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  1. I've implemented a "walking when not in combat" mod (because I assume you don't mind running once combat starts  :aiee:).  Rather than building it stand-alone (and thus incompatible with IE Mod), I've incorporated it into the IE Mod.  It should be available once Bester accepts the submission. 


    Great commit. I hope I merged everything correctly, I never used version control before tbh.


    The reason it took 2 days is because nobody made pull requests before, so I never bothered checking. The only reason I noticed this one is because someone mentioned it to me on another forum. Don't be sneaky next time. icon_wink.gif

  2. Then I exited the game, and copied over my modification and loaded up the save.  I took note of any changes rest per day > to modular > out of combat..etc.  I didn't activate the skill, since that seemed to sometimes cause bugs.  Then I saved the game again.  I exited the game again, and copied back over the unchanged/original file.


    Loaded up the save again, and my modification had stuck (no pink textures).  I tried resting, zoning, and even different game versions.  From what I could tell it worked in 1.30, 1.30 with IE, and 1.3.530.



    From looking at the hex code of talents/spells; I saw no clear texture path.


    I have no idea. Maybe there is no texture path at all. But the fact remains that something gets broken. Maybe the material and its texture are linked in some other files, and maybe the material gets slightly modified and a link between material and its texture gets broken? I never looked at what gets modified with a hex editor. Maybe it's something so minor that after saving the file, a pass to correct a few bytes would be enough? Will have a look at it when I get some time, I'm currently busy with something else and will be for at least a week or two.

  3. This problem of shaders/textures/animations seriously needs to be fixed, does anyone know Unity here and can experiment a little?
    I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's around this line:

    	BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundleExplicitAssetNames (unity3dAssets, names, savepath, 
    			BuildAssetBundleOptions.CollectDependencies | 
    			BuildAssetBundleOptions.CompleteAssets | 
    			, BuildTarget.StandaloneWindows );

    I suppose what might be happening - the original assetbundles are built without CollectDependencies (that's why the textures etc are not included), but then we have to build it also without CollectDependencies (otherwise the references to missing files get broken?) and I haven't been successful at doing that.


    Another thing that I don't understand is - how are the references functioning? When I read a file with a missing texture, there's nothing to indicate that the file isn't already broken, and yet it works. For instance, any material that's "pink" returns a Hidden/InternalErrorShader when I try to read its shader. Why does it work in game?


    And ANOTHER thing that I don't understand. A lot of assetbundles have mainAsset. Which means they were built using BuildAssetBundle and not BuildAssetBundleExplicitAssetNames, right? Yet when I try doing it with BuildAssetBundle, the array of objects in the second parameter is somehow ignored and those assets don't get included (or they do, but as children to the mainAsset? anyway, that's not the original hierarchy, so why is it happening?)


    And another problem that recently appeared - Transforms are somehow disassociated from their GameObjects, and now CollectDependencies includes a second Transform, which is exactly the same as the first one. Transforms get duplicated in the bundle.


    It's a mess. I recently had a day to look into this. Made no progress. I can't fix it.

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  4. Also, Bester, I know we all share a common hatred for the Memorials, but is there any chance you could restore the deleted/changed Memorial as a core part of the mod? The tears of insane SJW everywere that just can't possibly use the mod when it includes such "transphobia" would nourish all thinking people everywhere, I think.

    As a core part - no, because I need memorials to be exposed for other purposes. As a module - it's already been made. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/28/


    The reason I exposed the memorials is to allow people to rewrite them so they'd fit the lore, if there are any such enthusiasts. Now that it's been done, I can't just "lock" the content of one entry.


    As for SJW lunatics, I just don't have enough enthusiasm to make special mods just for them, they're already getting more attention than they deserve. During 524 version, the limerick was at the bottom of the screen as Sensuki said, and in that time, there was only one sjw at nexus who got mildly butthurt over it. As you can see, SJWs don't actually play PoE, cause it's a heavily hetero-male oriented game. 94,6% visitors of the iemod site are male.

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  5. The trouble I'm having is the same one Zekzt was previously struggling with- the model's animations break.  Also, the particle effect materials seem to want to reference textures that aren't stored in the assetbundle, and I'm not sure how to set those.

    You can find them in the big unity3d files, export them and reassign them every time they're needed.


    It's not right that you have to do that, but that's the only method that works currently.


    I tried fixing it 2 days ago and couldn't. I'll try again later.

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  6. Bester, is it possible to replace the Backer NPC strings with generic floating text, or better yet, generic text displayed in a dialogue interface? I'm imagining something just like in the IE games, where NPCs would say one of a bunch of random strings - comment on the weather, the political situation, lore bits, etc?


    Once I've completed the game and read through the lore books - almanach/collector's book, etc., I'm volunteering to write generic lines. I just feel like having so many mute NPCs is a loss and takes away from the immersion.


    Maybe. If you're serious and still feel like doing it, talk to me again when you've finished the game.


    On a related note, I'm externalizing the memorial entries in the next version, so if there are any enthusiasts out there who'd like to make the memorials more lore friendly, you'll be able to do that soon.



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  7. Got the file; thanks a lot original.gif


    I can't seem to use the new ForceAA command, however: It gives me an error message that says the command doesn't actually exist.


    Is it normal the mod would remember my settings after replacing all its files?


    You were either given an older version, or you typed ForceAA without a parameter.



