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  1. The only thing i will add to what Frenetic Pony has suggested is, please, if you have components that can be assembled any way you like to get items with varied stats, please provide some means by which we can acquire more components. If they're limited quantity, then that's a 'failure point' where choosing the wrong combination can gimp you unnecessarily.


    Example: I choose 3 components early on to build a sword. one of those components is(unbeknownst to me) extremely rare and can't be found anywhere else in the game, and I blow it on a low level sword. Then, 40 hours into the game, I'm kicking myself because I can't upgrade to the sword of kickassness because I used the only component available. Extreme example, I know but it illustrates my point.

  2. There is no concern of luck. If you steam roll 10+ fights in a row, luck simply cannot be a factor. That's not the issue at hand, the issue is whether such a system should be done, how the monsters should be scaled (and I do not mean like Skyrim, I know a flat level scaling system for monsters is dumb, I specifically mention giving monsters new abilities, specific resistances/traits, or AI to enhance their strength). Creating a heuristic to track player progress accurately could easily be done with low error and it would be trivial to "reverse" the changes done by an AI director if you are suddenly losing.


    I can see an argument of, "If a player has found a winning strategy. Let them win." But I am specifically worried more about the case where my Minsc at the beginning of ToB could demolish entire groups of enemies on his own. Detecting that kind of thing would be a little harder and I guess if people think, "If you can demolish the game, you should be able to." Is a fine way of thinking, I can't really disagree, though making the game slightly harder when you start demolishing it, I don't think would prevent anyone from having fun. Also, this suggestion of mine was specifically geared towards the end game.

    I still think such difficulty options should be left entirely in the hands of the player, whether they want to enable them or not.
  3. It actually depends on how the camera is managed. I really hope they do free-form camera, which necessitates a boundary limit to the viewable area. The explorable area does not need to be rectangular(in fact it frequently is not) but the visible area should be, simply because our screen is rectangular and it is easier to display rectangles.

  4. So if some poor shmuck who's not really all that good at the combat system manages to get a bunch of lucky rolls, he gets steamrolled in the next encounter?

    This. I remember playing Mega Man X... 7? It had a difficulty system whereby if you blew through a level with high performance, the next few levels got harder. I took the game back. The encounter difficulty should be a result of player choice, not automated based on player skill.
  5. TPB has never once in its history attempted to remove copyrighted content. half hearted attempts were made by both Mininova and ISOhunt and others concerned with their long term survival. People go there to get illegal ****, and maybe they check out whatever band is being promoted as well. Lets call a spade a spade people.

    Since we're calling spades spades...


    TPB does not have any copyrighted content to remove as they don't host anything bar the torrent information. As such people cannot go there to get illegal asterisks, they can only go there to obtain directions to get (potentially) illegal asterisks. That's why they're still in business.


    It is good thing to remember that not all TPB's directions lead to illegal asterisks, which might make banning the whole site illegal in itself. At least that's what is currently happening in Finland.

    Depending on the nation, the right of freedom of speech does not automatically extend to the right to surf whatever website you want.
  6. What about a pantheon of gods that existed before mortals had souls, and souls are actually a form of extraplanetary contamination and(from the viewpoint of the gods) must be expunged for the good of the world(and purity and such). So the Gods would be against any use of soul powers. Using soul powers is almost guaranteed to provoke the ire of any gods nearby and you might even end up on the bad end of the so-called 'good' gods because you ... accidentally? used a soul power without realising it.

  7. I would expect to have some new features like having the certain class in the party should give bonuses to all the members without skills used and spells.

    For example:

    Warrior - gives bonuses to attack and defense, allows uses of tactical maneuvers

    Rogue - evasion bonus from traps, cannot be backstabbed by rogues of lower level than the party rogue

    Priest - gives morale bonus and bonus to fighting with undead

    Mage - gives bonus to magic resistance, willpower


    The bonuses should be bigger if there is more than one character of certain class.

    Since those are powerful bonuses, the leader of the party, which is a role hot-swappable, should be the only one to give a bonus. So if you know you're going to be fighting undead, move the priest up to the front of the party. Lots of traps around? Rogue to the fore!
  8. Can't you just map keyboard and mouse functions to your xbox controller? Why not just use a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. Or you could always go high tech and control the mouse cursor with the power of your mind.


    As for growing up I think grown up people are not supposed to play computer games at all. And no, not console games either. Also laptops are a pathetic gaming platform. I've never owned a laptop. The closest thing I had was a portable Epson typewriter with a one line LCD display.

    Heaven forbid we should all be consigned to lives of drudgery and dullness until we are released from this purgatory in death.
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