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  1. If you don't bring Tekehu with you to specific areas/quests, it's REALLY EASY to miss out on his character development.


    Not saying that will make him any more likeable, but I thought that was a risky move on behalf of the narrative team, because personally, my perception of him changed a lot when I actually brought him along and saw his unique reactions to, for example, the Gullet.

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  2. I wonder if the expansion will take place during the events of the main game, or afterwards?


    For example, there is a quest in the main game where you end up in Rymrgand's domain. Will that quest change depending on whether or not you have already completed the Beast of Winter expansion? I guess what I'm hoping for is cross-reactivity between the main game and the expansions.



    Was that option blocked because they want to bring the Watcher back in the next game, but don't want to deal with a bunch of Teylecg babies? :)


    I get that everyone has their own interpretation of what a "hero" in a "fantasy" game should be, I really do.


    But do you REALLY think a hero who runs around getting into mortal danger on a regular basis to save the world can be a good mother?


    Yes, yes, we have Vela. But even kidnapping adopting her was NOT framed as the best decision. And look at what she's learning from Uncle Engrim!

  4. Post the full data object for the item you've created/modified and I'll take a look. I thought I used the rapier model you showed in the screenshot and had no issues.


    Here's what is in the items.gamedatabundle right now:


          "$type": "Game.GameData.WeaponGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
          "DebugName": "Rapier_U_Squids_Grasp",
          "ID": "a479821c-6fcf-43aa-823c-bcb7aed52697",
          "Components": [
              "$type": "Game.GameData.ItemComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
              "DisplayName": 2519,
              "DescriptionText": 5087,
              "FilterType": "Weapons",
              "InventoryAudioEventListID": "88a07545-2f97-4451-a839-4fc61287ea65",
              "IsQuestItem": "false",
              "IsIngredient": "false",
              "IsCurrency": "false",
              "IsAdventuringItem": "false",
              "CanSellForFullValue": "false",
              "MaxStackSize": 1,
              "NeverDropAsLoot": "false",
              "CanBePickpocketed": "true",
              "IsUnique": "true",
              "Value": 35,
              "IconTextureSmall": "gui/icons/items/weapons/rapier/rapier_squids_grasp_s.png",
              "IconTextureLarge": "gui/icons/items/weapons/rapier/rapier_squids_grasp_l.png",
              "PencilSketchTexture": "",
              "InspectOnUseButton": [
              "IsPlaceholder": "false"
              "$type": "Game.GameData.EquippableComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
              "EquipmentType": "Rapier",
              "EquipmentSlot": "AnyWeapon",
              "AppearancePiece": {
                "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/items/appearance/weapons/rapier/a_rapier04.asset"
              "ItemModsIDs": [
              "OnEquipVisualEffects": [
                  "VisualEffect": "prefabs/effects/abilities/wizzard/fx_citzals_enchanted_armory_sword_wpn.prefab",
                  "AttachPoint": "Fx_Bone_01",
                  "EmissiveColor": {
                    "A": 1,
                    "R": 0.8313726,
                    "G": 0.7764706,
                    "B": 1
                  "EmissiveGlowScale": 1
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    Has anyone been able to test if Xoti vs Pallegina scene now triggers correctly?


    Companions annoyed barks still seem to be broken with the latest patch, I keep clicking for a minute and can't get a single one of them trigger (before I could at least get them once or twice).


    I did not upgrade to the latest patch, but it triggered alright for me before. Pallegina had -2 with Xoti, Xoti +1 with Gina, asked Gina what she thinks about Eothas, after her rant Xoti instantly initiated the scene.


    In other news, there is one thing Concelhaut loves. :biggrin:





    I swear I had some candied nuts in my inventory. Then I brought Concelhaut out, got this dialogue trigger, and the nuts were gone....  :shifty:

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  6. I may have troubleshooted this myself.


    I had been playing around with gamedatabundles, making changes to items among other things. What I THINK happened is that I accidentally typed something in the items file that broke it, so the game couldn't read ANY item data.


    I validated the game files to reset everything to default, and made my edits more carefully this time and the game is working again.

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  7. After applying Patch 1.1, I found I was unable to load any of my previous files, so I tried starting a new game.

    Immediately, I noticed that I only had 9 Berath's Blessings, despite having completed the game once already. Undeterred, I pressed on.


    I used the nifty new "Skip Intro" feature, but, what's this? Something is different...




    Okay... weird, but not a big deal. It's not like anyone is going to see you in the Beyond, right? Maybe gods just like to be comfortable at home like the rest of us.


    But then I finally get to the character creation screen:




    Huh, I remember my character having clothes on before.


    After that, it just descended even deeper into depravity. This is what was waiting for me when I made it back to my ship:




    Eder, you scamp! You won't romance me, but what exactly happened in that cabin while I was having an out-of-body experience, hmmm?


    "There should be some equipment in that wardrobe. Best make some use of it." Okay...




    Nope. Nothing in there.




    Okay, now this is just ridiculous.


    In short Obsidian, I think Mirke hijacked the patch and convinced everyone to be a nudist like herself. :p

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    I have a sneaking suspicion, given all the content on his -1/-2 branch and the big deal they made in marketing about him not being the same meek guy anymore, that they want Aloth to be this difficult to please, and it's not a bug at all. We shall see...

    Yep, I've suspected for a while he's supposed to be like that. Doesn't stop me sighing through my nose about it xD

    *CENIC gives you a pained look.

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