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  1. lol @ World of Warcraft for instituting the tyranny of quest markers :)


    I am relieved to have a return to the "ye olde" way of doing things.


    What I am wary of:

    - What would happen if you <accidentally> complete a quest, before officially receiving the quest?

       Or will the initiation of a quest via the primary interaction spawn the rest of the quest actors?


    1) Having characters on site prior to quest spawn leads to a more populated and "realistic" world

    2) Spawning in relevant actors following quest initialisation leads to a structured quest resolution by precluding some of the scripting difficulties and premature quest failure

    For the record, WoW didn't introduce it - it was a fan-made mod that first created the quest objective tracker and Blizzard adopted the feature, because so many people were using it.

  2. i have no idea how you are supposed to beat the last battle in TOB, couldn't do it to this day, even on easy


    melissaan is highly resistant to magic damage types. her melee attack is devastating, and she will summon a ton of demons to aid her. have many many potions of greater healing, be prepared to chain-chug them, as her glaive hurts pretty bad. greater whirlwind + cleave?(the one that crits for 2 rounds) guarantees 10 hits all of which will crit. after a certain percentage of her health goes, she will dive into the fountain, and start drawing power. you will need to cut off one of the fountains nearby(they're guarded by monsters), after which she will resume the fight, summoning more monsters. Generally, it's not worth the time to kill the monsters she summons, unless they're getting seriously out of hand. Just focus fire on her. This is one fight where mages kind of get screwed; there are only a few things that mages can be useful for here, mostly for debuffing. There's also no resting during the encounter, so you have to plan your spellbooks ahead of time. Ranged attacks don't really work well on her, unless you have a massive supply of +4 arrows(arrows of piercing).


  3. It's an interesting question. While I believe in value for my money, the price of a product has historically been based upon the retail fee. In retail, everyone along the chain of production, from developer to the storefront, gets a cut of the price. The developer would actually only get a small bit of that, if any, depending on the publisher agreement.


    So what are we paying for? The product, yes, and also, we're advance funding the next product in the line. Does that mean we get the next one pro bono? Of course not! We'll be funding the NEXT one down the line, and so on. And of course, the developers should probably get a profit, after expenses, too. :)


    I've said all that to indicate that I would be very very surprised at a 60 dollar price tag for a digital release. I would be moderately surprised by a 40 dollar price tag. Ultimately it's up to them to figure out a good price point wherein they can make a reasonable profit. I hope this game does well!

  4. First, no one ever said it was a niche to play with a controller. Anyone who does say that is delusional or ignorant.


    This game was kickstarted and advertised up front as a PC game which would play in the style of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Obviously, from the number of people who put forward money for it, this is something people want. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.


    The design decision to go with keyboard/mouse should not indicate lack of faith in the console style of play. It's simply what they wanted to do.

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    I hesitate to ask, but what, uh... what is "man or woman gameplay"?


    Probably it's a reference to differences playing either a male or female character.



    For example if you're a woman you can use your "sex appeal" to avoid some fights or something else... i don't know.

    If you're a man... fight woman will give you bad reputation...

    And there's a lot of "idea" (more or less sexual explicit).


    That might work in really bad movies, but you can't expect it to work in real life.


    I say we ban the entire internet and go back to living in caves.

    if we ban the INTERNET how are we going to survive. as some kinds of mystical beings?. ..and how will we find naughty stuff ?


    I hail from a prehistoric era before the advent of the internet. We had these gadgets called 'telephones' and we found naughty stuff on the top rack of the magazine stand in the local corner store.

  7. okkoko, on 07 Oct 2013 - 7:12 PM, said:


    rjshae, on 07 Oct 2013 - 6:31 PM, said:

    Nothing to do with P:E. Flush, wipe, move along...

    well got bit to do wit it i say like the same people who make PE made BG 1 and 2 and its same way of making a world inside a computer


    That's like saying you and I are related because we are both members of the same species.