    I see you updated the instructions... But the part that I crossed out is is wrong. cat-0011.gif


    My iemod folder is located in here:



    But it seems like your mod is searching in the following *incorrect* location:

    /Contents/Managed/iemod/ ...


    Sorry for being a pain in the *** and no worries if you don't have time to fix this for now

    Thanks, updated the info.

  8. Maybe someone have a clue how to help me - so i'm trying to edit the spiritshift druid spell [stag transformation to be precise].

    Im just doing a small edit, similiar to this mod : http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/10/? - to be precise, change the time that transformation last durning combat to unlimited.

    Whenever i edit anything in that file in game transformation ends up with missing animation ad purple boxes + purple textures.


    I asume its the lack of material shaders asigned - but how on earth im suposed to know what shader assign manualy in that file ? And i even doubt thats the case, since as mentioned above, author of this mod - Arcane Veil, he edited just few values [if im correct 2 parameters], and his mod works fine.

    But when i try to recreate it on my own - even editing the basiv Arcane Veil with Unity results - same as stag transformation - in purple particle and boxes.


    Any help would be aprecieated...


    I can tell you how to get half way there.


    First of all, find all components of type Material and set their shaders to Trenton/Characters/PE_BumpSpec

    But if the component's name starts with "fx_", then set it to Trenton/Particles/PE_ParticleAdd


    At this point, your stag will stop being purple, but the particle effects will still be textureless. This is because the textures for them aren't included in the untiy3d file. You need to export them with Disunity from other unity3d files (which ones - idk exactly, one of the big ones). Then you must put them into your project and assign them to the Materials of the same name.


    At this point, your particle effects will start working, and your stag will work. However, the Stag's animation will still be broken. Don't know how to fix that yet. Most likely something needs to be exported from the big files and imported into this one, like with textures. (AnimatorController maybe?)


    There should really be a way to make it all work out of the box. Will look into it when I finish the game, but I'm not sure I'll be able to solve it.

  9. 4.5 -> 4.51
    - Fixed a bug, where the 6th portrait highlight would always be on.
    - Fixed a bug in the ChangeClass console command.
    - Added a console command "ForceAA number". As you may know, you can set the Anti-Aliasing through the Msaa command, but the game doesn't remember this setting and resets it every time you transition to another area. By using ForceAA, the game will remember your desired setting. Accepted parameters are: 0, 2, 4, 8. Default is 4.
    - Added a console command "DisableBackerDialogues true/false". It must be used in conjunction with the "Rename Backers" mod. It takes effect after you transition or reload a savegame.
    - Added a checkbox in Options -> IE Mod for people who wanted to see all tooltips when pressing TAB.

    About ChangeClass.
    It now removes all talents and abilities, except racial ones and except Watcher's abilities, but that last part is not entirely true. I haven't progressed deep enough into the story to find all Watcher abilities, so it only makes an exception for Crucible_of_the_Soul. I will include others as I discover them, but for now you will lose them if you're going to respec your main character. You can get them back through the AddAbility console command, so it's not a problem. Note that you will also lose your abilities gained through equipment, but you will regain them as soon as you reload your save.

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    Can anyone figure out how to change people's Attributes? I want to change Durance's intelligence but the command "AttributeScore" which is what I've found just doesn't seem to work. I've also seen that "iroll20s" is required. I can get that command to work but not AttributeScore, any advice appreciated.


    Are you doing AttributeScore Durance Intelligence 20?


    You need to do "FindCharacter Durance", you'll get something like NPC_Durance(Clone)_0 in the console command. So then use this name instead of just "Durance" for the attributescore command.


    I can't do this for my own PC.


    Every time I do: "FindCharacter True Menace" nothing but an error comes up so I can't get my own PC ID.


    It says "No command or script 'FindCharacter' accepting 2 parameters exists."


    Ok I found out your supposed to use "Player" instead of your actual PC...



    That's cause you're feeding it two parameters - "True" and "Menace", while it accepts only one. Just do FindCharacter Menace next time.


    I would like to ask if the GameObject browser is still a part of the mod, and if it is, how is it activated?

    Console command TT

  11. Can anyone figure out how to change people's Attributes? I want to change Durance's intelligence but the command "AttributeScore" which is what I've found just doesn't seem to work. I've also seen that "iroll20s" is required. I can get that command to work but not AttributeScore, any advice appreciated.


    Are you doing AttributeScore Durance Intelligence 20?


    You need to do "FindCharacter Durance", you'll get something like NPC_Durance(Clone)_0 in the console command. So then use this name instead of just "Durance" for the attributescore command.

  12. Bester, any chance of a RemoveAbility command? There's none in the base game and for whatever reason, my Aloth's got two Arcane Assaults. =_= At first I thought it was related to the IE Mod and the added ChangeClass command, but nope, reloaded and it still occurs all on it's own.


    If you used the ChangeClass command, it is likely that it was caused by it. I'll make a console command to remove abilities in a few days.

  13. Well you can tell the dude he was wrong wink.png This is the correct path:


    /Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Pillars of Eternity/PillarsOfEternity.app/Contents/Data/Managed


    But... this is the same path that he indicated. And this is the same path that I have on the mod's site. Now I'm confused.


    Is this instruction correct or not? "Place the contents of the archive into Steam ▸ steamapps ▸ common ▸ Pillars of Eternity ▸ PillarsOfEternity.app ▸ Contents ▸ Data ▸ Managed"

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