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  1. Now imagine Fallout 2:

    - No prostitutes, becauce that's offensive to feminists and women.

    - No slavery, because OPPRESSHUN!

    - No racism and mutant bigotry because CHECK YOUR PROVELEGE!

    - No stealing and drugs because Concerned Mothers

    - No Killing of animals, because PETA


    Just a tolerant nonviolent post-apocaliptic world. Ideal SJW game.


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  2. You should always be careful about your tattoos before going to war zone. It'll be hard to prove you are not a part of a group, that promised to murder every  separatist after being captured by separatists.

    I think it'll be funny if they cut his hand off)))


  3. Another spark of genius from ukrainian media

    Q: How to inspire people to join the army and stop avoiding the mobilization?

    A: Show them rows of their predecessors' graves and another rows of open graves ready for upcoming cannon fodder.

    That's even dumber than legless, armless and otherwise crippled, yet still living pieces of burned crispy meat still throwing nazi salute at their hospital beds.

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