have played it and I disagree.

    You have every right to disagree, even if you are wrong.


    The game has nothing to do with any of the Infinity Engine games. Which wouldn't be so bad, if it was actually good, which it isn't. The bugs don't make this game bad, it is the terrible systems design and mechanics.

  17. I have experience in beta testing numerous other RPGs, Wasteland 2, D:OS, Blackgaurds, Might & Magic X, Dead State, and so on (yeah, i'm an RPG freak). This game is by far the worst of the bunch that I have playtested and is obviously still in a pre-alpha state, I wouldn't be surprised if what we are playing is the first playable build.


    There is a lot of fixing that needs to be done, even a lot of the assets are missing; in my opinion the mechanics and systems design is also very (very, very) underwhelming. People who think that this could still be released in Q4/2015 or even Q1/2015 are being wildly optimistic IMO.

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  18. No arrows is not a good thing.


    But I already noticed that everything in this game has been dumbed down substantially. Quite sad that Obsidian has failed by making a game that has less depth than Dragon Age. Hopefully this Beta was nothing more than a tech demo and Obsidian eventually redeems themselves.

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  19. obsidian doesn't have limitless funds or time to develop PoE

    Well, the other option would be to let the game tank. Inxile fixed up Wasteland 2 very nicely with additonal development time, Obsidian should do the same. TBH Wasteland 2 wasn't even near as bad as PoE now is when the Beta was released way back last December.


    Anyway, why are you are still hanging around here writing nearly incoherent posts with orc-speak, although you think that all of this controversay and discussion or this vote are meaningless? Are you scared that this game might be improved so that low-intelligence orcs might have problems playing it?



    If everything we vote on or write is so meaningless, then why are you even here on the forum?


    change xp mechanic at this late date when sawyer and cain approve quest xp, and given that qa folks gameplay reveals that there is no problem with quest xp, makes This issue pointless for debate. thinks that a board poll will achieve results regarding this issue is even more ludicrous.


    Anything can be changed with more development time. Maybe not on Planet Retardia, but it is certainly possible on this world. Herp.


    BTW Sawyer is lead designer, buddy. I think Cain only designed fortress mechanics and other minor things. Sawyer is responsible for everything else.


    You still haven't explained why it's acceptable that PE has a worse XP system than SRR.

    Because SRR uses Karma instead of XP. Otherwise, they are similar in that they reward for getting stuff done rather than doing stuff.


    Shadowrun Returns uses a quest XP system, although that is not the only way to get XP like in PoE. Like Volourn wrote, the XP system in SRR is indeed superior, although the design of the game is much simpler.


    The games are very different anyway. In SRR you have to kill practically everything on a run (combat is the core activity in this game), so it doesn't make a difference if you are rewarded with XP at the end of the run or for every kill. Not to mention that SRR doesn't have any overworld exploration or anything of the sort. You do however get additonal XP for completing optional objectives, like filling up a room with poisonous gas instead of engaging the enemy directly, which is awesome. PoE Doesn't even appear to have something like this though, because all choices matter equally in every single situation, simply with cosmetic differences, which is absurd.


    No combat XP therefore does make sense in SRR, which is probably why there never has and never will be any controversy about SRR using this system whatsoever. Can't say the same for PoE though, as you can see.



    BTW, Karma = XP, or can you not use Karma to improve your character's skills?


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