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  1. This is my third runthrough but something has totally changed.

    I am at this location(see attached file). If i remeber correctly i always had a really hard time to manage this encounter with at least 5 enemies. But now  I can find only one Pwyan. What happend to this game because it has become really too easy on hard. 


    Is this normal or is my game somehow broken?




  2. I tested the Beta. My First Impression for the gameplay and the Optik is still negativ. Gameplay is Not intuitive and i Had really Problems to make difference between Enemy and Friends. The Menu of abilities is too small and Looks wired. In comperation with baldurs gate 2 the Visual Effects of Magic and all the Environment Seems to be made without Love and colours. The Environment has no Details Depth. I Hope this will change until the Release. The Dialogbox in my opinion is too Big and somehow outplaced. My 2 cents

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