  8. The quest to get the scroll from Tethtoril is currently bugged. There is a hotfix http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/16308/firebeads-quest-thethoril-will-not-give-the-scroll/p1 scroll down to find the file firebquest.zip. unpack the two files within and place them into your override folder in your install directory of Baldur's gate: enhanced edition. you may need to start a new game for this to take effect.

  9. Death Machine Miyagi, on 04 Oct 2013 - 6:24 PM, said:


    BlackyNoir, on 04 Oct 2013 - 5:51 PM, said:


    Death Machine Miyagi, on 04 Oct 2013 - 4:53 PM, said:
    Not really, unless you turn the RPG into not-an-RPG and remove all the cool abilities and equipment that come as you make progress through the game. Sooner or later, whether such progress is officially represented by levels or not, the characters are going to start becoming so powerful that challenging them will become difficult.

    Nope. Look at real life. Or pretty much any novel not licensed from a leveled rpg. A soldier, veteran of 20 years, can still meet a lot of challenges.



    That's because real life isn't an RPG. In playing an RPG, above all a fantasy RPG, most people expect their character to be a great deal more powerful at the end than the character was at the start. Whether this is quantified with 'levels' is optional, but the steady increase in power as you gain XP or whatever else will almost certainly be there.


    Real life is the greatest RPG of all time.

  10. The difference lies in how we treat the medium in our brains. Our minds fill in the blanks, and if there are many blanks, our minds work harder to fill them in. In some respects, our imaginations provide better graphics than the most sophisticated computer, simply because they're perfect, because we imagined them. We are incapable of being disappointed by the performance requirements of our own imagination, and the uncanny valley doesn't apply when we're furnishing the graphics ourselves.

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  11. One of the first things I did in dragon age 2 was to set object highlights permanently on. I absolutely despise pixel hunting. The justification for this feature is that it is your character that is noticing these things, not you.


    I like the idea of secret containers; they could do something functionally similar to how BG2 did secret doors, where the container would be invisible and un-clickable unless a search check of some kind was passed, then it would be highlighted like any other container. Also I request a 'permanent highlights' feature a-la dragon age 2.

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  12. I would actually prefer a mechanic whereby you can change the weapon 'focus' you get bonuses with. For example, I imagine this mechanic(using 3rd edition DND terms):


    I roll a new level 1 fighter type. I choose the 'feat' 'martial weapon focus training' or some such. I can then activate that ability, and choose from a dropdown list a weapon type to focus training in. Then, I rest. At the end of that 8 hour rest period, I get a temporary buff(with no time limit) that gives me +1 to attack and +1 to damage for that weapon type. I can change my focus training at any time, but it only becomes active after an 8 hour rest period. You could even extend it to specialization, requiring a further 8 hour rest period afterward to gain the specialization bonus on top of the focus bonus.


    This would allow you to have many different weapon types, but not punish you for choosing a 'wrong' type.

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  13. It's something that we already have seen before, like monks stunning opponents, barbarians causing fear and other things like that. But I would like to see more stuff like this.


    -The rouge could blind an enemy for a brief moment by throwing dirt in his opponents eyes.

    -Instead of fear, we could have the status effect Panic. The opponent that gets panicked attacks everything in sight, friend and foe. Or he runs away, it could be many different random effects.

    -One could disable an opponent, ie: if you are using a broadsword, hitting the enemy with it slightly above the ear will not do damage, but would still help in a fight. Or if a monk does that attack with an open palm.

    -A powerful shield bash might make an enemy fall over.

    -Why not have the rogue trip an opponent?


    I really like having the option for melee fighters to do these things. Limit it to a few possible effects per class and I would be happy enough.

    -rogue. though tossing rouge at the enemy would probably do the same thing.

    -IE games had a morale failure mechanic which did something similar.

    -hitting someone 'slightly above the ear' with a broadsword has a high chance of decapitation.

    -a shield bash is more likely to temporarily break past an opponent's defenses(think, bash the enemy with your shield, causing them to stumble back, arms flying backward, defenseless.

    -tripping might not work very well in combat. Too easy to jump over an outstretched leg, also leaves the rogue badly exposed.

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